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Body By Bertone, Price By Chrysler!


This cute coupe isn’t a Fiat, Glas, BMW or many other cars that it looks like, This is a Simca, product of France, and has been sitting in the seller’s collection pretty much untouched for the last 11 years. They’ve decided to pass it on at this point and it’s available here on eBay. It’s located in Frankfort, Illinois.


Aside from a few shots of manuals and serial numbers, these two pictures are all the visuals we have to go on. But they’re enough to tell me that this little 944 cc coupe is something worth looking into further.


In the period ads for this pretty little coupe, Simca pushed the Bertone styling and the low price. I wish we had more to go on, but maybe you don’t need more, and your heart has already been whisked away by it’s pretty lines. There’s a nice video of this car here–watch it and let us know if you’ve been Simca-ized too!



  1. Scotty G

    Nice! I love it, nice find, Jamie.

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  2. Steven C

    That is really cool! Have never seen this bodystyle simca before.

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  3. boxdin

    With a Quatraporte in the background you can see this owner enjoys lots of pain.

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  4. Bobsmyuncle

    Great title!

    I first discovered this model looking through old magazine ads for sale at an antique (junk lets be honest) store. I was confident it must have been a model only sold in the US. But I was wrong.

    I like the lines, wouldn’t mind seeing it in Rallye outfit.

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  5. Gerald Mitchell

    SIMCA… The name scares me away. I remember Simcas in the US.

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  6. Rick

    I’m with Steven C in thati’Ive never seen one before and with Gerald Mitchell in that I’m scared of Simcas (think Aronde yard ornament)

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  7. Jesper

    Nice little thing.
    But as with many other rare French cars, parts is difficult and expensive to find.
    Projekts you can’t find parts for, is not fun :-(

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  8. Greggol

    Saved 2 of these from the crusher about 20 years ago. It is a beautifully made little car, especially the interior. Silver painted dash with a full set of gauges. From the inside you think you are in a Maserati. Four wheel Lockheed disc brakes, which is why so few survived. A brake job in 1970 cost more than the car was worth. Very rare, only a couple of thousand made if I remember correctly. The front end is kind of homely compared to the rear which is positively sexy. Not fast, and not a good handler, but well worth saving.

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  9. David Dietz

    I would love to converse with whoever purchased this. Very few Simca owners here in the U.S.

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