Aching To Run: 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Having spent the last 16 years parked, the current owner bought this Camaro with the intention of making it a driver, but life got in the way. After sitting a decade and a half, this Camaro still looks like a nice project, although it certainly has some needs. Aching to be a driver once more, this Z28 is offered for $3,300. Check it out here on craigslist out of Haverhill, Massachusetts’s. Thanks to reader Rocco B. for the submission!

Packing a famous 350 V8, and an automatic transmission, this Camaro has covered 147,000 miles in its life time. Despite its long term hibernation, there is no clear answer as to why the car hasn’t been driven, and what it exactly needs. The condition of the drivetrain is not mentioned, so there could be some surprises with this Camaro. I would also assume this Chevrolet will need brake system work and the fuel system cleaned. It is not clear, but hopefully this one has been living in a garage.

Wearing a Burgundy on red color package, the interior looks very decent other than the heavily sun bleached carpet and the ripped driver seat. Also there is a small rip in the middle of the dash that is not very noticeable. The rest of the dash looks nice, and the interior overall is in very reasonable condition once you get past the yellow carpet. The exterior appears just as original as the interior. The clear coat is chipping on the hood and front fenders, and there is rust in the rear quarters, the passenger side rocker panel, and a “small” area around the back window. Although there are limited images of the exterior, the body appears straight and worthy of a restoration. There are no detailed pictures of the rust, but this Camaro looks like it could be enjoyed in its current condition, before undergoing restoration. Would you save this Z28?


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  1. edh

    Drive as is.

  2. RayT Member

    Sixteen years, eh? I’d count on more than brake work…more like engine rebuild, new seals — at minimum — for the transmission, tires, hoses, fuel system cleanout, and probably some work on the electrics/electronics. Oh, and rust repair followed by paint. Once you’ve gotten that far, it’s likely you’d want to do the seats and carpet….

    All the above is what I’d consider essential for a car that sat for 16 years, and doesn’t address what happened to it before the seller acquired it. It’s more work and money than I’d invest in a smog-choked Camaro with an automatic, but YMMV.

  3. Oingo

    Not a fan of restoring vehicles that have been improperly stored, the problems just keep coming and they get more and more difficult to figure out and fix.

  4. Rock On

    Car appears to have intermittent wipers and tilt wheel which are not mentioned in the Craigslist ad. This car should also have a 3.42 rear axle ratio with the automatic. Could be a fun car for not much money.

  5. Don

    Take out the week 180 our so 350 by a nice 300 hp crate 350 put the old tired engine in the back of the garage , would have a nice car with a little power for fun😂

  6. RoselandPete

    I prefer lower mileage old cars but I do like the old Camaros.

  7. erikj

    I still love these as they are fun to cruise in. As Don says get that junk engine out at least put a healthy 350 in 300-400 pony’s will wake this Camaro up!!

  8. ACZ

    No A/C, no deal.

  9. Rustytech Member

    Values on these have been climbing steadily in recent years. Unless it’s rusted badly underneath, this looks like a decent buy.

  10. Doug Towsley

    I had a few of these. A 77 LT and a 1980. Good basic platforms and respond easily to hop ups Its almost unheard of not to upgrade the motors and other bits. Car craft and Hot rod thrived on articles on how to do upgrades for these. I still have stacks of these old magazines. Couldnt give these away for years but now prices are climbing. Affordable retro

  11. Kent Pearson

    I assume the FWD in the listing is a typo?

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