Actor Seeking Work: 1971 Lincoln Mark III

As the 1970’s came, some cars began to get some styling cues that just weren’t as attractive as cars of the late 1960’s. Fortunately, that is not the case for the Lincoln Continental. Still as beautiful and elegant as ever, this 1971 model is extremely clean, and shows 63,000 miles on the odometer. This now out of work actor was used for a film shoot and is seeking a new home. For $12,000 this actor can be a permanent part of anything you do in the future. Take a look at this beauty here on craigslist out of North Hollywood, California.

Absolutely clean as a pin, it is clear that this Continental has spent a lot of time in a garage. The Massive 460 cubic inch V8 offers 365 horsepower, more than enough to casually out accelerate any other movie car trying to take this Lincoln’s acting roles. Carefully examining this Lincoln reveals that it has been very well kept, and could realistically have only covered 63,000 miles in its lifetime. Unfortunately the seller cannot confirm or deny the mileage. The only real mechanical draw back to this car is that the air conditioning does not blow cold, but is reported as functional.

Within this executive office on wheels, there is a very plush and comfortable interior awaiting you. The only thing it really lacks is a wet bar, but that may be slightly frowned upon by your local law enforcement. The large and inviting lazy-boy like seats are in nice condition with only minimal cracking in the leather. Regular leather conditioning would maintain the seats as they are for quite a while. Most certainly having a rich feeling to the palm, the wood trimmed steering wheel is in very nice condition with no delamination, or discoloration. Quite often cracked, this dash is flaw free displaying like an office desk with its fine wood trimmings, and gauges.

From the outside the rich blue exterior is beautifully shiny without a flaw or blemish in sight. Even the vinyl top shows like new with no evidence of rust around it, or anywhere on the car. All of the trim is accounted for and installed, and the chrome has a rich luster as well. Possibly being a low mileage car, and perhaps even a movie star, this Mark III is a real beauty that any executive today would still love to own. Would you employ this out of work actor?

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  1. R. Todd Rothrauff

    Had a ’69 Mark III many years ago and loved it ! A wonderful car in all respects. Thumbs up for a different interior color seldom seen nowadays . . .

  2. Bill

    That’s not a car. It’s a Lincoln. Beautiful!

  3. Sam

    Very nice. Popeye Doyle “dis mantled” one these looking for drugs in the French Connection.

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    • Jag-Yew-Arrrrrghhh

      Great minds do think alike.

    • Jack

      “Did you ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?”
      Nice car, it was the star of the movie!

      • JYA!

        Not much else to do in “Po-Town”

  4. Jag-Yew-Arrrrrghhh

    The folks who built these behemoths were not paid enough to lift those body panels and bumpers. I also just replayed “The French Connection” in my mind’s eye. I know, wrong color, but the car was one of the stars of the movie.

  5. Todd Zuercher

    Beautiful car!

  6. Vin in NJ

    Another great example of where the bumpers were not an after thought, but rather integrated into the design.

  7. Kevin Burke

    Reminds me of an era where automobiles didn’t look like they were designed by Hasbro.

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  8. DrinkinGasoline

    I want the Lincoln….and the car phone !

    • RNR

      I too immediately thought “Frank Cannon”!

  9. cliffyc

    I was just thinking of “Police Squad” episode when Drebin,played by legend Leslie Neilson,had the forensics team strip a car apart totally only for Norbert,played by Peter Lupus to find the contraband in the glove box !!. This scene possibly inspired by The French Connection….

    • Glen

      It’s nice to see you added “legend” ! , I agree.

  10. Joe Haska

    A very nice car, the more you look at the more appealing it is! Is it 12K , maybe, who knows, the seller is confident, maybe he knows something we don’t, like the film it is starring in is going to be nominated for an Academy Award.

  11. jw454

    If I recall, and correct me if I’m wrong, John Wayne used one of these in “Hellfighters” from 1969 with Jim Hutton, Katharine Ross and Vera Miles. It was bright red to fit with the oil fire company he owned. I had that same “car phone” too.
    I like it better in the dark blue we see on the feature car here.

  12. Larry

    Ha, Ha!! The Lincoln and the car phone, DrinkinGasoline, you’re the funniest! Keep it coming!

  13. Dan h

    Ah, I can just feel those seats. Simply the best. Nobody did comfort like Lincoln & Caddi back in the day.

  14. JRATT1956

    I owned one in 1987, one of the best riding highway cars I ever owned. I have always believed the 365 HP on the plaque under the hood was way off. I think Ford under rated the HP. A true “Hot Rod” Lincoln, that I hope to own again some day.

  15. gene

    Great car, exact color my Mom had, only one year newer. Got 18mpg and plenty of power. Always enjoyed any chance to borrow it, she never drove it hard enough to clear the plugs, so I was called to do that.

  16. Brakeservo

    I wonder where the photos were taken – it sure ain’t North Hollywood, CA!

  17. Glen

    I think I want more doors, is that wrong?

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  18. john C

    No more doors, Glen… More Cowbell !!!

  19. RoselandPete

    Current car designers (if such an animal actually exists)–take note of this car.

  20. Bill

    All I can think of…

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  21. 408interceptor

    Fast and Loud would ruin that car.

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