All Original: 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale

This 1970 Oldsmobile is a nice looking car that is said to be completely original. The advertisement for the car is a bit sparse on details, and there are only three photos supplied as well, but it is still worth a look. You will find the Oldsmobile listed for sale here on Craigslist. It is located in Arvada, Colorado, and is offered for sale with a clean title. The owner has set a price of $6,400 for the car. A big thanks has to go to Barn Finder Snotty for spotting this one for us.

First impressions are that the car presents really well. There are no obvious rust issues, and all of the external chrome and trim look really good. The one thing that I did notice is some inconsistency in the paint color. This may just be a trick of the light, but the front fender and pillar do look to be slightly different to the rest of the car. It may be nothing, but it’s always worth checking.

This is the only photo that we get of the interior, and what we can see looks good. Nothing appears to be out of place, and the car is fitted with the optional bucket seats and center console. It is also fitted with power windows, power locks, a power seat, and a heated rear window. The owner states that everything works as it should. The car is also equipped with a 455ci V8, although we don’t know which of the three different versions is fitted to the car. The transmission is the Turbo-Hydramatic 3-speed, and the car is also fitted with power steering. That’s as much as we get on the car, unfortunately.

This Oldsmobile is a nice car that seems to present quite well. It is frustrating to have so few details on the car, but we probably have enough on it to make an educated conclusion about the car and its value. Our biggest sticking point is not knowing exactly which version of the 455 engine is hiding under the hood. Having said that, similarly equipped ’70 Delta 88 Royales with the lowest spec 455 are current achieving prices of between $6,500 and $8,000. That makes this one seem pretty reasonable.

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  1. Nick

    I’m wondering if it’s too good to be true. That’s a very reasonable price for one of these in the apparently nice condition like this one, and it’s options. The brief description and lack of additional pics makes me suspicious.

    • Fred W

      I agree 100%. If that is the correct price someone will steal it. On another note, while I’m always concerned about crash safety in an old car, big cars like this one instill confidence that anything less than a Suburban will destroy itself when faced with a mass of American steel. 3 point shoulder belts and you are good to go.

      • CCFisher

        There’s a popular misconception that because old cars typically suffer less damage in accidents than modern cars, they are safer. In reality, the opposite is true. While modern passenger compartments are rigid and generally remain undamaged, front structures collapse to absorb energy from the crash. Drivetrains break free and are pushed under the car rather than through the firewall. Despite the added mass of a car like this Delta 88, you are better off in a modern car.

  2. Robert S

    Fred, this car actually has 3 point belts, the shoulder belts are stored against the headliner, most American cars came standard with them in ’69 I believe. Sweet ride, good price pending inspection, wish new owner luck.

  3. Troy s

    Sure could option up a sporty full size car back then. Really like the bucket seats and that center console with the shifter, sweet. Good lines.
    Big 455 made gobs of torque for easy motivation.

  4. Mountainwoodie

    Never seen one of these in 2 door livery with a center console. Interesting

  5. Larry Hawkins

    In ’70 the 88 Royale was only available in a 2 Dr hardtop. It was basically a luxury/sport replacement for the old Starfire. I have not seen one with bucket seats and console before. This car appears to be a well optioned bargain

  6. Rhett

    Cool car, Olds was known for bucket/console big car coupes right up on through the early 80’s. I prefer the 69 styling to 70, but these cars are flat out awesome, especially with the police package B09 option. This is the prairie cruiser to beat all..

  7. Nick

    Things changed in 71, the only big convertible offered was the Delta 88 Royale, the highest trim option. I have one, I’ll try and attach a pic or two. Standard was the 455 2bbl, which is what I have, with factory AC.

    • diehardchevy


  8. Nick

    One more

  9. Bob

    The wheel covers are nice but, not original. I believe the spokes were from ’73 or ’74. Bamboo Yellow with white is a nice combination. It’s not easy finding tires in the right size , H7815, with the correct small whitewalls.

  10. Utes

    I own an absolutely rust-free, low miles ’71 Delta 88. “Stole” the car on Ebay! 455-4bl., T400, A/C(134a), P/S, P/DB’s. It’s got 2.73’s in the back so it just loafs along @ +freeway speeds.

    • Ralph

      Very cool, looks like an unmarked detective car.

      • David

        2.73’s that car will bury the needle on the open road. Nice car sir.

  11. Miguel

    I think that is because it has Cutlass wire hubcaps on it.

  12. Miguel

    I like the 1968 front end much more than this one.

  13. Paul McDaniel

    These are not desirable models, so the price seems high to me. Would assume low output motor or they would mention it. Passenger fender has two dings and appears to be a respray. Anything over 60k mi will mean motor and trans need thorough going over. $5k at best, more likely $3,500-4,000.

  14. Jeff

    I just bought this car two da ys ago. The owner had given up on selling it, and was going to pull the ad and try again next summer. Said he had a lot of tire kickers and low-ballers. It is a 100% original, 3 owner car. 53,400 original miles, 455 2-barrel (why with all the other options???) TH400, power bucket seats, console, console shifter. The first two owners were women, third owner that I bought it from had owned it for the last 16 years, and basically just drove it around the block a few times each year and let it idle in the driveway once a month. Good body, no rust, no serious damage, missing one chrome “vent” on the passenger front fender, vinyl top was trash, paint is oxidized. Interior is nearly perfect, all accessories work. Runs, drives, handles, shifts, and stops like a brand new car. Lots of old service records showing it was pampered it’s whole life. Talked the owner down quite a bit on the price because he was tired of sitting on it. I honestly can’t believe someone else didn’t nail this car months ago. A paint job, new vinyl to, and some decent wheels/tires and it will be a real head turner.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Thanks for the update! We wish you luck with your new project.

    • Eric Poore

      They cam turn out nice with the right wheels and tires.

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