All Original, One-Owner Survivor: 1969 Ford Bronco

First generation Ford Broncos continue to be hot collectibles. With very strong after-market support, they are fairly easy to work on and rebuild. This one is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania and is said to be a one-owner, original survivor. The 1969 green machine can be found here on Craigslist with an asking price of $42,000! Thanks to Barn Finds reader Michael for the tip on this great find.

Unfortunately there isn’t much information in the ad and very few photos. There are a few interior photos showing the back seats and view from the back seats as well as the driver’s door panel. There are no images of the engine or any detailed photos of the sheet metal or undercarriage. The ad does indicate that it is powered by a 302 cubic inch engine that is mated to a 3-speed column shift transmission.

Based on this photo, it appears the Bronco has dual gas tanks. If the body is truly original, the rear fenders have not been cut. This is a big plus for collectors. Replacement quarter panels are available on the aftermarket, but they are only original once. If you’re in the market for a decent original Bronco, this may be the one for you. It seems like a pretty healthy asking price based on the limited visual and text information in the ad. What do you think?

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  1. Max

    Its nice but $10K overpriced in my opinion!

  2. angliagt

    ONLY $42,000.00? – I wonder if they’d take a check,
    & not try to cash it?

  3. Todd Zuercher

    Maryland license plates for sale in Pennsylvania.

    Wonder what’s going on to push both bumpers out front and rear. Looks terrible.

    The hubcaps aren’t original.

    The backseat isn’t a Bronco seat and isn’t original. Broncos with bench seats and bulkheads weren’t equipped with bench seats for obvious reasons!

  4. Chris

    Its a big number, no doubt, but find another one. Beautiful low mileage original and the best one I’ve seen.

  5. Jimmy

    As big a first generation Bronco fan as I am there is no way this Bronco even being a one owner is worth that much $$$. I wouldn’t pay over 15K for it. But I’m tired of the over inflated prices on most vehicles that were just mundane transportation when new.

    • Max

      Jimmy I like your take and agree with you regarding this 69 Bronco and lots of classics now that are Overpriced and Yes were just average vehicles back then!

    • CanuckCarGuy

      I’ve been watching the classifieds here in Ontario Canada (Kijiji) and find some of the asking prices staggering. Not sure if it’s coincidental to our legalized marijuana, but something is wonky with most sellers’ prices. Money is getting tight for many, with inflation and interest rates creeping up…it will soon be a buyer’s market.

      • Max

        You are dead right CanuckCarGuy Yes money is getting tight for lots of people and the classic car market is Overpopulated with overpricing , scams and frauds too ! It should be buyers market again!

  6. Shayne

    Blah blah blah. No one is ever happy on this site it seems like. All people talk about on this site is wanting solid, original and desirable vehicles. This one meets all the requirements and people now complain that it’s not 10k. Yawn. Feels as if it’s a gathering place for people who want the LUXURY of not having to put in the time and work to find the cars on their own… Want to just press a button on their computer from their toilet seat instead… but don’t want to pay the fee that comes with it…

    • Rich

      Thank You Shayne!
      Yes, tired of all the WAB,s ( figure it out) on here.
      Its called personal preference ppl.
      I have a ’67 Sport. Its been in the family since ’72, I bought it off my dad in ’80- my first car. Was my daily driver until early to mid 90’s ( marriage & too many kid’s got in the way-lol). Now, just contemplating a restoration of it.

  7. Todd Zuercher

    A lot of people do complain about the prices of the early Broncos, for sure. Probably ongoing shock regarding the prices but they’ve been going up for years.

    I’m also a ‘69 Bronco owner (and a happy guy, Shayne). I’ve been enjoying it now for 37 years and I’m thankful the purchase price was only $2500.

    I usually only make comments to make corrections to the ads or write ups, i.e. in this case this looks like a nice rig and it’s very close to stock but it’s not “all original” as the ad claims. Minutia militia, perhaps, but correct nonetheless.

    • half cab

      Right on Todd. I also own a Bronco and have had a few since’ 78 the yr I got my first one a ’77. There is just something wonky about this bronco that just don’t fit how it’s being represented.

  8. Matt Hooper

    Most of you guys complaining about prices wouldn’t buy it if it was $12,000 . Just keyboard warriors !! Who made you guys authorities anyway?? Check the prices cars are actually bringing in the market before you comment..

  9. Gay Car Nut Tacoma Washington

    Awesome looking Ford Bronco. The problem with Craigslist is that they don’t generally show enough photos of the car. Nine pics nowhere near enough to show the car in detail.

  10. newfieldscarnut

    FISHY …
    This was born a U14 pickup . The bench seat and bulkhead is a dead giveaway . Where’s the original pickup cab ? Buyer beware .

    • Todd Zuercher

      Not necessarily. We don’t know that until you see the VIN.

      You could order a U15 wagon with a bench seat and bulkhead. But it would not have a backseat as I noted in my post above.

  11. Wrong Way

    I think that I can’t believe how much people are willing to pay for a old bronco! This is about 3 times the new price of one! I understand that they don’t make them anymore not this version anyway, but if people refused to pay that much the prices would fall drastically! I know, just my opinion lol!

  12. stillrunners

    Gee…they did come factory with the earlier full cover caps fer sure…not sure what these all original claims are.

  13. David Ulrey

    I think they’re cool but the prices on them are steadily turning me off on them. I’m partial to trucks and certain SUVs but you can get a pretty sweet old muscle car for these prices with some pretty darn good horsepower and torque. And much more enjoyable if you intend to actually drive it.

  14. Ed

    24,500 starting bid on eBay and didn’t get a single bid. I guess the market speaks for itself.

  15. ED

    Was on eBay with a minimum bid of 24.5k, didn’t get a single bid! The market speaks for itself.

  16. chad

    “,,,You could order a U15 wagon with a bench seat and bulkhead. But it would not have a backseat as I noted in my post above,,,”
    nor the later model grill’n that’s a large hassle to convert (lookit the turnsig.s up frnt).

    • half cab

      Don’t understand the comment on the turn signals up front. ’69 was the change over year for those. When they went from small to large. Not hard to convert back. It called “Alice” in the bronco world.


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