Almost A Barn Find? 1968 Mustang Fastback


The seller of this Fastback call it a “Barn Find (almost)”, but I’m not exactly sure what that means. It was in the same owner’s care from 1978 until 2014 and had been parked for 19+ years when the seller came across it. It wasn’t running, but complete and quite original. That sounds a lot like a barn find to me, but I guess since all the hard work of making it a driver has already been done, they don’t feel it’s a barn find now. I actually have to commend this seller for being thorough and honest about this 6 cylinder Mustang, they present every flaw and detail every item that’s been replaced. If you’d enjoy making this “almost” a barn find yours, it can be found here on eBay in Beaverton, Oregon with an almost realistic starting price of $13,500.


Even being a 6 cylinder car, it would typically be worth the starting bid and more, but this car suffered from some type of front end damage prior to the seller getting it. The front fenders and hood were replaced and given a poor quality paint job that hasn’t held up so well. That hurts the value of what is otherwise an original survivor. It might not be as bad as the seller makes it out to be, but the lack of good front end photo leaves me wondering if it’s worse than described.


It’s too bad about the front end, but what’s done is done. All that you can do now is either live with it or repaint it. Matching the original gold could be tricky and it would be sad to see the original paint lost. So what would you do with this Pony? Would you fix any rust and body damage and give it a full repaint or would you just leave it alone and daily drive it as is?


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  1. PaulG

    Sorry, but there is no way this is going to be left alone.
    These fastbacks are still climbing in value, in fact this could be the last 6 cylinder car left…(JK)
    Trust be, this will get a full “Resto-mod” treatment…

  2. Pete

    This will be a 302 4,spd car soon

  3. JW

    Depending on his reserve it will sell, the 67 / 68 fastbacks are very desirable and I agree it will most likely end up as a resto-mod with a stroker motor and a 5 speed with body painted moss green as a Bullit replica,.

  4. DrinkinGasoline

    Sorry but, I’d have to 331 Stroke it with a 5 speed, Magnum 500’s with Redlines and…. wait for it…………….Lime Gold Green !
    Betcha didn’t see that one coming ! LOL :)

  5. Blyndgesser

    I think it might be fun to go a different route with this one. Keep the straight six, swap the trans for a T-5, and set it up to DD.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      I would agree if it were a coupe/notchback.

  6. Jeffro

    Slap my ass and call me Sally but I believe I would warm up the straight 6 that’s in it. Maybe get a little funky and do a turbo six. Just seems like everyone throws a V8. Dare to be different. Yes, I’m off my meds if you’re wondering.

  7. Joe M

    I would upgrade the engine, and drive it into the ground. Restore it and repeat…..

  8. Bill

    I would restore it and drive it as-is. Six banger and all. They are only original one and I like to leave them that way.

  9. Ck

    Grab your kleenex boys. Cuz I say Yank the six!!! I love the Bullit tribute idea.This car Needs A V8 WITH A 4SPD.

  10. Doug Towsley

    I live across town from the seller but dont know him. But it seems a shining example of a GOOD listing/for sale ad. Pix, description and details and seems like he will work with you on any details.

    I am NOT a Ford guy, but these are cool. I worked with a guy and was a crew chief for a coworker who turned one into a circle track car and even in the 1980s we got endless grief about “RUINING” one of these. They are cool and IMHO this will be restomodded.
    While the 6 cyl idea is cool, with the insane money these are commanding no way will that happen. (Be cool if it did but almost zero chance it will). Mustangs in general dont fare well in the risk/reward scale but these are the exception. Also, IMHO this is a pretty solid start to whatever you want to make it into. IE: Good donor material. I expect the bidding to go high on this one.

  11. David meichelbock77

    I would go pro St 6 and leave it

  12. steve

    Sally, (just kidding) I was thinking the same thing about the six! Maybe an Aussie OHC turbo.

    • Jeffro

      Just don’t call me late for dinner

  13. Dale Leier

    351 Cleveland anyone?

  14. Rustytech Member

    Looking at the picture of the hood it’s obvious there’s not much paint left on it. If I could afford it I would give it a restoration to original appearance, ( too many bullet reproductions out there), but I would however have to drop in a striker V8.

  15. Tom Member

    Bullit, Shelby, Eleanor, resto mod something……get over the 6…the car is not special enough for the 6 to ever mean anything…. unless you buy it to drive it which is cool too. Car will bring way more buyers with an 8 in it. Keep the 6 near by for resale WITH the car. GO big 428 !! Why not! I am not a Ford guy but love this year mustang. Did someone suggest putting an Automatic Trans in this ????? Whaaattt?

  16. Karl

    Rebuild it as a GT 390. I’ve regretted for years that I passed on one listed in the New Orleans newspaper thirty years ago, when this car was just another old car: “1967 Mustang GT 390 fastback. $500.” My kingdom for a time machine!

  17. Bill McCoskey

    This is actually a very rare car. Because it’s not a V8 engine, it’s also not a GT fastback, but a standard fastback. If I remember correctly, less than 250 of the ’67 6-cylinder fastbacks were made. With the younger crowd today becoming used to 6 cylinder Mustangs as collectable vehicles, this may well be a financial sleeper over the next half-dozen years or so.

    I say leave it stock, & fix it up a bit.

  18. Jay E. Member

    After driving a 3.7l 310 hp V6 with a 6 speed auto in a Mustang for the past 4 years, I this would be a great engine trannny swap. 2011+ parts are really inexpensive and it should be an easy install. Leave the rest stock.

  19. rich voss

    I love this body style and kick myself (not too hard) for passing on a white ’67 390 GT four speed with red interior that was new on the dealers lot in Louisville when I bought my yellow ’67 Fairlane GTA. I was headed to Germany (Army) and felt I needed room for my footlocker, two duffle bags of gear, my golf clubs, and an additional laundry bag. Too practical for my own good. The fastback would have been much more fun on the Autobahn & better on gas (maybe). Yes, I’d convert it to a V8. Maybe that 351 block 427 that Ford sells as a crate motor…5 speed & lots of suspension & brake work. Dreaming.

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