Almost Perfect: 1963 Chevrolet Split-Window Corvette

For the $105,000 asking price, many buyers might appreciate more details on this 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe in Erie, Colorado. Does it run? Only The Shadow knows. The listing here on eBay offers four pictures and 39 words. That’s nearly $2,700 per word and a whopping $26,250 per picture, and the latter seems to have been shot with some sort of beach filter or another effect. It does look shiny, though, and the classic one-year-only “Split Window” coupe ranks among the most iconic Corvettes. If this one is too rich for your blood, you might want to check out this Split-Window Exclusive from a few days ago!

Described as “Original factory color. Paint is perfect no flaws,” the finish and trim appear to offer little to complain about. I’ve seen $15,000 paint jobs on which the painter would admin to a flaw or two, so this must be a real stunner. Check out the excellent page on for “Three Things You Need To Know About The Split-Window Corvette.”

Through the fog you might discern a dark-blue interior, described as “show condition…dash cluster is perfect and looks brand new.” By 1963, the Corvette had a market niche virtually to itself as Ford’s Thunderbird had grown into a Gentleman’s luxury coupe with minimal sporting aspiration.

The “numbers matching 340hp 327” mates to a proper four-speed manual transmission and positraction rear end. No one will be racing this car, but it would be perfect for a dawn attack on the Million Dollar Highway. What questions would you ask before smashing your piggy bank and dropping 105-large on this apparently immaculate ‘Vette?

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  1. NotSure

    She’s a showstopper! But for my budget that price is a showstopper too. Feel sorry for me yet?

    • Frank Sumatra

      From the images I am wondering about the “original” paint. Two blues offered in 1963: Silver Blue which is a much later shade than shown (A silver-blue 63 is parked a few houses from mine, so you can quote me on this one) and Daytona Blue which is a much darker shade than shown. Images can be deceiving, but I am not convinced that is original paint. I see more Nassau Blue which I believe was first availabe in 1965. I could be wrong. NCRS Master Judges will let me know. I’m only a Level 8 judge. They are Level 10 and above.

      • Frank Sumatra

        Should have added this earlier.

  2. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Don’t think you’ll get too much sympathy as many of us have probably a similar budget. This does look great in that color, would be nice to afford such a car. Im still waiting for the prices to fall out to further build my collection. By the time that happens I fear we will no longer be allowed enjoy these type of vehicles. We’ll be forced to be carted around in the driverless nonsense. That’ll be a dark day indeed. Lets enjoy them while we can!

    • PatrickM

      Ok. You just convinced me… I gotta get a car. Hope there is something in listings today to bait my hook. This one comes close as it is my favorite ‘Vette.

  3. Don S

    This car is NOT a 4 speed, it is a powerglide, also the poor quality photos make me wonder what the seller is trying to hide, and at 100K, this one is too expensive for what is shown. I’d advise the seller to keep it for another 10 years or so, it may be near asking by then, if the government doesn’t outlaw gas powered cars by then.

    • Andre

      Ew. Ya. Good catch.

    • Camaro guy

      Yeah you’re right Don, it’s also not a 340 HP 327 as that motor wasn’t available with powerglide, only 3 or 4 speed

  4. Andre

    It must be nice. Assuming the seller is indicating the car is a 95% NCRS score that’s a top flight car. Nice options too.

    Seems to be priced appropriately at the top end of the ‘63 range.

    Personally I’d rather spend half on a driver, but regardless she’s nice.

  5. Dillon Ventola

    My family lives 15 minutes from Erie, Colorado, I could try to get I contact with the seller and find out more information on the car if anyone is interested.

    • PatrickM

      I lived in Cheyenne for 27 years. Visited Erie Speedway when it was still a dirt track.

  6. David Frank David F Member

    There’s something fishy here. Look at the other 2 Vetts he has for sale. Check out his feedback?

  7. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    This is the kind of listing that will probably make for no fun for potential buyers.

    Only 4 bad photos probably taken with a bad cellphone camera with a dirty lens, big claims about the car with little information, and I think Don S is right, it looks like a Powerglide car. That makes the seller’s claim that it’s a 4-speed car wrong. What else?

    The latest SCM Guide says the median price paid for these 340 HP cars at major auctions lately has been $104,500. Probably most buyers would deduct for the Powerglide.

    And I’m guessing that doing this deal would be a lot less fun than going to one of those major auctions and buying the car there….

  8. Bob

    The car does appear to have a Powerglide transmission. The 340hp engine claimed by the seller was not available with Powerglide; only 250hp and 300hp could be ordered with the automatic.

  9. Andy

    This couldn’t be fishier if the seller were a Nigerian prince.

  10. Fitzrodss

    Ok gentlemen school me.
    What defines this vette as a powerglide car. Pls n Ty

    • Don S.

      If you look closely at the interior photo, the shifter has no reverse lock out plunger & if you look even closer, you can see the automatic shift pattern on the console, a 3 speed car would not have the plunger either, but the shifter would be straight rather than slightly bent as it is for the automatic.

  11. Mountainwoofie

    Isnt he? What’s with people who don’t know the difference between a 4 speed and a Powerglide? Kinda obvious

  12. Beatnik Bedouin

    Yup, the console has a Powerglide shift diagram on it.

    Dillon, sadly, I think if any of your family that went to look at this Sting Ray will need to be wearing bib-style waders (see above comments).

  13. DRV

    There is way too much clear coat on it for a stock look. On C2s the belt line is the most difficult to get right, but you can’t see it here. Pretty car, sketchy claims!

  14. Frank Sumatra

    Seeing how this jewel would never be driven anyways, take your $105K and buy some rental property. It will be much easier to re-sell

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      …and if you buy right, you’ll make more money, sooner, just from the rental income…

  15. Fitzrodss

    Thanks Beatnik
    As far as clearcoat goes can’t tell from pics.

  16. Tom Member

    I have been professionally detailing and restoring cars for 40 years and own a business in this field. I have been blessed/cursed with perfectionism. I am also a Paintless Dent guy. I have yet in all of my time had a person show me a vehicle they said was “flawless” actually be flawless. They just honestly many times don’t know what “flawless” is. I have challenged people to bring me such vehicles only with the understanding that what I show them on their vehicle is probably going to be painful. Same goes for window tinting. Dust is simply the enemy and dust is EVERYWHERE. You will find something, somewhere in most cases. I have seen exceptional work but if you want to get picky, as mentioned in the write up, there is a flaw somewhere. Especially if this car has been driven at all. The rear quarters, down low, behind the tires….guaranteed road rash EVEN if it is minor.

    In my opinion, the automatic is a price killer except to the person who has a lot of money, loves this car and can’t drive stick. There is an A_ _ for every seat!

    • Don S.

      Tom, I have to agree with you about nothing is ever perfect, when friends ask me to look at a car & I start pointing out stuff, someone always gets angry with me…….lol

  17. ron

    how to ruin a wet dream……….select ….powerglide!

  18. Wrong Way

    The problem with this is, too much money. A guy can get one to restore and come out better. JMHO, I am looking for a nice one for my son as a gift. I could write a check for this one except I am not stupid. Of course, that’s debatable. :-)

    • Don S.

      WW, take your time & look at every one personally & ALWAYS try to bargain the price down, it isn’t how much money you have to spend for the car, but how much money you will be spending on the car to make it what you want (which is always more than you figured & sometimes more than the price of the car).

      • Wrong Way

        That’s basically what I was saying. I have been seriously looking, but will get more serious this spring. I am adding on to my 100×40′ garage so I will have more room. I am at overflow capacity now. We are elbows deep in a Porsche restore now! However if a decent deal comes along I would grab it. This is our first Porsche, and I am very happy with things, so far.

  19. Bodyman68

    I worked on alot of these cars in the 90s and none came from factory flawless and they were not as shiny as wet clear . Nice car yeah but priced too high most of us .

  20. Clay Byant

    Your comment about driving it on the Million Dollar Highway. I drove that in my 65 coupe about every other weekend from Gunnison to Farmington and the wife got sick of my driving. “Let me drive”,she said. Last time I ever drove it that fast as it’s a little different on that highway then most mountain roads. OK alone though…………………

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