American Iron for Sale! 28-Car Super-Find Update

UPDATE 2/19/2020 – Shortly after we featured this collection, Reader Frank Y reached out to the seller and just heard back from them. It turns out that the nonprofit organization focuses on crime prevention and is planning on using this building for that task. The hope is to use the proceeds from the cars to remodel the building, which looks like it could be an expensive endeavor. They provided Frank with a list of what’s here and how much they are hoping to get for each, as well as a new lower price for the entire lot. You can find the list below in the photo gallery. Our thanks to Frank for the update!

FROM 2/17/2020 – Gamblers can’t resist the lure of a big take, and the element of risk. This stash of 28 cars in St. Louis, Missouri comes to market here on for the winner-takes-all price of $70,000. The listing features only a handful, and before committing $2500 per vehicle, even a gambler might want to hop a stagecoach or paddle-wheeler to check out the lot. Thanks to reader Ikey H. for spotting this collection stored in a garage with a “partial roof.” The listing suggests that titles are available. As proceeds benefit a non-profit organization, you might even get a tax deduction. This ’63 or ’64 Buick Riviera is one of my favorites.

This stock-appearing Chevrolet Nova sedan looks fairly solid. The “as found” pictures ad intrigue, but pictures of the cars’ interiors, engine compartments, and undercarriage condition would help bring top dollar. However, the low-effort presentation will no doubt factor into price negotiations.

This full-sized Oldsmobile might pack a 455 cid V8 under the long hood. The light-colored seats suggest a two-tone black and white interior that (if salvageable) makes a nice deviation from the common all-black void.

Turbine wheels on this step-side pickup suggest it last hit the streets in the ’80s or early ’90s. Rust in the lower regions hints at worse damage underneath. The seller reports that all of these vehicles had money invested into them years ago, but they have been left to deteriorate for too long.

Can you identify this ’40s? sedan? A full-sized Chevy van from the ’80s rests behind it.

More Chevrolets and another Riviera? cringe in the sunlight. What else do you see here? It’s hard to evaluate the asking price with fewer than half the vehicles shown. Should we assume these are the best of the bunch? If anyone checks out this all-in-one deal please give us more details. Which is your favorite?

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  1. Poppy

    Divide the ask by 10 and you might get some interest.

    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      Hahaha. I misread the number at first glance and thought it was 7K. After looking at a few photos, I read the text and did a double-take on the $70K! LOL!

      Does that price include the real estate?

  2. JP

    Hopefully there’s a Dusie or two lurking somewhere, ’cause $70k is an awful lot to pay for maybe $10k worth of parts, not to mention transport…

  3. redwagon

    “American iron for sale” is the best description for this group of vehicles. I don’t see much of interest here – especially not for $70,000.

    And who has room for 28 cars? Even if they were nice.

    • Bellingham Fred

      American iron oxide is more like it.

  4. F Again

    Behind every man willing to take on such a load of projects is a wife willing to cave in his skull with a rolling pin.

  5. Tom Member

    So you have 28 cars, an ad on craigslist but you can’t take a half decent photo of EACH of the 28 cars? Like the mopar with the picture of the hood….what is it? 2 door, 4 door?

    That Riviera, and I am a big fan of these, is junk. Every car here will take more money to restore than what it will be worth by 2 to 10 times its restored value

    What is in the foreground of that old GM pick up, the one with the vent/scoop taken out and laying next to it? (I am trying to find something interesting here!)

    That old turquoise “deluxe” is pretty cool looking but most cars of the 40’s and 50’s just don’t bring the money. Great that it is a 2 door.

    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      Datsun truck with the scoop.

  6. Classic Steel

    Dream Dream Dream….,.

    Why not one million dollars or 6500 and you haul these non running heaps away 💰🤔✅ the other cars are mystery mobiles 👀🤔

    Fyi .. way to sell with limited and missing pictures…

    Did the Polaroid run out 🧐🤪

  7. ken tillyUK

    Is that the best this charity organisation can do? 28 cars and 9 pics on CL? Maybe someone can donate them a half decent camera.

  8. Speedo

    The sedan is a ’38 Dodge. My two brothers and I drove one all through our college years, a huge back seat. :) It was also indestructible, got better than average gas mileage and would plow through a foot of snow!

  9. john

    Piles of junk!

  10. CJinSD

    The should lose their non-profit status for trying to take someone for $63K more than this lot is worth.

  11. hatofpork

    What does a pound of scrap steel go for these days? 84000 pounds (assuming 3000lb each per car) of scrap at a dollar a pound should turn a tidy profit for a guy with a magnetic crane and a flatbed. That Riviera is painful to look at!

    • Steve R

      Not even close, the answer is available online. Today’s listed price for a scrap car is $84 a ton. Using your numbers of 3,000 pounds per car, the entire collection would be worth $3,528. Someone is going to have to pony up some serious money to get a scrap yard to come and get these cars, not the other way around.

      Steve R

  12. Del

    Load of junk.

    70 grand for scrap


    Do I look like an Orange Ape

    • Mountainwoodie

      No, but the Russians want you to have these cars.

  13. Chris M.

    Id like to take a closer look at that green ’51-52? Chevy fastback. Really great design especially with the visor.

    • Claudio

      The check is in the mail !

      • Chris M.


  14. Rex Kahrs Member

    If the building and the land came with the deal, I’d consider it.

    • Marty Wilke Marty Member


      I live in St. Louis, and with all due respect, the price, even with the building and land included in the deal, depending on what neighborhood it looks like it’s in, at $70k you could still be overpaying!

  15. Chris H

    Good one Rex!

  16. Troy s

    Hmmm, seventy thou for 28 beat up piles of junk. Wrong approach.
    Too many different kinds, and they don’t seem to be high on the collector radar, as a group. But I get their angle, to sell off only the more desirable cars would leave them stuck with twenty or so piles of scrap iron. My humble opinion of course.

    • Steve R

      This way they will be stuck with all of them.

      Steve R

      • Troy s

        That’s their problem, Steve R. 2500 dollars per car, that’s the average to reach 70,000. Whether or not that is actually a bad deal makes no difference. That’s a lot of junk cars to take on all at once.

  17. AMCFAN

    Wow….that four door Nova had me………think they will take a check?

    In all seriousness someone has a major problem on their hands and is left with a mess. I have seen this over and over. The owner dies and left someone a pile and told them of an unrealistic value. Worth more than it is. Not sure of the exact details here but this is a great example of why I am handling my business now. Don’t want my family to do it for me. Each get their pick of ONE thing. The rest will be sold and put in a trust. Only way.

    This deal is obviously for those who get off of their ass and go see in person. Too many times when you sell something you have those who want pictures. Picture collectors I call them. Quite obvious you cannot get good photos here. Everything must be dragged outside. May take months. Then what? sitting out in public? Not optimal for the seller I understand.

    Back in the day you had no cell phone. All you had was the classifieds. You call the guy and go see him. Most often he would have something else. No one is up for a sense of adventure. Pretty sure there is some treasure that isn’t pictured.

    No risk no reward. No wonder why everyone is overweight!

    • Del

      You mean Americans

  18. Robert White

    Keep the 28 wrecks St. Louis Missouri but do send some of that weed you are obviously inebriated on with that expected price range.

    The only buy of the bunch is the chev half-ton.


  19. Snotty

    Out of the many[sarc!] pics. The only 2 that have any value is the 68 Olds 88,and the late 50’s wrap around window chevy truck. Anyone care to guess why it’s posted out of L.a.?

  20. Howard A Member

    You know, 20 -30 years ago, this would have been quite the collection. Today, with a couple exceptions, it’s just scrap. The really sad part, is someone, due to the hype today, actually thinks they can make out here.

  21. johnny

    Looks like some one is wanting the property cleaned up and sale it . What kind of shape is the roof in.? To walk under it. Their is some interesting cars,but the pictures were not very good and the price? Am I seeing right. This is someone who got some property that needs cleaning up and they are trying to find a sucker who will clean it up.

    • rob

      well, as a hint: the guys in the pics are wearing hardhats… I probably would be too in that place.

  22. Fran


  23. AMCFAN

    After more reading this group of vehicles has been left to charity. You can’t fault men and women who obviously are NOT car enthusiasts to come up with a realistic valuation. Their only tool would be the internet.

    There are 100’s of sites that describe rusty gold. How are they to know different?Typically they try to get all they can as the premise is the money helps those in need. Calling them crazy, high, drunk is disrespectful. Take it easy on these people. They are not gold digging family members. Only under paid humans trying to help other less fortunate humans.

    They can ask what ever they want. Most likely will be sold to a scrap dealer for pennies and the property leveled.

  24. Jack

    That’s the roughest area of St. Louis. I wouldn’t want to go there at anytime of day. I can only imagine that the few pics of cars were the good ones.

  25. Duaney Member

    Change the title from “Super Find” to something realistic.

  26. Gary Grossich

    That’s a 37 Dodge sedan. 38 license lamp housing has a glass lens that says Dodge on it.

    • rod

      finally, someone saw it was a 37!!!

  27. The one

    At least he could show pictures of the cars he has put a ton of money in, cause, I don’t see any here!!!

  28. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Just donate the 70k to charity(as a tax) let them keep their cars.
    God bless America

    • Chevy Guy

      God Bless you and America!!

  29. Bob_in_TN Member

    I’m with AMCFAN and everyone else here. Given the circumstances and the inventory of cars, this is much more of a problem than something which actually has value. I feel for the folks trying to deal with it.

    My story is different but has about the same conclusion. Several years ago we moved my elderly parents (who were in failing health) out of the small 1000 sq. ft. house they had lived in for 62 years. The house had had minimal recent maintenance and had not been updated for 20+ years. Think wood paneling and shag carpet and 30 year old furniture and appliances.

    We consulted with the local small-town auctioneer who was on the fence whether there was enough “stuff”, and if it had enough value, to make a sale worthwhile. Finally we decided to do it.

    After general expenses and his fees, the entire sale netted a whopping $700. Quite humbling. We would have (just about) been ahead to simply haul the contents to the landfill.

    This collection is, conceptually, similar.

    But….. if this would have been just reported as “collection of barn finds taken to crusher,” let’s be honest: we would have cried about all of those valuable parts being lost forever.

    • Amorypaz Amorypaz Member

      True. These folks could use some guidance. Someone who can pick out the two or three worth selling and pick out the parts worth buying. Put them in touch with a scrap dealer for the rest.

  30. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Similar story to my elderly parents. When we decided to do an estate sale before selling their “as is” home, the auctioneer told us his guys would have to bring stuff into the house I’d grown up in just to garner interest to a broader audience and bigger spenders. I never forget walking into the house between day 1 and 2 of the sale and seeing a big screen TV, Asian statuary, weaponry, military paraphernalia and tapestries spread out in our very 1970s ‘murican split level.

  31. FrankY Member

    Since there’s a lot of negative comments I took the liberty of sending a message to the sellers on CL. Told them their find was posted to BF and it would be helpful if they could take extra pictures and maybe provide a back story for folks.
    Instead of. Ring negative Maybe my 2 minutes of writing to the seller might help someone here if they post more pictures. Or contact BF. Maybe BF can do a “charitable listing “. Didn’t take much effort and who knows what may happen ??

  32. Glenn Schwass Member

    I want to see the 55-57 truck but if as bad as it might be, maybe $2-4k max…No interst in anything else. What a shame to do this to iron that could have been saved 25 years ago…

  33. Duffy Member

    You guys are being to mean here. What should be done is a picture taken in one shot of all the vehicles and put them in an 20×20 picture frame and put them on Ebay to sell. That is the only money they will get from this mess. GOD, THIS STUFF IS JUNK////junk////JUNK/////junk///, I can’t say it enough times.

  34. Flavio Junior

    I liked the white Oldsmobile.

  35. Dave Member

    I’ll never understand with an add like this why someone can’t at the very least supply a list of year, make and model . And if no one is available to compile such a list more photos would be helpful.

  36. jimmy the orphan

    These folks seem to be stuck with a huge problem and are trying to help poor people and get a building that caved in on itself cleaned up somehow ? I don.t know but who ever posted this ad doesn’t know a darn thing about cars, they just think old cars are worth a lot. And 28! old cars will be worth a bunch !. The only thing here that is worth something is the back story on this sad pile, however I don’t think it would be very funny. Later………………….JIMMY

  37. Rex Kahrs Member

    Dave makes an excellent point. If non-profit agency has a chance to make some money on these cars, then why not do some research and present the cars in a more organized manner. Certainly somebody in that organization knows a guy that knows old cars and could be of some assistance.

    After reading the CL ad again, this thing is sounding more and more fishy by the minute.

    • AMCFAN


      How would a charity handle it? Hire a local recovery company at $125. an hour? Then let everything sit out in the open? Then have them robbed of parts ?

      One poster already stated this is in a bad area. The Buick with broken headlights says that. Maybe just hire a professional to come in and take pictures. Yeah bring in generators lights more money. Won’t make a difference to anyone on here with 200 detailed pics. One would have to be local to take advantage.

      This is an event that something that should be close to everyone on here. What’s going to happen to our stuff. Deal with it now. The guy here most likely had plenty of opportunities to sell. He couldn’t take it with him. Like him his collection will not live on……

  38. Custom Johnny C

    Apparently optimism doesn’t exist anymore. How does anyone know after seeing a few pictures that there isn’t a Shelby Mustang or a 63 Corvette split window coupe or some other rare gem sitting among the lot worth 50 or 60 k.
    Doubtful maybe but what if that’s the case ? If all 28 cars were listed and pictured then maybe an assessment that they are junk would be valid but without that we really shouldn’t be judging.

  39. FrankY Member

    @rex I am starting to agree with your last statement of being fishy. I emailed a reply to the CL post just to see what happens and give them some advise per our BF members. No Reply to date. Plus it’s a LA post with cars out of St Louis
    And the dead fish are starting to smell.

  40. Frank Y Member

    To all who responded or had questions in the 28 car “ iron find” I actually received a reply ( was surprised) and have sent it to BF to see if they will post. They also included a list of all available cars. With vin numbers No pictures though
    Here is The reply.

    Thank you very much for that information. The cars have been stored in a garage that has been deteriorating for several years. My nonprofit organization that promotes crime prevention, has acquired the building and the cars. We want to get a decent price for the cars so that we can make repairs to the building. Here is a list of the inventory.

      • Frank Y Member

        Jack did u see post
        Received a reply back sent it all to BF.

    • Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks, Frank Y!

    • local_sheriff

      Frank; you’re so far the only BF contributor who’s actually cared to dig into this pile instead of just judging it solely by the ad. You deserve kudos for that and the supplied (uncomplete) list shows there are objects here that should be of interest either as projects or parts donors.

      It’s impossible to put a price tag on such a ‘collection’ other than at current price and unknown variables it’s unrealistic. I bought my K5 in O’Fallon which is just a few miles away and being an all life MO vehicle I know from personal experience this is NOT the best place to pick a car from. However, with current vintage car prices someone could possibly snatch a project vehicle or donor given it’s priced realistically.

      Let’s just hope seller comes to his senses and value the stash accordingly so that what can be salvaged gets a 2nd chance and everything that is beyond gets to live on as nails, refrigerators etc…

      • FrankY Member

        Thanks @local sheriff as you know I don’t leave many comments on here. it always easy to be a nay sayers or a Negative critique. With a few typed words I hope I helped someone out. If not it didn’t take much effort to try.

  41. CCFisher

    If this is the best effort they can make at liquidating the cars, then good luck renovating the building.

    “Yes, you, too can own a ’79 Nothingmobile Nothing No-door Nobody for $2487”

  42. George Mattar

    Richard Rawlings to the rescue. He has millions from his retarded TV show.

    • Steve R

      His success proves he’s to smart to go beer this mess.

      Steve R

  43. Vincent Martinelli

    Insulting and laughable to Knowledgeable Collectors and Car Enthusiasts. Clearly, a “Car Guy or Gal” did NOT come up with that 70K figure. And BTW, the property isnt worth 70K either. Time to add a roll of film to the Kodak too..6 pictures and Craigslist to boot.

  44. DayDreamBeliever Member

    A Saturn.
    Now there is a collectible!

    (If it were a Sky Redline, ready to run, then yes. Otherwise….)

  45. Mark

    30 cars on the list with 18 being post 1970. And what number of those are 4 doors?
    Regardless of their condition and what they end up selling for, when I see a stash like this, I think beyond it and also wonder what other stuff the owner left behind….

  46. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    The wavy photo of a computer screen is laughable. Easy to include a link to that spreadsheet on the Craigslist ad. The early 50s Chevies look like they were well cared for. The haphazard placement of the cars in an unstable building leads me to believe someone responsible is hoping all of their extraction and demo work will be performed by some gearhead with deep pockets. PASS! Start pulling the cars out 4 at a time, wash, assemble parts nearby, and start moving ’em out for a proper market price. Their calculations are Ludacris.

    PS: 30’s Dodge is not shown on the list!

  47. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    A pale blue Datsun with a hole in its hood appears near the 57 Chevy truck. Maybe a Datsun 720 truck?

  48. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Datsun 620 with a vent in the hood because of overheating?

  49. Troy

    You ever look at something and think “this is not going to end well”……..I think I’m looking at it unfolding here…..

  50. C Carl

    I see a few hot rods here. Thanks for the follow-up Frank.

    • Frank Y Member

      No problem hope it helps someone out as well as the non profit.

  51. Frank Y Member

    I think the price is like 62k for the cars?? But let’s be real here it’s a non profit local anti violence crime watch type that got the place donated to them ( it’s in the email I posted what the back story was) they probably have no clue looked on KBB or someplace got a value and stuck it next to the car. If you think 1 car is worth $1000 just for parts then offer it…if you think the whole lot is worth $30,000 then offer it.
    I don’t have a dog in the fight but don’t beat someone up u till you make a offer and see where it goes. You just never know…
    And if your in St Louis take a drive by and take some pictures and let us all know.

    • Robert White

      I’m driving to St. Louis Missouri just for some of the weed the people down there smoke, man.

      Who cares about pictures when the weed is that good?


    • philthyphil

      yep if i had space and was young give them a thousand per car and part them out over a few months

  52. Jeff

    Current Scrap Steel Price For Junk Cars – $85.00/ton.

  53. Howard A Member

    Due to my skeptical nature and lover of observational humor, I think it’s ironic the cause is for crime prevention, and selling the lot for this amount,,,just kidding, good luck with the sale folks.

    • Mountainwoodie

      I’m with you HoA…irony in humor is a lost art today.

  54. C Carl

    Can you spot the 68 Charger in this ad?

  55. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Anyone interested in purchasing these can now take that list, visit the lot, and then make their own valuation of each item. Then, they can apply the same approx 30% discount to their valuation and come up with an offer.

  56. Kennyb

    I need more popcorn.

  57. Robbert

    Everyone one missed the 356 hiding under the tarp!

  58. Rex Kahrs Member

    OK, OK, sorry for being overly negative about this group of cars. With that apology out of the way, as I look at the inventory “list” (none too informative, sorry), I still only see maybe 5 or 6 cars that would be worth considering. YET, any of these models can be obtained through ebay or Hemmings in far better condition, and, as time is money, the smart guy buys the better car for a few grand more. The dumb guy buys the cheap car, gets in over his head, then the projects stalls (maybe 28 times over!) and the cycle continues until the roof caves in.

    The big joke in my mind is the ’64 Riviera with the ask of $5500. For twice that money, you could have a nice running/driving example with all new brakes/tires/headliner/carpet/radiator etc. Ask me how I know. If you buy this Riv, you’ll travel to a bad part of St. Louis, transport the car back to your house, then spend another 20K and a year to get it to the 11K level, assuming you don’t get stalled out and the roof caves in. Like everything else about this group of cars, it makes no sense.

    Finally, the non-profit has it’s heart in the right place, but their approach needs re-thinking.

  59. FrankY Member

    I’m not the sales guy but if you got the Riv for $2,000 would that be worth it? Just curious because I don’t know the answer… In posts like this it’s like a Turkish Bazar or the famous TV show. “So…Let’s make a deal” They either want the $$ or they don’t. And as for the “ bad neighborhood” everyone says, maybe it my 30 years inLaw Enforcement . But I don’t think anybody went alone at 2am to the “Hood” with 2k cash to look at and buy a car. I think you’d be bringing a friend to help load and there would be someone from the charity to be there in daylight.
    But maybe times change and you Look at & buy cars at 2Am these days?

    • C Carl

      I’m in the desert, I see that Riviera and think lake bed hot rod.
      If you sell vintage Riviera parts it could be worth $5k plus
      If you restore cars it’s too far gone.

  60. Rex Kahrs Member

    The point with the Riviera is that it has virtually no value to any right-thinking level-headed experienced car guy or gal. If it were 5 minutes from my house and was offered for free, I’d still have to think about it. Some of the other cars might be better. I wish everyone luck.


    If it was 5 minutes from my house and offered for free I would be all over it.

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