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American Survivor: 1971 AMC Javelin


The second generation AMC Javelin is an interesting car with a certain flare to its style and design. This particular Javelin is not the more favored AMX model with a V8 heart, but is instead powered by an inline 6. This an excellent example of a surviving Javelin. Offered for $9,000, we suppose someone would pick up this Javelin. Find it here on Hemmings classifieds out of Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Thanks to Pat L for the submission!


The color combination of this Javelin is interesting as well, having a canary yellow exterior and a green interior. The green isn’t as offensive as it sounds, it is actually a pleasant color combo. Looking over the interior reveals little in the ways of damage, or aging. The dash is clean and crack free as is the gauge cluster.


The seats are very nice, as is the carpet. The seller cannot verify whether this AMC has 35,000 miles of 135,000 miles. After studying the car it seems feasible that this Javelin has only covered 35,000 miles. The exterior is nice and is believed to wear original paint aside from the driver fender. The seller has explained that there is some over spray in the fender well on the driver front fender. Solid and ready to drive, this Javelin looks like it has the potential to be a fun car. Power in this AMC comes from an inline six and an automatic transmission. The air conditioning has been recently serviced and blows cold.


This AMC won’t be the quickest car you’ve ever driven, but it is a nice condition survivor that would be a fun cruiser. What would you do with this AMC Javelin?


  1. Rock On Member

    Its getting harder and harder to have fun with a fast car anymore due to the crowded roads and ignorant drivers. May as well have fun with something like this.

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  2. Stephen

    Very aerodynamic. Certainly one of my favorite sports cars of the ’70s. The only problem for me is it’s not a 4 speed.

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  3. CZ

    Do these cars have a perimeter frame?

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    No unibody. This car has been around the past yrs and is indeed rare. Rare because no one tried to clone it into an AMX. Column shift is not desirable at all. The weird thing about this basic base model is that it sports A/C.

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  5. EU Broker

    A buddy in high school had an early seventies Matador with the same yellow/green color combo. Certainly not a chick-magnet but we did have a lot of fun in the thing, despite it’s nauseating color scheme.

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  6. RJ

    I’d drive this everywhere and have most of the younger generation wondering what it is. I love AMCs. I would also take to every car show I could not caring that it’s a six and auto.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Just don’t pop the hood at the show and noone will know or care. They will just admire a nice looking survivor Javelin.

      These have been growing on me for the last couple of years. Someone near where I work that is an AMC fan now has a faded purple Javelin that must be next in line for restoration.

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  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    Looks low mileage – screw the 8 – condition, condition condition

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  8. JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

    It is very nice and only 40 minutes away from me, I already have a base 1971 with 41 k mi and I can tell you from experience that if this car had 135.000 that interior would be ratty. AMC didn’t use the most expensive materials trying to compete with the big three. The rare color combo makes it that more fun,if I had more money and space…..

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  9. AMX Brian

    I had a parts car just like this one. Found it on EBay in Maine. Paid $300 because the quarter and rockers were gone. Same yellow with green interior 6 cyl. column shift except mine had the double side stripe and it was an SST. I put the interior in another 71 SST 360/auto/column which was green on green(but covered in white primer) and sold them as a pair to someone to restore.

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  10. Mark S

    This car has come 45 years without being altered I truely hope that the next owner keeps it that way. I have to say that for me the six cylinder is part of the appeal of this car and if left this way will be the more practical choice in the coming years. As gas prices continue to rise, more and more of the big block survivors will be parked only to come out on rare occasions. As for the colours I kind of like them I guess my tastes are changing as I get older.

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  11. scottymac

    I liked what AMC did with the 1971 update to the back of the car, but always hated the goofy front fenders. Did Penske ask for these for Trans Am racing? Will a ’68-’70 front clip fit on these?

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  12. Car Guy

    These motors were pretty durable. Might be able to install a turbo with 5 lbs of boost and suprise a few people!

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  13. Philip

    Thate straight 6 is anything but thrifty. Put a modern LS motor and 4 speed automatic in this, store the 6 for the next seller and enjoy.

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  14. Rolf Poncho 455

    ‘Rock On’ u r spot on in SA also to menny ignorant drivers
    and speed limits

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