Army Truck: 1972 Chevrolet C10

This 1972 Chevrolet C10 pickup is a former Army-owned service vehicle that comes with the desirable short wheelbase and stepside bed, along with its original 350 engine. The body presents a heavy dose of patina that some potential buyers will love, but I like it simply for preserving its past as a truck used on various military bases. The seller notes the front tires were flat so the original wheels were removed and thrown in the bed; aside from the later model front rollers, the truck appears to be in mostly stock condition and ready for rejuvenation. Find the Chevy here on eBay with bidding at $4K and no reserve.

But does it need rejuvenation? Some buyers might look at that weathered exterior and see a perfect finish to clear-coat and otherwise leave alone. The numbers-matching 350 is an easy engine to live with and will likely come back to life without too much heavy lifting (hey, I’m an optimist.) It’s paired to an automatic transmission, and the seller notes that the radiator and battery were yanked at some point. Again, these are not major problems to solve, but it sounds like the seller isn’t inclined to addressing them. He also notes the brakes don’t work.

The interior will need restoration if you’re seeking perfection, as the bench seat upholstery doesn’t appear to match the door panels (or vice versa.) The steering wheel is tired and cracked, and the same goes for the dash. While the military history is cool, and will attract some bidders into the room, it also means the Chevy wasn’t exactly coddled when it was new. In fact, I’d guess it was the exact opposite of coddled if the truck was used in any way like I saw fleet vehicles abused when I worked for a municipal bridge authority.

The bed gate has, surprisingly, remained with the truck, as these have been increasingly pillaged in recent years for home decor or high-end bench projects. This one looks reasonably solid and wears awesome patina, just like the rest of the truck. The seller notes that loads of original details pertaining to the Chevy’s military history remain in place, like the Army glovebox tag and radio delete tag. Some hidden lettering likely referring to its base or military division can still be seen on the doors, per the seller, but more obvious are some bodywork needs: the cab floor and rocker panels need to be replaced, along with the bottom of the doors. Would you drive it or restore it?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Sheesh, sure have gotten to the bottom of the barrel with these. I suppose, most have been accounted for, and restored, and all that’s left is this. Naturally I’m flabbergasted someone would pay $4g’s for this, but if you want this style with a step side, there simply can’t be many left. There weren’t many to begin with. The good news, is just about everything for these is reproduced. Better have deep pockets, because gonna cost ya’.

  2. Weasel

    Some people would call that kick-ass patina. I just like the A/C and the tailgate.

  3. b-rad jeepster

    That is not A/C it is a smog pump

  4. Weasel

    Oops. Sorry. Your right. I’m not a huge car person.

  5. Gaspumpchas

    Would be a cool father son project,and I’d love to see it go back to original Olive drab. Looks like it had a hard life, but looks solid, would like to see the under belly frame. Bare bones grocery getter.good luck to the new owner, I too am surprised that its up to 4 large.

  6. jerry z

    I would make it like the model I built as a kid. Paint it black w/ red int and Cragars.

  7. mainlymuscle

    Rust is a horrible thing and can bankrupt you on a project,but so can a million dents.This little stepside seems to be very straight.Replacing floors,rockers ,cab corners is pretty easy on these with cheap available new and improved parts.
    This truck has potential as a really cool restomod.

  8. John S.

    The ‘patina” ship has sailed and left deep surface rust in it’s place…

  9. dogwater

    Someone should sand blast it do a nice red paint job redo the seat, custom wheels, you would have 10k in a great truck drive it

    • pugsy

      10K? That gets the red paint….maybe.
      What about the rest?

  10. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    The army usually buys the most stripped down cheap model possible, so I’m surprised at v8 not 6, and a/t not manual. I have a soft spot for these pickups. Had a 69 onetime it was quite a nice truck. But I agree the asking price seems over the top. God bless America


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