Art in Motion: 1967 Jaguar XKE 2+2

“The most beautiful car ever made” is high praise from a man like Enzo Ferrari, and this definitely deserved any and all accolades it got. It’s a stunning work of automotive art, recognized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The XKE was a road-going evolution of the D-Type race car from the 1950s. It featured a unibody construction, lightweight design, and varying engines ranging from a 3.8-liter inline-six to a mighty V-12. The most desirable XKEs are from the late 60s, like this 1967 model, which can be found for $35,000 firm here on Hemmings. Special thanks to Boot for letting us know about this listing.

This example has a 4.2-liter, double overhead cam, inline-six with triple Weber carburetors mated to the optional 3-speed automatic transmission, reserved exclusively for the 2+2 model of the hardtop. Personally, at the risk of ruffling the feathers of purists, I prefer the hardtop to the convertible. I think the fastback works really well, and with the exception of Harold’s own hearse modification, is the best-looking model. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though, and the convertibles do tend to fetch more at auction. Regardless, a classic Series 1 E-Type of any configuration is pretty much a great investment, even if there’s rust like with this one. The seller says that it’s mostly just surface rust, but something to consider when you’re spending $35,000 on what is ultimately a project car.

Rust aside, the interior looks complete, though the seats could probably use reupholstering. While you’re inside the cabin redoing the seats, you should probably also see if you can put a third pedal in there. A clutch could probably bring more resale value to this completed restoration but, more importantly, will definitely add more fun value for when you actually go out and drive it.

The seller doesn’t say if it runs or if you’ll need to bring a trailer for it. They also don’t say if the pictures are recent, but I’m inclined to believe they aren’t, based on the resolution and, utilizing my expensive photography degree, what looks like film grain. If this listing had better pictures, I’d be more friendly to the $35,000 asking price. That said, it is still an XKE. I don’t use the word “icon” lightly, but XKEs are definitely icons. That 4.2 inline-six is so good, Jaguar used that same base engine throughout the twentieth century in everything from luxury sedans to race cars to grand touring cars, like this E-Type. If you want a rewarding project, this is sure to deliver in the classic “continent carving” category of cars you can seat your whole family.


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    For 35K I’d want a lot more car than I see here. Upside down on this one even before loading it on the trailer.

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  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I know a lot of people dis the 2+2 in favor of the 2 seat FHC but this is still a pretty car. Pics look 20 years old, strange to see on Hemmings.

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  3. Derek

    “The most beautiful car ever made” wisnae a 2+2 with an autobox…

    The coupes’re very nice, though, especially the low drag ones.

    I’d rather have a D type… even a replica.

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  4. Mike

    I think Daguerreotype photos show more detail than these pics taken with a potato.

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  5. Connecticut Mark

    Is this same guy selling this car as that Chevy a day ago? These are horrendous photos again, may be another scam.

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  6. Pascal

    Poorly written article…

    “ The most desirable XKEs are from the late 60s, like this 1967 model,”

    No the most desirable E-types are the early models… not the late 60s…

    These aren’t triple Webbers but triple SUs… even the bad pictures make that obvious

    As to the 2+2 vs the Fixed Head Coupe, even as a 2+2 owner I have to admit the lines of the FHC are nicer than the 2+2

    Errors aside, this is a $10k car… going to take $50k to make it right

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  7. ron

    Quoting Enzo has become so stale, even 3rd. graders know it by heart…..please stop using it….besides he wasn’t talking this “pregnant ” version!

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    • Pierre

      And those are only Enzo’s words and tastes, his tastes are his only and don’t have to apply to everyone ; I personally wouldn’t say the E-type is ugly but there are many cars I find better looking.

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  8. Gerard Frederick

    The most beautiful car of all time was the 1936 Horch 120-PS roadster and the second one, the 1938 Adler Autobahn. Of course this is my opinion and I recognize very well that other people may think differently. That´s ok. Different strokes for different folks. Whoever buys this Jag better have very deep pockets; one must be a masochistic fan of this make to take the plunge.

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    • Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

      And I thought that there is some question as to whether or not that is actually a quote from Enzo Ferrari.

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  9. Stephen

    Enzo was not referring to the 2+2 – which looks like a hearse.

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  10. Bigbird

    Could take a bunch of money to bring it around. They were ok cars when new, but I remember a saying on British built cars, “These cars have only two options, a ride alone mechanic and a built-in tow strap.” Good luck on this one…..

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  11. Howie Mueler

    It looks like it has sunk into the ground. Talk about poor photos!!

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  12. JagManBill

    35k is nice (really nice) condition 2+2 money. As said, this is a 10-12k car at best IF it turns over. If not, 8-10k. AND… IF…the rust is minimal to none

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  13. Stephen

    Pierre – would you personally say that a Series 1 XKE (not a 2+2) is just a shade above ugly?

  14. t-bone BOB

    Located in Bel Air, Maryland

  15. jokacz

    Take the usable parts off of this thing and crush what’s left.

    • Howie Mueler

      So just the shift knob.

      • jokacz

        LOL that ain’t even stock!

  16. bruce joslen

    Cool, though I prefer the convertible hardtop myself. Definitely not the most beautiful car, which would surely be the Mercedes 540K. Strangely enough, I think the prettiest car design was the ’56 Chev 4 door pillarless hardtop.

  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    We now have a winner of the worst photographs in a car ad, even worse than the ones taken from a computer screen a few days ago.

  18. Tom Echlin

    I had a 69 2+2 E 4 speed with factory air. BRG , swade green int. Had two kids that always came with me. No seat belts needed. Always pinned to the back seat.

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    • JagManBill

      agreed Tom. For about 7 years (75-82), my 69 2+2 4spd ac was the family car. I changed out the drivers seatbelt for a 5 point mounted to the rear tray pulled forward. If I wasn’t driving hard, just used them as a 3 point. Hate the factory seat belts in that car. Rear belts are still just tucked under the rear seat to this day.

  19. Charles Sawka

    I had this car’s cousin, no thanks, never again. 35k ? Hold it in longer when you inhale.

  20. paul

    35k is way over the top for an automatic and a project car. I’ve seen running driving xke’s go for $16-29k. So good luck.

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