Good As It Gets! 1963 Mercury Super Marauder 390

Taken by surprise, I was, when I first encountered this 1963 Mercury Marauder – it is that exceptionally clean (and green)! A one-time Barret-Jackson auction vehicle, the current owner has been in possession of this Marauder for five years and it’s now his turn to pass it on to a new caretaker; let’s see what he has. This Mercury is located in Pleasant Shade, Tennessee and is available, here on eBay for a starting bid of $18,500.

First offered as a trim package for Mercury’s full-size two-door hardtop models in mid-63, the nameplate spread to four-door hardtops for the 1964 model year. Discontinued in 1965, the Marauder nameplate made two comebacks, one for model years ’69 and ’70 and a second time in 2003 for the Panther platform-based Grand Marquis. In addition to the Marauder auto models, it’s a storied name that Mercury applied to certain V8 engines going back as far as 1958.

Today’s example is claimed to be 80% original with half of its two-tone Sultana White over code “P” Scotch Green finish dating to its birth at Mercury’s St. Louis, MO assembly plant. Dents, rust, creases, scratches? Fuggetaboutit! The trim appears to be like-new and the bumpers have been re-chromed. Interesting to see are the doggie-bowl hubcaps – years ago they would have been 86’d on day two – now they’re a hit! There are a couple of images of the underside included and they are befitting of an automobile that looks as good topside as this one does.

The VIN’s “Z” code indicates that this Marauder has been one-upped with a “Super Marauder”, 300 gross HP, 390 CI V8 engine. The seller claims that it runs great and has a new exhaust system. Typically, there is a Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission in place. One really nice improvement is the conversion of the front brakes to disc units – smart move!

The claimed 100% original interior, while lacking sporting elements such as bucket seats and a center console, presents beautifully. The two-tone Beige/Medium Beige vinyl upholstery is very fitting for the era and shows no signs of rips, split seams, fading, etc. Same thing for the upholstery panels, carpet, and headliner. There is an original, working AM radio, still in place, and ensconced among the various stainless trim panels, clock, heater controls, and switchgear.

So, what’s this Mercury Marauder need? I’d say an opening bid and nothing more. Some may feel that the price of entry is too steep, I’d say not too much so, especially considering this car’s stellar condition and 70K mile Super Marauder engine. Nevertheless, we’ll know soon enough as there are two days to go with the auction. What’s your thought, priced right or not quite?


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  1. Bob S Member

    Like the Ford Galaxy, wouldn’t this be considered an 63 1/2 due to the fast back roofline? This is gorgeous. With what people are asking for absolute junk, I don’t think opening bid is out of line.

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  2. Rbig18

    Normally I am GM guy when it comes to classic cars, but this is much better looking to me than any of the 62-64 Impalas. Especially the interior GM lost their way on interiors for awhile in my opinion.

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  3. Doone

    Don’t usually like green for a car, but with the white top this one is stunning. 18k for turnkey and you won’t see any others like it at the c and c’s – the price is right. Ditto on the FoMoCo interiors of that time.

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  4. JayRott13

    I own a 64 Impala and I’m a big fan of the early to mid sixties cars in general. This thing is beautiful and different. Great details in the engine bay and interior. Love it when previous owners keep a car up and improve it tastefully. Wouldn’t be surprised if it goes for well over the starting bid.

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  5. Mark

    Another awesome car in green. That interior is sharp….have always been a fan of the dash layout and especially the steering wheel design. But man, that yellow under the hood needs to go. Someones going to get one nice car.
    Dare to be different.

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    • sir_mike

      No…the yellow is the factory color.

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  6. Stan

    Is the merco- omatic trans 2 or 3spd ?
    Whats the rearend gear ?

    This is one cool car with 300hp a swift cruiser too awesome.

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    • Terrry

      Merc-0-Matic is 2 speed, same as the Ford-o-Matic

      • Bob C.

        I think this would likely have the dual range green dot transmission. The 2 speeds were usually mated to six cylinder and small v8s between 1959 and 63 on full size Fords and Mercurys.

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  7. Will Fox

    When I saw “Super” Marauder in this post’s heading, I thought,
    “Hmm, a dual quad 427?” but a 390? IMHO, this makes it simply a “Marauder” as the nameplate says. The word “Super” does not appear anywhere on the car per the factory, hence my judgement. The 300HP 390 was available in everything from the lowest Ford Custom 300 coupe to T-Birds, so that’s not anything too special. That aside, a gorgeous Merc, and one that any FoMoCo fan would love to have. GLWTA!!

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Here’s the proof from Mercury. The VIN “Z” code references the 300 HP Marauder “Super” 390 CI V8 engine.


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    • Mikefromthehammer

      Here is the original Barrett-Jackson listing from 2013:

      @ Jim: If it was the Super Marauder it would be 400 HP not 300.

      If it has the 3 deuces it is a Super Marauder 390 engine:

      “Exclusive to Mercury, a Super Marauder triple two-barrel carburetor became the first mass-produced engine sold in the United States with an advertised 400 hp (298 kW; 406 PS) output;[2] the option was available on all Mercury vehicles.”

      The Merc-O-Matic transmission is a 3-speed.

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      • Jim ODonnell Staff


        Marauder “Super” 390 is Mercury’s designation, not mine. Look at my response to Will.


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      • Mikefromthehammer

        @ Jim: I guess Wikipedia is wrong then when it says the Marauder Super 390 has 400 HP. (That wouldn’t be the first time Wikipedia was wrong, lol).

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      • Jim ODonnell Staff

        No worries Mike. I have a large number of research sources that I use and Wikipedia figures into the research process, but that is the one source where you have to be the most guarded about accuracy.

        In retrospect, I probably should have reversed the title so that it reads 1963 Mercury Marauder Super 390, and that may have avoided some of the confusion.


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      • Terrry

        Wikipedia, while accurate most of the time, is not the be-all end-all for correct information. I cringe when someone quotes them when making “undisputable” claims.

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  8. Billyray

    I don’t think the “super” 390 is the same as saying the “Super Marauder”. Ford people are familiar with Ford’s sometimes nuanced shades of meaning with their naming idiosyncrasies.

    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      It’s not “Super” 390, it’s “Marauder Super 390”. I just report what I find.


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  9. Steve Thompson

    What did it sell for at BJ ? Wasn’t there a song about Marauders ? Nice car looks really clean, already has good brakes & 4 barrel & duel pipes, also duel circuit master, wonder what the rear gears are ? Probably high way cruiser, top speed ? nice – I want

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  10. 59Poncho

    I am a GM nut as well but always wanted one of these. Great body style.
    I do believe this is what Joe Weatherly was driving at Riverside when he fatally crashed.

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  11. john gregg

    jim o….look at your advertisment…it says “S-55 with “super” designate…that merc is not an S-55

    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      You are right, it’s absolutely not. The Marauder package was available on any full-size two-door hardtop Mercury including the S-55. And while this car is not an S-55, it is a Marauder. The 390 4V, known as the “Marauder Super 390” was available in any full-size Mercury, with, or without the Marauder trim package.

      This car has Marauder trim, which makes it a Marauder, with what Mercury called a “Marauder Super 390” engine.


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      • Terrry

        Reminds me of the S-22 Comet of that year. Bucket seats, console and a small (221) V-8 option.

  12. Mountainwoodie

    As to the discussion on the model nomenclature, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? I would say the data plate controls, no? Its a beautiful car but channeling the great Howard A, when one has paid 1500 bucks for a Merc Marauder in the past, regardless of the engine, the opening bid though indicative of what the seller might have bought the car for at B-J, is steep. I wish there was an inherent value to cars other than what any random person would pay. It would make everything easier. :) Of course I also wish for whirled peas.

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    • Dave Peterson

      …..agreed as to the dizzying semantics of the blogosphere. I recall these Mercs being built by Bill Stroppe for Baja? Or just another false memory? Perhaps it was my favorite all-purpose driver – Parnelli Jones. I worry even more than usual when I can recall the front row of 1966 Indy more than the groceries I was sure to remember this morning yet still came home without – and found my list on the kitchen table.

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    The air cleaner housing says 390-4V. if memory serves it means a 390 with a 4 venturi carb in other words a 4 barrel carb.

  14. Chuck Dickinson

    On these Mercs, Marauder simply means that it has the fastback roofline which Ford brought out mid-63 for better aerodynamics on the NASCAR tracks. The car is actually a Monterey Custom Marauder, meaning that it’s a Monterey Custom (top trim level) fastback ht vs. the Monterey Custom Breezeway 2 dr ht which was also available. In 63, there were only two trim levels–Monterey and Monterey Custom. The S-55 option was the same as the XL option on a Galaxie 500–buckets and console, but it was available w/either roof style. In 64, the series names changed to Monterey (base), Montclair (middle) and Park Lane (top trim). Each series had BOTH a 2 dr ht AND a 4 dr ht with this roof line and they were all Marauders. The Breezeway roof was also available. So, the word Marauder used on Mercs could be an engine designation (in some years) or a roofline designation, but it was NOT a SPECIFIC model designation except in 69/70 and the early 2000s.

    • Abi

      Chuck, I guess you didn’t read the Mercury pamphlet that Jim posted. Cleary designates the 4 models.

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      • Billyray

        Not 4 models; 4 engines.

  15. Bunky

    This is a beautiful car, if you like green. Buckets and a console would really be the icing on the cake. I owned a ‘63 Mercury Monterey with the 2bbl 390. It’s claim to fame was the Breezeway rear window. The “Super 390” had a 4bbl carb and higher compression ratio. Hence, 300hp. vs. 250hp.

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  16. Barry L. Klotz

    I owned a 631/2 Marauder. It was red with black vinyl roof. Had 390-4V. Black vinyl bucket seats with 3speed auto on the floor. Awesome car,wish I had it now.

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