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Porsche 918 Crashed At 92 Miles On Copart

Wrecked Porsche 918

The Porsche boards and blogs are lighting up about what many people consider to be the highest of the high tech special Porsches—a 918 Spider Hybrid. This low-mile supercar is going for a song—so far—bid to only $114K. That’s way under the street value of about $1.5 million, and a lot less than many old Porsches that have sold for more, sometimes a lot more even though neglected/rusty/in pieces/missing pieces—you get the idea. Find it here on Copart with 20 days to go.

Wrecked Porsche 918 Odometer

The ODO and the seller, Copart, say the car has only 92 miles, but that might not be the case, since some websites refer to the ODO as “stuck” at 92 miles, and Copart describes the 92 mile readout as “not actual”. Whatever the truth is, this poor supercar didn’t last long.

Copart Porsche 918

Fix it? Part it out? Place in your garage or living room as a modern sculpture? It’s up to you. Whatever happens to it, you are not likely to get too many chances at a hybrid supercar like this for such a (potentially) low price.


  1. MikeG

    Rich guy’s got the cash but not the skills…

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    • Karl

      I know the previous owner, accident happened when a woman in a Tahoe made a left across traffic right in front of him. Less than a hundred miles is accurate.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Karl, thanks for this information. In the end it is a sad event for both drivers, and I am sure we all wish the best outcome for their well being. That is far more important than anything else.

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  2. Rick

    Nice! Have fun . . .

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  3. MH

    I can’t imagine how much any parts for this car would cost. Not worth it to me, but then again I could never afford it anyway.

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    • SFM5S

      The ad says the estimated repair cost is $600K. The big question is – what will a written off & then repaired 918 be worth when you’re done?

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  4. Walter Joy

    There was a GT350 on there too. Last time I looked (few days ago) it was at $18k

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  5. jim s

    there are videos of 918 crashes on youtube, but none matching the damage on this one. interesting find.

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  6. Charles


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  7. piper62j

    Playboys toys…. I can’t even get in the same universe with them..

    Great parts car though..

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  8. sunbeamdon

    As the Black Knight opined: “it is only a flesh wound”

    This one deserves a resurrection! Where’s the bondo when you need it! Oh, I know, we’ll use silly putty to match the driver’s stupidity!

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  9. steve

    Sheet metal, rivets, plywood, screws, and some lexan…I can get her close!!!

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  10. Skloon

    Com8ng soon to Butt Baboon Garage we will see the bearded wonder try to fit air bags to a 918

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  11. alan

    Modern day James Dean car without James Dean.

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  12. OhU8one2

    OMG it just makes me sick to see this. Couldn’t even think about what to do with it. Prices for the parts alone would have to be staggering. Plus would it ever be perfect going down the road? And with the super high technology would Bubba and Joey even have the know how to rebuild it correctly? If I had the money,the first thing I would do is see if the factory could rebuild it.

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  13. David Frank David Member

    This is all very interesting, but WTF does this have to do with barn finds or survivors?

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    • Paul


      Maybe hondas and wrecked cars are barn finds just not literally in a barn, barn find could just mean rare….

      Im just sayin…..

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  14. Van

    Put all that tech in something old and blow minds
    How about a Bradley GT

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    • William H

      My thoughts exactly. If I just had stacks of cash sitting around with no use for it, I could imagine shoving the bottom half in a ’60’s rear engine body.

      I wonder if the wheel base on a Karmann Ghia is the same, lol

      Not even practical but if I had that kind of money, what would I care?

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    • Van

      Maybe a T-bucket
      No bug eyed sprite

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  15. Chris A.

    Duct tape doesn’t fix stupid. Did he total his Rolex too?

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  16. Bill

    To Paraphrase Cleuseau: “That is a priceless Porsche”!
    Reply: “Not anymore”.

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    • Van

      I fart in your general direction you silly wiper of other people’s bottom
      Monte Python

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  17. Rando

    Put it on an S10 chassis with 35″ mudders… sbc, baby.

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  18. Van

    This is an interesting question.
    How much of the mechanicals are good or could be created
    Build a custom frame and go.
    Imagine a GT40 replica from RCR. Drive to the track and easily out run the real thing.

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  19. motoring mo

    I’ve been told by a very reliable source Seinfeld is in on the bidding.
    Good luck trying to wrest it away from his deep pockets if he’s serious about picking it up….

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    • Horse Radish

      I guess he’s got money (again), after unloading a bunch of his old turds to gullible people at the Amelia Island Gooding auction…

      I wonder what he would charge (anybody) for signing a glove box door…..?

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  20. Chris In Australia

    On the upside, its got less rust than most Porsches we see here!

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  21. John

    I checked Pelican Parts. There isn’t much available for this car. Ha. To get this back to recognizable form would require a trip back to the mothership in Deutschland. The price would reval a new one. But then, there are no new ones so this might represent a golden opportunity for someone whose emotions are backed by VERY. deep pockets.

    I have the emotion. But my pockets are not deep. I hope someone turns this back into a proper car and gives it a second chance at life. I just wish it could be me.

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  22. Charles

    In the original post on FB the poster mentioned that shipping this car back to the factory is an option for someone to bring it back to original specs.

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  23. Jerry

    Tells us all about the supposed quality of this “supercar” and the Porsche “brand” as a whole. Bad choice for this forum.

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  24. piper62j

    Not 100% sure about this Porsche, but from what I’ve seen on the Super Car assembly shows, they are mostly put together with adhesive and rivets. They use a super urethane adhesive along with riveted adjoining panels to keep the weight down and flexibility intact. The cars should be safe enough on the road as any other car and we all know that standard production cars disintegrate just as quickly in a bad accident.

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  25. Joseph Conner

    Hmmm? A women in a Tahoe caused this much damage? How fast was each car going? I’m not buying that story. However it may seem as a fast supercar with a driver that had no clue to the power. Perhaps spun out of control and slammed into a tree, or a car etc…unless the women in the Tahoe went all out Grave Digger or Big Foot on his ass, he was just careless.

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  26. Tim

    So, the Tahoe pulled across left in front of him and he hit it. Why all the rear damage, with the right hand rear suspension so obviously broken? Did he then spin it? That doesn’t sound right to me….

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