Baby Boomer Beauty: 1955 Ford Crown Victoria

Ford’s automobiles received a nice facelift in 1955 along with the Fairlane now positioned as the top trim model (like Bel Air over at Chevy). And the cream of the crop would but the new Fairlane Crown Victoria which sported a special roof. Instead of the popular hardtop roof, the Crown Vic was fitted with a B-pillared roofline that was fitted with a wide stainless-steel band (“crowning” the roof) to give the car a sleeker look. It only ran for two years, so it’s only a little less rare today than the Chevy Nomad from the same era. This nice ’55 edition has been garaged for 50 years and has seen less than 60,000 miles. Located in Denver, Colorado, this apparent survivor is available here on craigslist for $22,000. Another cool tip that’s keeping Barn Finder T.J. busy!

The Crown Victoria was a two-year experiment by Ford and wasn’t included in the rework when Ford’s cars were restyled in 1957. The name would reappear 35 years later as a land yacht that became popular for police use. 33,165 Crown Victoria Hardtop Coupes were assembled in 1955, along with another 1,999 that had a plexiglass, see-through top over the front-seat passengers. That set-up was good for baking occupants on a hot summer day and – fortunately – this Ford does not have that gimmick.

As the seller is helping his neighbor sell this vintage Ford, not a lot of information is provided. Such as how long has the owner had the car, how well does it run, and how much is original versus redone? Even though it was garaged-kept for 50 years, everything seems too nice not to have been tinkered with.

Standard fare seems to be under the hood of this Crown Vic, including a 292 cubic inch V8 with a “3-on-the-tree” manually shifted transmission. The body, paint, and interior all look good, with the only ding being that the material on the driver’s side door panel is wrinkled. 1955-56 Fords don’t seem to command the same kind of money today that the 1955-57 Chevies do, and yet the two companies were always head-to-head in trying to outsell one another (with Chevy winning most of the time).


  1. Jay E. Member

    I’m in the Tri-five lane, but if I were to buy another car of this era, this one would be it. In seems unusually trimmed out, which adds to its curb appeal. The asking price is perfect and would give you a driver that would turn heads. The only thing I would do is change the stance. The tail dragging appearance makes the car appear ponderous, and while that may have been the intent, it detracts from the visual sparkle of the exterior. Plus I’d add a set of wheels and tires. Compare this to the Coral/Grey ’55 on here a couple of days ago and you can really appreciate the condition and value of this Ford. Sweet ride!

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  2. Bunky

    “-fortunately- this car does not have that gimmick.” Yeah. Who would want a super rare car worth considerably more?

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  3. Gerald Corbin

    I had a crown Vic 55 in my high school years. That car was pink and white with pink pom- poms in the rear window. Remember this was 1965 and the coolest cars were from the 60’s right off the show room floor! That is why us boomers want out 60’s back! Those years were ours regardless of Viet Nam !

  4. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    I have always been a GM kinda gal. Caddys are my favorite followed by Buick.
    But, as far as 50s cars go, I’ve never been a fan of the “tri five”, so I have to go with Ford on this one.

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  5. Frank Armstrong

    That price looks very reasonable for a Crown Vic in nice condition and ready to cruise. Well short of restoration costs these days. It would be fun ride down memory lane for a boomer like me.

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    I am also a 1955 model, and while a Chevy guy, one this nice would be double the cost or more. I like this Ford, but would be guilty of offending purists, as I would give it rims, tires, probably a 4 speed, but definitely move the 3 speed to the floor. And as mentioned above the stance would need attention.
    Beautiful car, would be fun to use for errands, or parades etc. Good price depending on it working as good as it looks.

  7. Car39

    I’ve been watching one on a local car lot that is almost identical. The car looked like it had been recently restored, just before it was rolled over. Sad.

  8. Solosolo Solosolo UK Member

    There isn’t a tri five Chev 2 door built that I would rather have than this Crown Vic! This is class.

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    One of my buddies had one of these after graduating high school in 1957 and if I remember correctly, said it had the police interceptor engine. It was a great car.

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  10. Rw

    Straight axle would be cool.

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  11. Noah Brunty

    I knew someone with the glass top and a continental kit on the back. It’s colors were purple and white. A beautiful car.

  12. Moparman Member

    Needs the fender skirts. :-)

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    • Greg Gustafson


  13. Marty Parker

    No 292 in 55 except for Thunderbird. This one would be a 182HP “Power Pack” 272 CI Engine.

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  14. Greg Gustafson

    Sorry but, this was a much nicer looking body style than any “tri-five Chevy.

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  15. Yooper Mike

    My brother had one for his first car in 1959. First car I did a burnout in. He wrapped it around a oak tree during a high school date.

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