It’s Back Here Somewhere: 1958 Chevy Corvette

“Oh, the Corvette? Yeah, I parked it out back. Let me go dig it out, I think the keys are in the trunk…” In this round of Mad Libs on Craigslist, what’s happening in this picture? For starters, there’s a 1958 Corvette buried in a backyard somewhere near Tampa, Florida, and you’d be hard-pressed to find it back there among the twigs and fauna. Regardless, early Corvette are always desirable, but this yard find may test the limits of your passion. Find it here on craigslist for $8,700, and go here if the ad disappears.

To be fair, I’m shocked the ‘Vette actually looks this complete once dug out. The seller mentions he does have the passenger side door, but there is no top, engine or transmission. The frame is also rusty. Really, at this point, it’s hard to see what sort of future this Corvette has, but the seller remains optimistic someone will want to part with close to $9K or trade a Harley-Davidson, ATV or side-by-side. If any of you have one of those in working order and are considering trading it, just stop.

Image courtesy of Etsy

For 1958, Corvette proclaimed itself to be “The new shape of sports car sophistication.” And I’m sure when it was new, this backyard buried convertible was helping Florida ladies all over the state put their makeup on carefully, thanks to that sweet sideview mirror. And, if “…what its looks promise, Corvette delivers” still holds true, than this project-grade Corvette isn’t promising much, given its rusty undercarriage. Still, it had to have been fun unearthing an early model like this from an overgrown Florida backyard.


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  1. jw454

    It looks like mother earth was doing her best to reclaim this one. If “No Tag” means no vin tag, That would make this nothing more than a parts car.

  2. JBones

    Would like to hear about the other one in back of it!

    • Joe Cat

      Looks like a couple of buildings collapsed. And 3 other cars in the background. Can you find all 3?

  3. Rex Kahrs Member

    It’s a Florida thing…you’ve got a POS parts car, so let’s ask some astronomical amount for it, and keep listing it for 3 years running, without budging on the price.

    I am in Tampa, so if anyone is interested, I could do a PPI on this car, to verify that it’s a POS.

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    • Matt Member

      This one is so bad, that you might have to pay someone to tell them how much of a POS it is!

    • The swede

      Excuse me , but as a sweden citizen ~ what POS and PPI stand for ?

      • D. King

        Swede–POS means Piece of Sh1t, and PPI means Pre-Purchase Inspection.

    • John

      I live in Florida too and yes – it IS a Florida thing.
      Down here we double the prices of our PsOS, drink a six pack to God and pray he comes thru for us!

  4. Andre

    Looks like it may have been a regal turquoise car.. if so extra shame this was its fate.

  5. Crazyhawk

    This has to be the most useful Vette I’ve ever seen. Over the years, it has been the home of 2,537 rodents, 22 marsupials, 12 mammals and 822,400 insects. It has helped stop erosion, and will give some future owner a dream that somehow this thing could be an actual driving car again. All other Vettes just get driven to car shows by white haired guys with an earing..

  6. Pat

    Yard art

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  7. Steve R

    This is one of the rare occasions where the “as found” picture actually hurts the story, and “value”.

    $8,700 is a joke, I wonder if he was laughing when he was typing that.

    Steve R

    • Mike

      The seller isn’t laughing. He is absolutely 100% serious. Probably reconsidering bumping up the price. There seems to be another “gold mine” lurking in the background also.

  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Couple of extra zeros on that price.

  9. PatrickM

    Steve, I agree whole heartedly! Not out of this boy’s pocket.

  10. Chuck SIBIO

    Is the new Art Morrison frame and LS come with it?

  11. Steve A.

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

  12. Mark

    Good grief… comment the other day of how once one of these neglected Vettes pops up we see a wave of them as a result……over priced to boot. For those who have the cash, devotion and patience to take these projects on, I salute you. If there are so many of these Vettes out there, can we expect to see the asking prices come down? Lol. GLWTS.

  13. Derek

    This is the sort of car that I call a “dream restoration” because you can drag it home, throw it into your backyard, carport, or garage and spend the rest of your life just dreaming about restoring it. It’ll never cost you another penny, you’ll never get your hands dirty, and you’ll never skin your knuckles on the manifold bolts ’cause this is one restoration that just ain’t never gonna happen except in your dreams. Best kind.

  14. SR

    I’d like to know how it got here in the first place, actually I’d like to know its whole history, showroom to its life as a outdoor planter.

  15. Rodney

    I thought it was a crime to desecrate a grave in Flordia? Guess not.

    • Rodney

      That would be Florida…..

  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    58’s are special. This one, not so much. I hope someone repairs it. Resto, if I had to guess. Waaaay to much ching for me. As deep as she is buried, almost time to put her the rest of the way under. I thought about throwing $8700 out there but just to much info in the ad for my feeble brain.

  17. Justin french

    Does anyone not see what the fake body’s go for? Anything can be titled and tagged

  18. David

    Let me guess “ran when parked”

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  19. Pete Christensen


    This car is a future resto mod. It will sell they always do. Someone will do something with it guaranteed

    • Steve R

      Not at that price.

      Steve R

  20. Dan in Texas

    Isn’t the one in the background this car from Jan 9th?

    • Jon


      I believe so ….

    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      Good Eye!

    • Joe Cat

      Wow Dan–yes agree—good eye.

  21. ccrvtt

    If this were a Porsche the price would be closer to $30K.

  22. Rube Goldberg Member

    “Ah, here’s your trouble right here, a bad ground wire”.

  23. American_Badaz

    Chevy short-bed chassis, lift, 40″tires… abuse accordingly.

    Or plan B: section it up and rebody a smart car with it!! HAHA

  24. 8banger dave Member

    Thanks Rex K – I just shot coffee through my nose!

  25. Wayne

    Here is Bob Simpson trying to out do the Jones’ on Yard Art.

  26. Peter

    Jimmy Hoffa?
    What are you doing here?

  27. Terry J

    But still, it allows a walk down Memory Lane, so there is value there. Remember the TV show Route 66? I think that one had a 327. Anybody? Personal experience: A friends big bro Gary had one back in 1962. Had a 283 / 4 speed. He traded it off in ’63 for a red Impala 409 4 speed .Giddyup Giddyup. He traded that off in ’65 for a black fuel injected Sting Ray roadster. :-) Terry J

  28. GTO MAN 455

    another one that’s TRASH

  29. gto4ever

    I’am playing Powerball, so if I win 380 mil , 8700.00 wasted for scrap metal means nothing! Otherwise, dream on.

  30. ArtSpeed

    I never knew that fiberglass could rust, but here’s proof positive…

  31. Brakeservo

    Hurricane victim??

  32. JayJayTan

    I heard he raised his selling price to $87,700 after watching today’s Barrett-Jackson Auctions.

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  33. Rex Kahrs Member


    I can tell you that hurricane Irma had very little affect on the Tampa area. Initially, as the storm came out of the Keys, it looked as if it was headed up the West coast of Florida, with Tampa in the bullseye. My wife and I evacuated to Orlando the day before, a Saturday. On Sunday, the storm shifted, and essentially passed through the very center of the state (north/south), and that slowed the thing down considerably. The affect on Orlando and the upper East coast of Florida was far worse than in Tampa.

    On our return from Orlando to Tampa, you’d barely know that anything had happened along the I-4 corridor…signs were all intact, no downed trees, not even shingles blown off of roofs in Polk county where the eye passed. I know there were isolated spots with damage, but very little in Tampa. My ’75 BMW 2002 was safe and sound in the garage.

    For us, the worst of it was this: My neighbor’s 50′ pine tree blew over and wiped out the soffit on our garage. The tree remained cantilevered over the garage as I tried to figure out what to do. Turns out that if a tree falls into your
    yard, it’s your tree! Your neighbor is not responsible to remove the tree! That’s the law. I waited a couple of weeks to see if he would step up and help out with the removal, but instead he came over and complained that I needed to “Hurry up and get that tree out of here, I gotta fix my fence!!!”. Yeah, I know, he actually said that. I just couldn’t see clear to pay a tree guy 4K to remove my neighbor’s tree from my garage, so I studied the problem for a couple of weeks, then finally pulled the tree down with the truck and sawed it up and hauled it off myself, total cost $100.

    Sorry to digress. The point is that Irma did not create a bunch of hurricane cars here in Tampa.

    • Brakeservo

      If not Irma, have other hurricanes or severe storms hit that could be responsible for this? It just looks hopeless to me.

  34. Classic Steel

    Nice to buy and use as flower pot!

    Possible make bed for your kid?

  35. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    “No trades and don’t need help selling. May trade for Harley Davidson, ATV, side by side, Boat, etc.” …. jeez, make up your mind already.

  36. Del

    Posting junk like this is what is preventing Aliens from considering us a serious life form with intelligence

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  37. Bob

    How does one know it’s a 58? It has no trunk spears and I see no holes for the trunk spears?

  38. Radarone

    I would’ve liked a few more pictures.
    Yeah Right!

  39. Classic Steel

    I remember tv series “antique Archiology” with Frankie digging up
    A rotted motorcycle in an episode.
    I think it would be a fair trade of rott for rott ❤️

  40. Tim Deal


  41. Michael

    Take the body, put it on a tube frame, 9 inch Ford rearend, leaf spring tube axle up front, 392 blown hemi, and repop 1piece doghouse… instant retro altered.
    ‘Course you gotta get the price down to a reasonable amount first.
    $8700??!!! Seriously???

  42. Bill

    Somebody needs to go to jail for letting these get so bad.

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