Backyard Sighting In Indianapolis

We don’t condone or encourage spying on your neighbors, but sometimes they have something interesting parked in their backyard that’s just too tempting to not look at! Reader Jeff G spotted these classics while visiting his daughter and just had to snap a photo for us. From Jeff G – My daughter lives in Indianapolis and this picture was taken from her second story balcony of the neighbor’s yard across the street. I haven’t had the guts to knock on their door. A couple of interesting finds though.

Well, Jeff, we don’t blame you for being nervous to knock on their door, that could prove to be an interesting conversation to start up. Actually, I’m sure they will understand, classic cars are kind of hard to miss! If you don’t get up the courage to ask about them, let us know how it goes.

If you spot something interesting parked along the side of the road, snap some photos and send them our way. Just attach them to an email and send them to!

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  1. On and On Gass Passer Member

    Knock on the friggin door man. Check out what the burn barrel is full of. These seem like nice friendly folks.

  2. dgrass

    That bus checks those proverbial boxes! Hope it gets a second (or third, fourth, ect.) chance.

  3. erikj

    I was a door knocker in the 80s till even now. Just not as gutsy. But I met some really neat people and a few scary ones. One time on a return visit, several months after meeting the NICE older man .A nock on his door resulted in him with a shotgun, all he said was he was tired on being bothered, I think he forgot who I was.
    The car that was under his carport(for 20+ years) was a 55 belair,2 door and when he let me lift the tarp to peek, It was a convertible!!! That was on my 1st visit trying to buy a 62 impala.To late for the impala and a year or so later I drove by and all the cars and stuff gone,house empty.
    Forgot to add my door knocking did produce lots of cool cars,boats,m/cycles and a ton of good memories.

  4. Mountainwoodie

    Kind of stalker like…..

  5. Beatnik Bedouin

    Knock on the door – you might be surprised by the response of the owner when he/she finds out your another gearhead.

    I’ve done this for decades and even if the effort didn’t result in a purchase, I’ve met some pretty damned nice folk (and only a few not-so-nice, just to maintain decorum). Besides, they might know someone who has something of interest to you to sell.

    I’ve mentioned on this forum many times that the best deals are not necessarily the ones found on Craigslist or eBay. Most of the really cool stuff I’ve owned over the years has been found via word-of-mouth and not openly advertised (see photo of a one-owner, unrestored ’79 Honda C50 from my collection).

  6. canadainmarkseh Member

    The roof from the 21 window rust bucket from the other day would go nicely on this bus. That and a Subaru engine to move it down the road.

  7. Nevis Beeman

    This pic took me back to when I was a kid….early 1960’s. My very British dad, a farmer, had a Volkswagen micro bus like this…..well he did have 6 children to transport, plus farm stuff too.
    Meanwhile his German horticulturist neighbour, drove a Landrover !
    These two guys bought their respective vehicles new in 1964. The registration number (licence plate) on the VW was DFN 931 B, & quite coincidently the Landrover was given DFN 831 B. (Canterbury, Kent, England) Really caused some head shaking & crossed wires in the tiny village (Elmstone)where they lived/worked; not that we children cared much at the time !

  8. Chris In Canada ( for the moment)

    Pass on both. Slow, cramped, and noisy. I will give the Landfill credit for:
    1) engine at the proper end of the vehicle.
    2) Correct cooling medium. Liquid!

  9. chad

    sittin in the yrd w/a bud, beer in hand, lookin at the cars’n dreamin as the burn barrel rumbles. (This is after 30 yrs of good service – a retire then rebuild).
    Done it till tired & ‘car account filled’.

    Just tryin to get a clutch to fit now.

    Ask, but B prepared for any answer, take it graciously. U may B invited to a rebuild
    B stuck w/ur own!

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