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Bakery Find! 1966 Chevrolet Corvette

In most circumstances, a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette is an attention-getter. While undergoing a slim-down in engine availability vs. its almost identical 1965 predecessor, the ’66 edition was notable for its first-year inclusion of the 427 CI Mark IV engine. A beautiful car by any measure, they have a strong following and a stronger market value. This 1966 Corvette convertible is an attention-getter too, but not for the right reasons. Care to look closer? It’s located in Montgomery, New York and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $20,000, reserve not yet met.

The seller states that this Corvette has been sitting ensconced in the subterranean basement of a bakery for 35 years. I have come across barn find type cars stored in a myriad of odd places but a bakery basement takes the cake…Unfortunately, that basement storage has not been kind to his ‘Vette as it looks like it’s had all the bakery goodness slapped right out of it. The seller states, “the body although never crashed hard has some damage from moving it around and banging into things“. Who would think hitting a donut rack could do that much damage? It must have been banging into things at speed – a challenge for an engineless car; more on that to follow. Besides the damaged fiberglass, and presumedly missing trim, there have been the ’60s inspired triple taillights added, minor wheel opening flairs and a “ducktail” rear flair incorporated.

The seller also advises that the frame is “crusty” but not beyond repair, though the birdcage is OK.  Crusty would seem to be the understatement of the year. Of additional concern should be the floors and suspension components, it’s hard to imagine that they escaped the wrath of 35 years of damp subterranean storage. The birdcage is probably debatable too, or should at least be as painstakingly checked as possible. Considering the condition of the interior (soggy looking) and the mold on the canvas top, it seems unlikely that the birdcage would have completely escaped the ravages of rust.

As noted earlier, the original engine is missing though there is a 350 CI V8, of unknown origin and equipped with aftermarket cylinder heads, included. Unfortunately, the engine is far from complete and will require a lot of parts acquisition to return to operating authority. Perhaps the missing components are squirreled away somewhere and the engine’s internals will be up to the challenge of potentially running again. A Muncie four-speed manual transmission and shifter are also included in the sale.

The interior looks borderline rancid. It’s just a mess, the seats, floors, console, door panels, and instrument panel, all of it. While the seller mentions that this ‘Vette’s frame demise was brought about by damp storage, it appears that the interior has had a similar experience by water intrusion, perhaps courtesy of a ripped or lowered convertible top while languishing outdoors, either before, or since its bakery solitude.

Looking for other missing parts? They’re probably in this tangle somewhere. The seller suggests, “would make a great winter project that won’t break the bank“. I’m not sure whose bank he’s talking about, but a $20K bid, that’s not met the reserve, has already accomplished that task. Any more investment would be deficit spending at this point. Any ’66 Corvette should be saved but I have my doubts about this one, what do you think?


  1. alphasud Member

    This one takes the cake Jim! I assume this Corvette was equipped with a small block? I wouldn’t even bother taking the 350 along and I would do a thorough sweep of the basement checking for one said engine and make sure you have all the ingredients to get this project cooking. Then you could have fun burning the doughnuts in the parking lot.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Half baked!

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    Unless this is something rare, I doubt this is more than a vin and parts. Looks really rough, not going to go after the puns.

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    • dyno540s Member

      Race car tube frame mount body on it.

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  3. 8banger David Mika Member

    Holey Kow – TOAST!

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  4. Steve Clinton

    This “bakery car’ stayed in the oven too long.

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  5. PaulG

    It’s done…especially at 20k

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  6. ACZ

    Another POS from NY. It cost more to pull it out of the basement than it’s worth. Should have left it there with the rats as big as that bell housing.

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    • danno

      $ 1,500 if you deliver it to Las Vegas

  7. Chuckster

    Who does this to a car ?

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    • Lou Tripper

      A baker in this case.

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  8. RoughDiamond Member

    I learned a painful lesson about storing a vehicle in a cool damp environment and how a musty smelling interior with mold could have a catastrophic outcome structural integrity wise.
    As a newly married young man and no room to store my totally original ’63 MGB roadster or afford storage fees, my sweet grandmother offered to let me store it in her vacant basement garage. My grandfather had passed years ago and ever since then, the garage always stayed cool and damp The concrete was never poured thick enough so over the years it just cracked and crumbled. The ventilation was less than adequate too. Trying to raise the one what seemed like eight-hundred pound twelve-inch thick solid wood garage door with glass so thick bullets would ricochet off it took brute strength, finesse, prayer and a measure of luck thrown in. Lowering it felt like trying to keep a guillotine blade weighing the same amount from chopping off my feet in one fell swoop.
    Every time I visited my grandmother, I would walk downstairs, open the garage when it was sunny (said a secret prayer it wouldn’t be) and sit behind the Banjo steering wheel relishing in my awesome “B” acquisition. I noticed a musty smell in the car and mold forming on the seats, but did not pay it much attention except to clean it off each visit. That is until on one visit I sat in the car and felt the entire seat drop a little. Then, when I went to jack it up at the factory jacking point the metal gave way.
    I sold the car for $500 with full disclosure of the structural nightmare to a local man and his 15 year-old son. The son loved MGBs and was very knowledgeable in body work and mechanics. He was turning 16 years old the following year. They were thrilled to get it for a father and son project, but I requested that they get the MGB home and inspect it for 3 days. Then, if they decided it needed too much work I would refund their $500, however, I maintained a secret prayer vigil going for four days the extra one thrown in for good measure. They ended up keeping and totally restoring the “B” for the son’s first car. When I looked back I realized my number one mistake was not asking car guys (didn’t know gals back then) with way more knowledge than I had what I was planning to do with the “B” along with specifics about the storage environment. I literally ruined that car and it really bothered me for a fews years until I fell in love with my ’73 Tulip Purple “B” Roadster which took my mind off the ’63 although the lesson has never been forgotten.

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  9. Baked

    I kept my Corvette at home in the kitchen all day today, baking
    I hope the police don’t look in the oven.

    I hope the new owner makes a lot of dough to restore this dolly Madison gem that is half-baked.

    Its 20 grand.. borrow 75 grand to cover the expenses

    This will be nice complete with a new frame, nom engine, top, interior, gas tank, radiator, floors, wiring, tires and a 20 grand paint and body repair.

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    • John

      Will they at least throw in a box of Twinkies.

      • bowmade

        Oreo’s? Nacho Doritos?

  10. Steve Bush Member

    Greedy seller. Idiots bidding up trash to ridiculous levels. VIN swap?

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  11. gaspumpchas

    Yea I dont even see 20 k in parts, that crusty frame is not repairable IMHO.
    As ACZ says another rotten NY car. And I live here. I believe the seller is called “corvette specialties”, and even they threw it to the sharks. 20 Large and hasnt hit reserve? The reason I dislike rusty “patina” is- I have been fighting rust my whole life-why would I want to make a car look rusty? Lord have mercy. Know what you are buying. Good luck and stay safe.

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    • bowmade

      You saved a duplicate comment, “I don’t even see 20 k in parts.” Buyer is behind the 8 ball IMO.

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    • gaspumpchas

      Leave the ‘vette, take the canoli’s…..

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      • Jim ODonnell Staff


        Comment of the day!


  12. Jeff

    Most of the people that view this material have knowledge of the vehicles that are posted for sale or there of… A diamond in the rough or a GOOD find are becoming obviously hard to become of these days. If you fortunate enough to come across a practical candidate for a restoration you’ll know it. This is not! After restoring a couple C3’s, there are many for sale already finished on the internet and abroad. Numbers matching is the key for involvement in a worthy restoration unless there is another attraction. Still, you would be heading for a painful loss with this investment. If this continues, I will no longer have an interest in viewing this blog.

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  13. John Oliveri

    That’s a rough car, without a matching #s block, let alone a date correct replacement, it probably is a parts car/Vin tag now, I live in NY it’s not easy keeping a car here, especially if it was exposed to the elements

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  14. redvet63

    why are you clowns worried about the floors? they are fiberglass and do not rust

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  15. Shawn gherity

    Good luck but with a junk frame Id pass at half the current bid

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  16. John

    $2,000 maybe. What a piece!

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  17. Lowell Peterson

    There is always a fun to money ratio with a project. This one is gonna have to be A LOT OF FUN!

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  18. Marty from Wy.

    I just had to leave a comment. That thing not worth the price to pick it up.

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  19. Clipper

    A true VIN tag cream puff.

  20. Shawn gherity

    The only real value I see here is for one of the sftermarket frames that mounts all of the c6 components and mounts an older body. That said 20k is wsy too steep for what a person would use from this car. Thats probably its only shot at life again

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    • ACZ

      I was thinking the same thing, but that’s just the starting point. Pick up a catalog from one of the reproduction houses and start by ordering one of everything.

  21. BigDoc Richard Van Dyke Sr

    $2000 no more than that.

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  22. al

    The triple tail lights were a dealer installed option. Had them on my ’63 SW./

  23. Bob Member

    $20,000.00 bid and reserve not met?!?! Are you joking? This is a disaster. Perfect example of the insanity that has become all too pervasive in this hobby.

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  24. Sam Weisenburg

    Nothing but a parts car.

  25. John Oliveri

    Lotsa Jelly Doughnuts and Canolis in the deal

  26. dogwater

    The body is not a big deal, but the frame is the problem at that I think its over priced

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  27. Paul L Windish

    I’m in agreement of that pile of ’66 Vette is a parts car at best. Being kept in damp storage is worse than being kept outside year ’round. If the underside is that crusty, methinks the birdcage is in pretty bad shape as well. That would be a huge pass for me.

  28. LittleJoesGarage

    Another dreamer selling an overpriced loser! This is getting soooo out of hand anymore.Ive scrapped better cars then this.Scrap Metal? In NY? Metal? What Metal? Mix up a dozen doughnuts and head South! Without this Corvette! What a shame!!

  29. George Mattar

    I live about an hour from this sad news. Not worth even the gas to go look. Do your homework. Corvette floors up to and including 1975 cannot rust. In 1976, the idiots at GM put steel inserts in the foot well areas. They RUST. That frame is junk. How can anyone let this happen to a car? Even if it was a 425 hp car with every option, still not worth it. Merry Christmas.

  30. terry gossman

    jim if I was you I would keep it instead of selling it.

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