Bargain Buy? 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst Olds

This Oldsmobile Cutlass will need a bit of cosmetic work to bring it up to scratch, but overall, it looks like a nice, solid base for a project car. Barn Finder Jack M located this one for us, so thank you for that Jack. You will find the car listed for sale here on Craigslist. It is located in Decatur, Illinois, and is being offered for sale with a clean title. The owner has set a sale price of $5,500 for this Cutlass.

Overall, this Cutlass is quite straight, and there are no obvious signs of rust. The t-top looks quite good, as does the vinyl. There are a few marks on the paint, and there are some slightly weird looking spots in the paint on the hood. I’m not sure whether these would polish out, or whether the hood will require a repaint. The seller assures us that there is no rust in the trunk or the floors. All of the exterior trim looks to be present, and it seems to be in good condition as well.

The interior generally isn’t bad, but there is some detail work to be done if it really wants to shine. There is some noticeable seam separation on the driver’s seat. There also may be a hole in the cover on the passenger seat, it looks like the armrests on the doors have deteriorated, and the center is also missing out of the wheel. The dash pad looks to be intact, but there’s not a lot more that we can tell. The car features swivel seats, and the genuine factory digital tachometer is also present and works. I will say this to any potential sellers: Tidy the inside of your car before you post photos in an advertisement. It’s worth the effort.

Didn’t someone once say that there’s no substitute for cubic inches? This Olds packs 455 of them. This is the W30 engine, backed by a turbo 400 automatic transmission. The seller does say that the car runs and drives great and that he has recently fitted 5 new BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires. The car also appears to be fitted with power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning.

Looking at cars currently on the market reveals that even considering the imperfection discussed, this Cutlass might represent a really good buy. I’ve found a few nice ones with similar specifications, and prices on them start at around the $16,000 mark. I even found a project grade one that is partly assembled and needs a lot of work. Price on that one? $6,500. Put those numbers together and this 1975 Cutlass Hurst Olds is looking pretty good.

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  1. Jeff

    These are pretty handsome cars, considering the period. Lots of potential, here.
    That steering wheel looks like one from a 442– I thought the Hurst had the standard Cutlass wheel.

  2. Will Fox

    In fact, if this beauty lasts until Halloween, I’ll be REAL surprised! This is probably the most solid & complete Hurst/Olds BF has featured lately!! The price seems too good for the condition of this baby. And a W30 455? How can you go wrong?? Now I’m sorry I’m so broke. Figures; my ship comes in & I’m at the airport!!

  3. Rock On

    It’s encouraging to see the belt hooked up to the a/c compressor. Looks like a solid deal at this price.

  4. Todd

    The Ebay ad is eight days old. There must be something wrong here. Seems like it would be gone by now at such a great price. I’d love to have it to flip but knowing myself, I’d never get rid of it and end up keeping it.

  5. Maestro1

    If it’s a Midwestern car it needs to go up in the air so its bones can be inspected.
    Very close look at door closings, fit of seams and so on. The interior at least the driver’s seat will have to be done and obviously much else needs to be looked at.
    When you’re done, it’s fast, sexy and unique. Somebody go for it.

  6. Daved

    Those spots on the hood are probably cat prints. Black cat prints, no doubt 🎃

  7. JC

    A 455 putting out a whopping 190hp… my dream car…😂

  8. Nick

    Nicely optioned car, and I love those collonade bodies. Wish I could buy it.


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