Bargain Survivor: 1974 Plymouth Valiant

This 1974 Plymouth Valiant could rightly be described as a survivor because as you look over the photos, you will probably realize that finding a Valiant that is as original and immaculate as this one is a rare treat. It is being sold as part of the settlement of an estate and is located in Rock Springs, Wyoming. If you are considering buying a classic, then this is a car that you might find very tempting on economic grounds. You will find the Valiant listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is sitting at a mere $1,561, and with the reserve met, this Valiant could wind up being a pretty good buy.

The seller says that the Valiant has been garaged all of its life, and the Golden Fawn paint certainly looks to be close to flawless. The matching vinyl top is also immaculate, making it hard to fault the car. The addition of the protector on the front edge of the hood has protected that chip-prone area from damage and indicates that the deceased owner truly valued the car. There are no indications that the vehicle has any issues with rust, and there are no signs of even minor dents or dings. This looks like it is simply a very clean car.

The interior of the Valiant presents just as perfectly as the exterior. I fully expected the interior to be finished in Gold to match the exterior, but the choice of Parchment trim provides a nice but subtle contrast. The upholstered surfaces all look amazing, and there aren’t even any signs of stretching of the upholstery on the driver’s seat, which is a bit of a rarity. The large floor mats have done a great job of protecting the carpet, which looks new underneath them. This is not a luxurious interior, with an AM radio being the only optional extra. What it is though, is close to perfect.

Lifting the hood on the Valiant reveals a 318ci V8 engine, TorqueFlite transmission, power steering, and power brakes. That’s not a bad combination, and once again, what you get is a very impressive presentation for a car that is 45-years-old. The seller doesn’t indicate how well the car runs and drives, but the general overall condition of the car gives us some cause to be optimistic in this area. The seller does seem to be willing to answer any questions about the car, and there is one that I would definitely be asking. In the “Item Description” section of the listing, it indicates that the Valiant is showing 43,250 miles on the odometer. I would love to know whether these are original miles because, given the condition of the vehicle, that is something that I would be very inclined to believe is accurate.

I’m really hesitant to use the expression “time capsule,” because I think that it does get over-used. In the case of this 1974 Valiant, I am willing to make an exception. The condition of this car is amazing, and while it might not be the most glamorous of vehicles, its spotless presentation indicates that it would be a great and potentially affordable classic to just drive and enjoy. After all, isn’t that what owning a classic car is supposed to be all about?


  1. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking car. It’s nice to see an original survivor. I would’ve preferred the 3.7 litre slant six engine. But overall, it looks nice.

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    • Dave Phillips

      I would like a slant 6 too but the 318 was a nice motor too. I’m also liking that clear bug shield! I had a Mist Green 1968 Plymouth Satellite with a green bug shield. Now that was a great car.

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  2. Sandy Claws

    Truly amazing. These were once everywhere, now, all but extinct, at least here in the salty Midwest snow belt. If I had the room, this would be mine. I agree with the above, the slant six would have been fine, but I never will complain about a 318 either, almost the same reliability and MPG, plus they really go in a small car like this. Would like to know the story here, and how long it has been setting.

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  3. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    I would’ve bought either. You don’t see very many of these, particularly the 4 door sedan.

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  4. Loadstar

    *sigh* can you say “flipper”?

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    • Bongo

      At least a honest one. Its a no reserve auction.

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  5. Bob

    I’m on it! Hope to win the auction.
    Had a few of the “Dart” versions of these and they make wonderful daily drivers that you can take to the local cruise Ins and car shows. Well worth the cost of admission in my opinion

    • Chastity King

      Did you win? I have one almost identical actually saw mine on this site the other day. Hope u for it I drive mine everyday and get asked about her every time I stop literally anyplace. She’s my baby and love my 318 she will go

  6. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    I used to see these when I was a boy. From what my older brother has told me, his first car was a Plymouth Duster, a sporty version of the Valiant.

  7. Robbie M.

    All that car needs is an evil looking tanker truck chasing it around.

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    • markp

      Yes! I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

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  8. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    Like from the movie “Dual”.

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  9. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    “Duel” is one of my all-time-favorite movies. I just went to IMDB and read some of the reader reviews. One quote caught my eye: “This is one of the most terrifying films ever made, and it relies only on a car, an old truck, and the open road.”

    Back to the car…. I’m always pleased to see base model cars which have survived. This one is very nice. Seems like these Valiants, even in this color, were once everywhere. I spy– a period correct clear plastic bug/rock shield.

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  10. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    I agree. I love the Valiant that Dennis Weaver was driving throughout the movie. I think the car in the movie was a 1970-72 Valiant. Those were always my favourite years for the Valiant.

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  11. Terry

    My sister had one, it was red, she named it Prince.

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  12. TonesVette

    I know. Funny but I believe these types of vehicles are the ONLY ones where you value the inline six due to its smoothness and durability.

  13. Louis Q. Chen

    This article here brought tears to my eyes! It’s great see the exact same car, color, engine and the AM radio that my parents bought after deciding to ditch their VW 311 square back wagon. This car in our family since Mom & Dad bought it new in ’74. I helped keeping our “Fuddy Duddy” car running till ‘2015 due the vehicle fell apart due to rust :(. It was my parents’ fav car hands down-reliable, dependable, decent ride, decent MPG and power. Too bad this car is too far from us! I’d buy it if it was closer. “Thanks for the memories!”

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  14. Bob C.

    These cars were once ubiquitous and plentiful. Many were driven into the ground as expected. Nice to see a survivor still kicking and the v8 is a pleasant surprise.

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  15. Chris Londish Member

    Would love to own this all of the bells and whistles and totally bulletproof

  16. John

    Even though I’m a MOPAR nut, whose great uncle owned the local C-P dealership, I must say this is one of the worst cars I’ve ever owned. Produced at the nadir of Detroit quality, it ran poorly, leaked when it rained, and that fabric will start to fray substantially in another 10,000 miles.

    • Bob C.

      Hi John. Yes, these and the dusters were known to leak. The ones with the gasket set windshields leaked along the bottom because that area didn’t lip around the pinchweld, it just sat in a bed of urethane and over time it would dry up. Another problem area was through the windshield wiper housings.

      • Miguel

        I am still trying to figure out how my glove box gets filled up with water when it rains.

  17. mike

    to me, this is one of thise cars that is so ugly that it us beautiful! if that makes sense….

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    • Gay Car Nut Tacoma

      “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, to quote an adage. For me, it depends on the year of the car. I find the 1969 through 72 Plymouth Valiant (including the 1970-72 Duster) to be an attractive car to look at, but I’ve never found the 1973 and 74 Valiant (including the Duster) very attractive. I do like the 1975 and 76 Valiant. Very nice. I think it has to do with the grille on the front of the car. I like the grille of the 1970-72 Valiant grille, but the 73-74 Valiant grille not as attractive.

  18. Del

    To hell with the six banger.

    The 318 in these was way better.

    Plus they would really go.

    Put a 4 bbl on this and you could probably out run big blocks.

    I have had about 8 of these.

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  19. Dean

    First Ebay auction I’ve had the pleasure of keeping tabs on. In 10 minutes, it jumped from 2020.20 to over 3500..last bidder got in with 2 seconds to go, so they were really jonesin’ for it.

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    • Del

      Yeah. But most of these winning bidders are NoShow Jones

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  20. Del

    Or TBI on this 318. A performance one.

    Probably out run a Hemi

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  21. WH

    My first car was a 72 Plymouth Scamp with a 318. Over time I added dual exhaust and an 8 3/4 rear end and Cragar SS wheels. Eventually New England winters and a couple of fender benders retired it to Mopar heaven ☹️

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  22. Miguel

    I was wondering what the front end would look like if my car had been made in America.

    I have the Dodge front end with the Plymouth rear end on my 1974 Chrysler Dart.

  23. Car Nut Tacoma

    I’d buy one if I knew someone who had one and was looking to sell his. Again, I’d prefer a 3.7 slant six. :)

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