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Barn Finds Is Coming To The UK!

BF Union Jack

Well, not literally. Unless, of course, someone invites me to the Goodwood Revival later this year… Anyway, we have many loyal readers in the UK and have decided to run a few more finds just for them! We are going to run a few everyday as a trial. Until we know if this is all going to work, us Yanks will be in charge of all the writing. So, please be patient with us. We are bound to get the hood mixed up the bonnet once in awhile. Please spread the word and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Van

    This is great talk about stump the audience.
    So many English cars we don’t know. The mind boggles, sounds like a good place for a challenge, or find Waldo.

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  2. barry Thomas

    I like it – great idea. Back in ’05, I went to an “auto jumble” at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu. Just checking out the old Brit cars in the parking lot was fun. In the car corral there were a few old American cars from the ’60’s. Will be interesting to see what comes out of those old British barns (coach houses?).
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  3. Howard A Member

    While clearly, UK ( or any worldwide) Barn Finds are out of reach for most of us, shipping a car across the country is overwhelming enough, let alone halfway around the world ( might be easier in some cases), I just love the commentary and language used by the British, not to mention the unusual cars that surface. We may need an “English to British” encyclopedia, as some of their words and phrases, while more accurately describing something, may be totally “foreign” to us. I say, “Welcome aboard, mates”!

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  4. jim s

    yes i think this is great idea. it will help grow BF and the hobby. i too think it will be interesting to see what gets posted. this will be even more fun. thanks.

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  5. Fred

    I enjoy watching Wheeler Dealers, a fix ’em up and sell ’em show without all the manufactured drama. It’s hosted by two Brits who know their stuff and I often see cars I would never otherwise get to look at.

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  6. Birdman

    Good Show! I say, Ole Boy! Good Show!…..ok…I’ll stop…

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  7. Robert White

    Dear Yanks in charge of the writing,

    Trial is spelled ‘trial’, and trail is spelled ‘trail’.

    signed, CANUCK

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  8. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    How about doing that as a T-shirt, but with a TR6 in place of the 356, for us British car lovers! I’ll buy a bunch just for me!

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Great idea Jamie!

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      • jim s

        using a midget or sprite in place of the 356 would work also.

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    • Howard A Member

      BINGO!!! I’d buy one of those. Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of 356’s and that kind of turned me off, but a TR-6, now yer talkin’.

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  9. sheffield cortina centre

    wheeler dealers ???????? a good show????????????

    in the uk mike brewer is a ridiculed figure to real car enthusiasts hes a “mockney” fake cockney ( not even from London ,nevermind the eastend of it),his shows are a complete fraud, cars are swapped part way through if they are going to need to much work/money, they have them checked by independent organisations before buying,work is carried out by other shops, some are “bought” by fake buyers (film crew etc) at the end of the show posing as the public.
    his knowledge is about on a par with the average 10 year old.

    in other words about as truthful as the average politiction.

    unfortunately we don’t have a big enough car culture in the uk to support good quality tv shows.

    2 that do go some way towards it are “car sos” a similar format to “overhaulin” but with std restos & ” cars that rock” with brian johnson of AC/DC.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi SCC, don’t worry, the US shows are all scripted, so I wouldn’t call our shows quality either. My daughter is in show biz in L.A. and I got quite an education on Hollywood.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      @sheffield cortina centre – That seems a little harsh. I’m sure it would be difficult to buy a car from a private seller with the whole film crew tagging along. Anyway, you also mentioned that there isn’t a big enough car culture in the UK to support a good TV show. Have you ever heard of Top Gear? Or the multitude of other car shows that we stream over here? I’d say we are the ones lacking in that department.

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  10. Stephen Werner

    I like the BF logo on the Union Jack just the way it is. Would like to see one on the stars and stripes also. Would make great t-shirts
    I’ll take 2 of each XL.

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  11. Jack

    I think it is a great addition!

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  12. Jeffrey Duddles

    Blimey mate! Make it happen!

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    • Howard A Member

      Good heavens, man, I don’t know where to begin with what’s wrong with this vehicle. :)

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      • 4-Doors-for-My-Tuba

        I don’t know… I like dogs.

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    • jim s

      now that is different.

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  13. Mark

    Great idea, I have been following Barn Finds over here in the UK for a year or two, it’s the correct ‘rowt’ or should that be ‘root’ to take!
    Don’t worry about shipping to the States there are lots of companies who will help, I have restored two Mustangs (67 and 70) and shipped most of the parts from your side of the pond.

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  14. Mike Burnett

    As an English car restorer living in France it can be frustrating to see US cars, particularly pre-WW11 go for very modest prices in the States but not viable to import to Europe because of the cost of shipping, taxes, etc, so I look forward to seeing more UK input on Barn Finds. Because France is so much larger than the UK it can be difficult to come accross barn finds here but the UK is a rich source and it is straightforward to bring them to France, though registration can be challenging.

    Sadly, the market in the UK for American classics has been restricted for décades due to the consistently high price of petrol (gas) for large engined cars and the narrow country roads can be challenging. I would really like to buy a vintage car transporter but have yet to find one in the UK (or France), perhaps because they lead a hard life and businesses used to scrap them when a more efficient model came along. By the way, some UK readers might be offended at Barn Finds using a dirty Union flag as backdrop to a logo. Great website and constantly impressed by the knowledge of your readers.

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  15. Mr. Ed

    Can you supply us with a conversation table: British to US dollars.

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  16. Mike Burnett

    Check out http://www.moneycorp.com for the latest exchange rates, updated hourly. They can supply currency in any nationality and I have found them reliable.

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  17. Graham

    Sound like a great idea, I am a Brit who lived in the states for a few years, so I understand the difference between the two cultures,
    Any questions, drop me a line.

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  18. sheffield cortina centre

    jesse the crew consists of a cameraman & sound man, yes I’ve seen most of the tv shows & most are terrible (one of the worst for the vehicles they build(sic) feature Bernie & leepu) far as I know all have been scraped due to being found to be dangerous .
    howard A ,i ‘ve had dealings in & around tv/film supplying classic vehicles for use in various ventures since the late 90’s,
    so I know most is just make believe reality shows are the worst for this, but brewer believes his own hype & will swear black is white, likes to make out this stuff doesn’t happen on his shows & doesn’t like it when reminded he was exposed for this in national motoring/tv press.

    topgear has be seen as a bit of joke for quiet a few years now that just repeated the same stunts over & over.
    it was at one time a highly respected show, feared by motor industry in the uk for its no holds barred features on new vehicles & motoring matters.

    this is a great site & idon’t want to upset people, but the point i’m trying to make is the guy is a charicature & very poor representation of the british public & our way off life.

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    • monsieur le baton

      I do agree with some of the points you make, completely agree about top gear, has been poor for many a year, just rehashing old shows and xenophobic presenters, best thing that happened by stopping clarkson on the bbc.

      As for Mike Brewer – i think he’s pretty harmless – wheeler dealers has its failings as a car show – but on the whole its enjoyable to watch even if the concept is flawed in places – and his mechanic Ed China is very well respected – even writes for a few of the car magazines. I think their show brings a lot of vintage cars to the masses.

      I want to like car sos, but i find the episodes dull, again i think the mechanic Fuzz is great – but they dont gel as a partnership and it makes it dull to watch.

      The show i thought got closest to being interesting to watch and captivating was ‘For the love of cars – phillip glenister and a great mechanic too – would’ve liked more time shown spent working on the car though.

      Great news Jesse on hosting an english section of the site….. look forward to the upcoming posts :)

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  19. sheffield cortina centre

    yes ed is a decent bloke, as is fuzz he too has written for various mags alas his co presenter tim is a dipstick (ashamed to say hes from my home town never met him).
    “for the love of cars is good too.

    from recent behind the scenes leaks on the “revamped topgear” I don’t see a good future “fans” won’t like it as the “cheeky chappies” won’t be in it & so will say they don’t like it & the rest are going to say its same old same old just different faces.

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