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Barn Friends: ’73 Lincoln & ’55 DeSoto

This pair of sleeping beauties popped up on craigslist recently, where they’ve been shuttered in the barn for the last 4-6 years. Certainly, we’ve found plenty of cars that have been hidden away for decades upon decades, but it is interesting to see just how dusty these cars are after just a short stay in the barn. The pair includes a 1973 Lincoln Continental and a 1955 DeSoto Fireflite coupe, and you can find them here on craigslist listed at $8,500 for the pair. 

The two cars can also be bought individually. The DeSoto is available for $6,000 and looks to be in relatively complete condition. This trunk shot reveals a spare tire that still holds air and factory trunk carpeting still in place. I’d consider those vintage license plates a bonus if they’re included in the sale! The DeSoto is referred to as a “Super Sport” in the ad, but I have a feeling the seller – who is listing these cars for a friend – meant to say “Sportsman.”

The interior condition of the DeSoto looks a bit dirty but otherwise complete. These Fireflites could be equipped with a Firedome Hemi connected to a PowerFlite automatic transmission – a tasty combination in any form, but especially when wrapped in the wide, low stance of the Fireflite’s body. Based on the photos, this Fireflite looks like it was a regular driver for the current owner, which begs the classic question as to why it was put into the barn.

The Lincoln is certainly the less desirable of the two, and the seller notes the interior condition isn’t as good as the DeSoto’s. Still, even sitting in the barn it’s in better shape than some of the heaps on craigslist, so it could be worth saving. It’s not noted if this is a special edition model or other limited-production trim line, but maybe those seat patterns will clue some of our Lincoln fans in. The one picture of the exterior shows the headlight doors stuck open in the “up” position and deterioration of the wood trim on the glove box door.

Here’s another shot of the DeSoto, but it’s still not much to go on. The seller notes both cars are stored on a cement floor, which is better than mud, I suppose – but they still need to be rescued sooner than later. What do you think of the prices on these cars? DeSotos can command a fair price when restored, but the Lincoln may just be useful as a donor vehicle. I would personally try and rescue the DeSoto, if for no other reason that the interior looks great and it would hopefully not take a lot of work to return to the road. Which do you think is the car to buy?


  1. CCFisher

    That’s not a ’73 Lincoln. Judging from the red straps and buttons on the seats, it’s a ’78 or ’79 Mark V Cartier designer edition.

    • Z1rider


      I agree it’s not a 73. The rear bumper makes it 74 or later. I’ll take your word for it on what year range it is likely to be.

      • Fred

        77 or older. I had a 74 ,but I agree,its not a 73.The steering wheel is similar to the one in my 77 T-Bird.

    • Kevin Culver

      Definitely. The Mark IV from ’73 has horizontal taillights . This is definitely a Mark V. Fun fact: Mark VI only Mark series available with 4 doors unless you count the ’58-’60s .

  2. Larry K

    Love that DeSoto!!

  3. Keith

    Judging from the image of the dash, seats, and steering wheel that’s not a 73 Mark. It’s from the 77-79 model year, The Mark V

  4. Drew V

    Of the two, the Desoto is the picker… If the rest of the body is as good as what the pictures show then it shouldn’t take but a weekend or two to have the ole girl back in driver condition taking into acct fuel system, brakes, cooling and internal engine condition… A can of upholstery cleaner and a bit of judicious bristle brushing should remove those stains in the front seat. I think once cleaned I would install a set of period textured clear plastic seat covers to preserve the original seats as long as possible…

  5. Ben T. Spanner

    I grew up in Northern Ohio and my Father had a 1955 Desoto Firedome 2 dr Hardtop. Its hard to believe no rust in Northern Ohio. Take a magnet.

  6. Ralph Terhune

    This model Lincoln is a 1977-’79 Mark V.

  7. John Dobson

    Fireflite refers to the hemi engine, a Firedome is a 2 bbl and a Fireflite (very few and far between) is a 4bbl, and higher HP rating. Powerflite transmission has nothing to do with the name Fireflite, all 55 DeSoto had Powerflite trans

  8. Woodie Man

    Call Harvey Keitel he might want to drive the Lincoln………..I’ll take the DeSoto…….

  9. Bruce Fischer

    A lot of 1950 Chryslers showing up on here lately.I am still working on mine.Bruce.

  10. Bryan

    As stated, the Lincoln is indeed a 78 or 79 Cartier Mark V. The Cartier was one of four signature models offered; the 78 & 79 models featured the same Champagne color and trim. I have a 79 that is virtually like a new car!

  11. David Miraglia

    I’d take both of them if I could. I always wanted a Mark V Lincoln. The ultimate 70’s land barge.

  12. Melvin Burwell

    How much for the Lincoln?

  13. guy

    It states Melvin 8500 for both but if you wanted just one the 55 is 6000 that leaves the Lincoln to be 2500???

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