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Barn Full Of Goats: 1964 Pontiac GTO


This sight should get any car hunter’s blood going. A real barn with real muscle cars inside – 3 Pontiac GTOs to be exact! Apparently a GM engineer started collecting cars right around the time the fuel crisis hit. That meant he was probably able to pick up fuel-inefficient cars like these for a song. Supposedly he stashed them in buildings all over the area. The current owner stumbled across these while out car hunting and presumably purchase them all. They have only listed the 1964 Tri-Power for sale here on eBay though. The car is located in Kansas City, Missouri and bidding is healthy with six days to go.


GTOs are sought after by many Pontiac enthusiasts today, so the idea of finding a barn full of goats is an exciting one. This barn contained 3 examples (1964, 1966, and 1968) and after sitting in the Missouri backwoods for 40 years, they are all in need of some serious help. No mention is made of the other cars so they might still be sitting out there or perhaps the seller has other plans for them. We will keep an eye on his account to see if they show up, but for now we will have to focus on the ’64.


This car doesn’t have an engine or transmission and although the seller claims that it has a “straight and rust free body”, I can see evidence of a few botched repair jobs. New sheet metal has been welded in here and there and bondo has been applied liberally over that. That doesn’t necessarily mean that this car isn’t worth saving. All the parts needed to bring this old goat back to life are easily available and relativity cheap. The restoration won’t be cheap or easy though, but it might be worth it in the end.


Much of a muscle car’s value is dependent on that all important options list. Engine and transmission selection can make or break a car like this and lucky for the seller, it was well endowed. The first GTOs were Pontiac Tempests outfitted with a GTO package. The package included a 389 V8, 3-speed manual, heavy duty suspension and a few other visual enhancements. This car was also optioned with the Tri-Power setup (three 2-barrel carbs) and a 4-speed transmission. Add in the black over blue color scheme and you had quite the street racer! Will it be worth the time and effort needed though?


  1. jim s

    seller has 4 other interesting vehicles for sale on ebay. this needs everything but still has a lot of bids/interest. it will be interesting to see where the reserve is. nice find

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  2. Don Barzini

    Too bad the 1966 GTO is not among the cars he’s selling on eBay. I like almost every year GTO but the 1966 was my favorite.

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  3. Carl B.

    Always kind of wanted a 64 GTO – two door Post Sedan – the lightest body. If I were young enough I’d try to grab this one – pictures show a pretty solid car..

    A friend of mine had one new in 64 – best handling and fastest GTO I’d ever driven. Great all-round car. Light, fast, fun to drive..

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  4. Alberto

    What’s with the 50 shades of gray paint work? Is that original too??

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  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    The ’65-’67 models are my favorite Goats. Mind you I wouldn’t turn any of them down should the opportunity present itself. The ’64 is definitely where it all started…

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  6. GasTiresOil

    I remember my 64 hardtop ,Aquamarine paint,same color interior,redlines,389 4bbl, a 2 speed automatic,4 non-power drum brakes, NO a/c,living in Phoenix. I’d give anything to drive that car again. I won’t embarrass myself by telling anyone what I sold it for. Long live the “tin Indian”!

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  7. Gary

    Back in 1970 just home from Nam and out of the green machine, purchased one of the best cars I ever owned, a beautiful ’64 Pontiac LeMans two door post car with a built 326 V8 and console with 4 spd. Man what a ride, consistent low 13’s in the quarter she would run. Sold my little ’64 about a year later to get married and start a family.
    If only we could go back, just for a day….

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    • Dolphin Member

      Back in the ’60s when GTOs were close to new I used to watch them make passes in the 13s at the Sandford, Maine dragstrip. I don’t remember his name, but the best driver had a ’64 LeMans with a 4-speed. He could speed shift with perfect timing and I never saw him blow up a transmission. I wanted to get one ride with him just to see how he did it but I never did.

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  8. dave

    they all look like crap, not even taking care of

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  9. GasTiresOil

    Let’s have a look at the first muscle car. Awesome design for it’s time,broke GM rules about displacement vs vehicle size. Pontiac sold way more than the bean counter’s and corporate executive’s thought they could in 1964. A rebellious John DeLorean running Pontiac. The car came with drum brakes,a two speed automatic trans,etc. I’ll take mine with a Bobcat 421 tri-power,Muncie 4speed,posi rearend. Black with red interior,black convertible top,loaded with option’s. I believe I just saw a 64 going up for auction at quarter million guesstimate. Thank’s John. R.I.P

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  10. Redavanti

    I don’t see it being that special without the original drive train

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    • Carl B.

      Easy enough to replace

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    • dj

      I agree completely. A 64 correct tripower engine with right codes will be hard to find. I had a 64 tripower auto with air, power steering, power brakes, remote mirror. Sold it in 1990 for $15k. And how much bondo do you think is in each quarter panel of this one? LOL

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  11. FRED

    if my health would let me i would be a bidder on this dream car. i have wanted one since day one set up just like this one. good luck guys..

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  12. Mark in Medford

    I wonder about that red coupe, looks like a 69. It has a chrome bumper with the GTO emblem in the grill. A few were made without the endura plastic bumper and I wonder if this is one of those.

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  13. cory

    my guess would be he put one up for sale to get his costs covered and has plans for one or two of the others. cool find, I guarantee it will be back on the road. I would love to have it but American muscle is far beyond my means.

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  14. Woodie Man

    People are losing their minds. This ’64 is roach. I don’t care what it came with because it doesnt have it now. Its just a rusted out roller. Come on people……get real

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    • Carl B

      The Goat is 51 years old. Yes, a little rust that any good metal man could take care of. Documents with the car, very important documents at that. Fully Restored it won’t be a Clone, nor a “Tribute” – it is the “REAL” thing. That really means a lot to many enthusiasts and Collectors.

      Right now many of the highest prices are being paid for “Restro-Mod’s” anyway. So upgrade the suspension and brakes then stuff a SD 445 under the hood.

      The fact is that $10.000.00 today doesn’t buy much. It’s about equal to $5.3K in 1990, or $3.5K in 1980. Anyone with the cash to restore this car today – won’t think much of the initial price being $8K or $16K. They will putting another $40K to $60K into it.

      What is important to the buyers is that they got the Real Thing.

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  15. redavanti

    Woodie Man is so right.

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    • GTO

      This is the bottom side of that rusted GTO after a visit to the sandblaster. Every original piece of GM sheet metal will be used.

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      • Kevin the buyer

        Car is near completion

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  16. Woodie Man

    I stand corrected! If its not being too nosy what do you think the final investment will be to bring it back.

    Good job btw!

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