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Beamed! 1967 BMW 2000 CS


After a barn beam dropped on this rare BMW coupe while in storage, the seller has decided to pass it on to someone else. Located in Fort Pierce, Florida and up for auction here on eBay, this predecessor of the famed E9 2800CS has an opening bid of $200 but comes with a reserve. The listing reveals the seller’s original desire to purchase unusual BMW’s and eventually open a small museum, but he is giving up on that dream and passing some cars on.


I’m sure you are interested in what damage the beam did to the roof. It’s not horrible, but at the same time it will be difficult to work the metal to return the roof to its original contour. The metal will be stretched and will require careful manipulation.


To me, though, the major problem with this car is rust! This model is known for rusting (the seller describes the body builder, Karmann, as the German who invented rust!) and this one is no exception. So my question to you is do you see this BMW as restorable, or as a parts donor for another car? Let us know in the comments!


  1. RayT Member

    This one had me excited, at least until I went to the ebay page and looked more closely. The rust appears to have spread extensively on sills and front and rear lids. If it’s there, it is almost certainly in those places one can only see when the car’s on a lift. Also look carefully at the front strut towers — looks like big-time rot there. That could get costly in a BIG hurry.

    A shame, as these are much underrated as fun-to-drive cars. A few years ago, I had a chance to drive an unrestored CA “garage find” car for an extended period that included a nice mountain road. The engine was peppier than expected, and the chassis was superb.

    If not for the rot, it would make an excellent restoration candidate. The roof wouldn’t be that bad, and probably wouldn’t cost much more than installing correct upholstery. BMWs of this period make wonderful drivers, and seem to be worth some serious money, too. Most of all, I just love the looks!

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  2. Dolphin Member

    I’m with RayT and those 6 or 7 other people who really like these, altho I understand they are an acquired, or maybe a never-acquired taste.

    I see these as an exploration in something upscale and ‘modern’ by BMW back when the company was trying to get its footing after a real bad patch where they had the wrong, old fashioned cars and almost got bought by M-B. They had the successful 2002 and now they wanted something better. They wouldn’t really have a winner coupe on their hands until the 6-cylinder CS models, but the 2000 CS was a start.

    I like the unusual body, and the high-tech 4-cylinder engine with a carb throat for each cylinder. You sure wouldn’t see yourself coming down the road every 5 minutes in this.

    The downside is that these were low production, expensive cars and finding parts other than what’s available through BMW Tradition is tough. And the Karmann bodies rust, just like the 2800 and 3.0 CS models that came after. This car needs someone who can put a lot of work and $$ into it but so far no bids. I hope the seller markets it properly to BMW people through the club mag, ‘Roundel’ before giving up.

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  3. Dave Wright

    There are few BMW’s that I covet but these are all the list. I had a marvelous 3.0 CS when I lived in Germany. These small early CS cars were not the quality of the 2800 or 3.0 cars. They were an inexpensive coupe version of the 1600 or 2002 cars. All of them I have seen had cheep cloth interiors that did not wear well and rust was always an issue. An interesting car for sure but not a 3.0 CS.

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    • Nick

      Not really true – they’re identical to the e9 coupe from the A pillar back, as is the neue klasse, which obviously came first. Rust is the same for both (i.e., bad!), but yes the cloth seats don’t stand up well over the years, but then neither did the cloth in the e9. For me they have more style than the e9 – love the front end the more the years go by.

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  4. Horse Radish

    I have a couple of these, that I brought over from Germany myself and drove for a while.
    To me these were always more beautiful than the later 2800 cs or 3.0CS/i.
    The problem :untreated metal and the consequence was rust, rust, rust.
    A few were official US models before BMW got popular with the 1600 and 2002 models and on, but most are European ‘survivors’ that were sent here after failed technical inspections to live out their twilight years and that is where they are: retired and worn out.
    (Mind you that was 20 or so years ago, sitting in odd places ever since)
    This is a French car and if the rust is in the hood, wheel wells and trunk lid the rest of the car (body) is shot.
    NEVER , EVER BUY one of these on E-bay unless you’ve seen it in person !

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  5. Rich

    I know there’s rot, and you can be sure once you pull the carpet there will be alot more, but damn I love these cars and hope someone saves it.

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  6. DT

    I always liked these,By far the coolest BMW.I always wanted one of these, but never had one

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