Beautiful Survivor: 1958 Corvette

This Corvette might not be as interesting as the ’55 from earlier today, but this bright red survivor is said to be all original and a driver! Oh and unlike the other one, this one is for sale. The seller is asking $59k, which is a lot of money, but if this really is a survivor that is rust free and ready to roll, it could be a good buy! I’m struggling to believe it is all original though, that paint sure looks good to me, but if it really does only have 66k miles it’s possible. I would want to see some documentation to prove the mileage or at least inspect it in person for any signs of previous restoration work. Whether it’s original or not, it sure it pretty! You can find it here on eBay in Valley Park, Missouri. So do you think it’s really all original?


  1. bob

    All original ’58 327…..really ?

    • RayT Member

      “Hasn’t even been detailed yet” says the ad! Must have been one heckuva super-special barn this thing roosted in….

      Has an “era-correct engine,” too!

      Nice-looking car, but perhaps not quite what the seller alleges. And WAY too much money, at least for me.

  2. Mark

    IF the information can be proven, the price isn’t bad. However as mentioned earlier some good documentation to prove the mileage is correct would have to be provided. Also a quick check of numbers to make sure everything matched the original order for this vehicle would certainly be in order.

    By looking at the pictures it’s obvious that the oil pan and intake manifold have definitely been repainted it sometime. The wear on the seats and other interior parts look appropriate for the mileage stated. Overall it just looks too clean to be all original.

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    Once again a Corvette that is beyond my budget. I would love to have an older Vette but the only way I could see that happening is to get some kind of windfall. The way my luck goes the only windfall I’ll ever see is the wind breaking a tree off and fall through my roof…

  4. Dan

    327’s didn’t come out til 1962….just sayin’…

    • Dave Wright

      I think Bob already said that………..

      • Dan


      • Rocco Member

        Plus the aluminum Power Glide.

  5. TheRealOrange

    It can’t be an original with a 327; not even “era-correct.” No way it’s a survivor. The 327 wasn’t available until 1962. I’d have doubts about the rest of the description based on that alone.

  6. joeinthousandoaks

    Too much for a NOM automatic car.

  7. Ohio Rick

    Perhaps the 327 came out of the same donor car as did the “stereo” audio system.

  8. Adam T45 Staff

    I’ve just looked at the ad and my alarm bells are ringing loud and clear. Looking at the photos of the undercarriage I find it hard to believe that an original car, even with mileage this low, would not have so much as a stone-chip on the underside. For a car that hasn’t been detailed you could eat off the underside as not only are there no chips, but there’s not even any dirt! To me it screams “restoration”.

  9. gbvette62

    That car is hardly a survivor, but I didn’t see where the seller was claiming it was? It is listed as a “barn find”‘ but then every car that’s been stored more than 3 months, is advertised as a barn find these days.

    I doubt that that’s the original paint. The seller’s calling it Roman Red, which was not available in 58. 58’s red was called Signet Red, and is a much more orange color than Roman Red. Colors often look different in photos, but the paint on that car, doesn’t look like Signet Red to me.

    The interior appears to be black, and that’s what he seller is calling it. 58 Corvettes where not available with a black interior until late in the year. That car is a very early 58 (VIN 189), and would have had a charcoal interior. Like the exterior, it could just be the photos, but since the seller’s calling it black, I have to assume that it is. In 58, the trunk would have matched the interior, so either the car’s trunk or interior color, has been changed.

    It’s obvious that the frame, suspension, etc., have been repainted too. The seats have also been recovered, and the dash pad’s been replaced (the seats are the wrong pattern, and the fit of the pad to the speaker grill is wrong). I’m pretty sure the generator should be on the right, and there are a number of other little details that are wrong on the car. It may not have been “detailed” yet, but much of it has been redone at some point.

    • Bob

      gbvette62, you are correct about the trunk and interior are supposed to match. I also notice that the radio antennae is not original. The rear axle fabric locating straps are also missing.

  10. Ed Faille

    What are the numbers on the face of the tach? 340480?

  11. Patrol2620

    Hey if the seller saying he has a “correct ” block machined and ready for it . The engine in the car is not the correct one.
    For me that tells enough. I wonder how he got 100% feedback!!!

  12. DRV

    Gbvette62…you are right on all except for the charcoal. It looks like a charcoal interior to me and yes it was redone with bad wrong seat covers. The one year only correct material was poorly used on the upper door panels and is only made in charcoal, as is the dash pad cover.
    Early ’58 had a few leftover ’57 things going on under the hood like the passenger side hood support and generator on the drivers side. Besides the wrong block, details like the wrong headers go along way in expense.
    Nit pick on the non silver wheels, wrong wheel covers, and should be black stainless in the cove.
    It looks like a very good driver, but is still many thousands from a correct show car. I had a charcoal over signet red for 30 years and miss it even though I am not a big Corvette fan…and almost nothing about this car is in original condition.

  13. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I am inviting all of you when I go to purchase my next Corvette. Great job!

  14. KeithK

    Irresponsible advertising and excessive pricing aside , I would still give my left (insert human body part here ) to have this. Anybody need a good used ( insert heavily used but well maintained organ here. ) every thing worked when last parked.

  15. Jack Couch

    I love the way these cars look, but had a 1960 model for 9 years and they drive horrible, they over steer bad, and forget turning around in a tight spot as the large steering wheel is there for the needed leverage. Drum brakes were horrible for use as a daily driver.

  16. JIm C

    Early 58 Corvette tachs are rev counter tachs. The digits are the total revolutions of the engine. Later 58s did not have rev count tachs.

  17. ben

    image that anouther one trying to cash in on our incompance wrong trunk mat wrong color show paint code 327 really pantied frame wrong seat pattern but theres a ass for every seat just not this one was black

  18. cyclemikey

    Here we go again. Everyone is roasting the seller for false advertising for saying that the car is “all-original”. HE NEVER SAID THAT. It was Josh who said that (for some odd reason), NOT the seller.

    The seller said only that the 327 engine was “era-correct”, and he detailed a list of other non-original parts, including an available correct ’58 283 block if the buyer is interested. I don’t see ANY misrepresentation in the Ebay ad – quite the contrary, it’s clearer and better written than most of the comments here. But that never seems to stop you all from setting up a straw man and then crying “fraud!”. Some of you need to get off your high horses and learn to freakin’ read.

    • DRV

      True that…the “barn find” and 66k original miles threw me off, but they did list correctly otherwise.

  19. GoodoleMike

    IF I had the $59,945, I wouldn’t buy another ho-hum Corvette. There’s way too many other projects out there.

  20. Rustytech Member

    Not exactly a survivor, not exactly original, not exactly perfect, and not exactly cheap, but it is sharp.

  21. Mike H. Mike H

    I’ve always been a fan of the 1958 only louvered hood.

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