To Bee Or Not To Bee: 1969 Super Bee Yard Find

If this Montana Yard Find was a station wagon, and had a couple more windows, it might make a decent dog house. With its Canine Coupe value dashed, this 1969 Dodge Super Bee finds itself here on eBay.  Though not amazingly well equipped, this “Bee’s” desirable options may fuel dreams of an ambitious restoration.

Thanks to Shane F who spotted this back yard buy. The front end looks more like a “Super V” after being customized by a tree, embankment, Peterbilt, or other stubbornly immobile object. No brake booster indicates manual brakes, although steering is powered. My 1966 Dodge Coronet with manual brakes stopped safely and with far greater communication than you might expect from a car the size of this B-body Mopar. Incidentally the “B” body designation inspired the high-performance “Super Bee” moniker on this Coronet-based muscle car.

The seller passes the IQ test by including a well-focused picture of the body tag. decodes this car as a 383 cid with 727 automatic transmission and N96 Fresh Air Hood (aka “Ramcharger” with twin scoops), all of which have been sacrificed so that other projects may live. The rear would have originally sported V8X  Transverse Stripes in black, presumably with the cool Super Bee logo. While the pictures show bucket seats the H2W code indicates a white bench seat interior, which might explain the column shifter.

The seller provides no picture of the left side but confesses that someone has “cut” the left quarter panel. Apparently duct tape holds what’s left (or some other random object) to the trunk. Joking aside, the seller includes a detailed run-down of what’s rusted and not. As prices of restored muscle cars climb, builders with more time than money look more closely at finds like this Billings beauty. One of four bidders is in for $2650. Does this Bee need restored or Raid? What’s the right number to convince you to buy this sadly beaten B-body?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Hmm, still got snow in Montana, I see. I had a “B”eater Dodge Coronet very similar to this, same color, 6, and an automatic. Another $100 car in the late 70’s. Drove it until it quit and threw it away ( and got something else for $100 bucks)

  2. jimbunte jimbunte Member

    God, these wrecked/neglected Mopars are tough on the eyes and soul.

  3. Vin in NJ

    Shame that a front end hit left this car parked and picked for parts. Although I’ll guess that ramcharger hood didn’t fare too well in the crash

  4. LAB3

    My local price source has this car pegged at $0.065 a pound.

  5. Jon Hendrickson

    At .065 a pound would be about $65.00 That seams a bit high to me. I’ll have to pass

  6. Rabbit

    Looks like the driveline was removed using the old “Cut everything & yank” method.

  7. CCFisher

    I was under the impression that the Super Bee was named for the upgraded RB-series big-block engines they used.

    • jw454

      This platform was Chrysler’s “B” platform therefore, I think “Super Bee” is a form of “B” as in Super B body. I don’t think what drive train was selected plays a part in it.
      Maybe we’ll get an expert to clarify it for us.

  8. Pete

    This car was driven hard and put away very wet. Kinda reminds me of the junkyard cars I would see in that era. This poor car has lead a rough life. Maybe someone will save her???

  9. TonyF

    There is no 1/4 panel there . If you look close at left side where tail lite was you can see the ground. Looks like foam pipe insulation taped to 1/4. Even the inner wheel well is missing.

  10. r.hernandez

    Let’s see.buying a wrecked car.minus engine and transmission.
    Doesn’t sound good at all!!!

    • Troy

      This car is 100% worth it !

      You should have seen my $8900 69 Charger RT,rusted,dented no interior,no trunk floor,no door,no fender engine gone had the transmission,diff had no gears in it..

      it was appraised at $72,650 after I put 10,000 miles on it..Some normal rock chips from normal driving etc..

      I sold a 69 Super Bee 383 for $46,000 and it wasn’t fully restored either ,last fall..

      If this was closer I would make an offer..

      Sure,if you cant do the work yourself,you better buy a restored car..Or lease a new car lol ..

  11. Steve R

    He has it listed on Craigslist for $7,500.

    He’s dreaming.

    Steve R

    • Troy

      Not really,ballpark of what they go for in this condition…

      Super Bee needing resto…

      I would offer $5500 pay up to $6500 for it..

      • Burzel

        In that condition with no engine or trans, matching or otherwise???

  12. sir mike

    Wow….snow in early August.

  13. Hans

    Makes me think of a B-body based former ambulance i spotted at a street crossing some 30 years ago here in Sweden. There was a few of them built locally by a small company in the south of our land with a high roof fibreglass canopy in the back. An item usually mounted on long wheelbase Volvo 145´s but the weird thing was that it was obviously not based on station wagon but a 4-door sedan, or maybe a 2-door (hard to tell when moving but i took a couple of blurry snaphots). Totally out there by swedish standards even though the B-bodies was among the few big american cars to be avaible through the swedish ANA dealer network (a subsidiary of the Saab company). I can´t remember B-body SW´s avaible at all here, so they propably just made good with what could be had, although turning IH Travellalls and Chevy Suburbans into ambulances was usual. The Belvedere or Satellite ambulance had 1st gen Mustang rear lights on it, propably put there by the coachbuilders to keep clear of the new wide and high rear lid that had forced the tailgate to be cut out. Saw another one in a car mag decked out as a custom cruiser wagon, can´t help imagening that clunker ambulance restored in the fashion of a Superbird with the nose, tail wing and a Hemi under the hood…:-D

  14. KevinR

    I have a soft spot in my heart for Coronet hardtop coupes. Dad had a ’69 Coronet in this color. His was a 6 cylinder, automatic with two tone blue bench interior. I had hopes he would keep it around for us kids to drive, but it was not to be.

    As much as I want to, I just don’t see a viable project here. Maybe with an unlimited budget and unlimited time, but how many people can that be?

  15. Jason

    Always loved the Super Bee, but this one is worthless.

    • Troy

      Nope,not worthless…

      Did you ever stop to think how many old cars that are pristine today looked like this ,or worse ?

      My 69 Charger was a rusted out shell,I paid $8900 for,it is now pristine ! Appraised at $72,650 ! I have $22,000 in it plus the $8,900..And you cant get a 69 Charger RT for $30,000 in the condition of mine..

      This car is perfect for a restorer who wants to build it right,its impossible to find a true low mileage non restored car today…

      • Hans

        It ought to be good enough for a race car build if nothing else. Or… check out the Roadkill project car “General Mayhem” on YouTube. Anything´s possible if you got the mindset for it and the price is right.

  16. Dean

    I fondly remember those size 15 footfeeds

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Dean, and the little “foot” for the dimmer switch.

  17. glen

    Makes you wonder why he’s using old photos, and how old are the photos? Is it even this good now?

  18. Retired Stig

    I’ve been looking for a ’69 Super Bee for about a year. You’ll all be shocked to know that after viewing this head shaker, I’m still looking.

  19. GP Member

    I had a 69 Bee back in my days for 9 years. Mine was 383 mag., 4- speed and it had the bench seat. Blue out and black inside, Great car.

  20. Tom Member

    Call Graveyard Cars……this one is right up their alley!

    Wait! Look! It only has 33000 original miles!!! (sorry, couldn’t help myself !!!)

  21. Troy

    Great car !

    Looks in better shape than my 69 Charger was before I restored it ..

    I would make an offer if I was closer..

  22. Dt 1

    If you buy it you better call Ritchie rawlins for this one

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