Better Bid Fast! 1968 Bronco

This original Bronco is pretty sweet, although by no means perfect, and it hasn’t been hacked about like so many cars. It’s available here on eBay, and the auction ends quickly so get in there now! Currently it’s at $16,600. The versatile Ford 4-wheeler is located in Battle Ground, Washington.

Normally, I’d post a second exterior picture here, but if you are a first generation Bronco fan, apart from seeing the uncut wheel wells in the opening picture, this one will mean the most. Now if you look closely, this is not the original floor; but it has been professionally installed and looks the part. The seller states that there were “a few pinholes” and this was their solution. They both describe the Bronco as having “some surface rust” and “as rust free as possible,” so some close looking at the pictures is in order.

Personally, I don’t see anything that scares me, although I’ll let you judge that for yourself. I admit to preferring a manual over the automatic in this one, but I think I prefer the almost absence of rust even more! This is certainly a useful load carrying area for what is really a “working classic.” The seller is the third family to own the vehicle, and it was with a single family in Idaho from birth until 2015 (Jesse & Josh, how did you guys let this one get out of Idaho!)

Those are the original floor mats in what is a nice, if not perfect interior. Again, great for a classic that you can use as well.

The original 302 289 (thanks, Ray!) has obviously had a little dress up work done, but it’s also had a new water pump, fuel pump, heater core, hoses and duel exhaust installed as well. To me, this looks like a perfect example of a working classic that can get some practical use as you gradually improve the cosmetics–or not! What do you think?


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  1. RayT Member

    Just to pick nits, Jamie, I’m pretty sure a ’68 Bronco (or any Ford with a small V8) would have had a 289, not a 302….

    Aside from that, this looks like a nice piece, though the rust showing on some body seams would bother me. The automatic? Not my cup of tea, though some off-roaders actually prefer them.

    Always liked the first-gen Broncos. Wish I had bought one when they were selling for much less than the original purchase price!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      You’re correct, Ray — fixed it! Thanks!

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Ray, this is a 3 speed on the column. That automatic looking shifter is for the 4 wheel drive ( Hi-Lo-N) A buddy had one just like this and it rode like a Bronco.

      • RayT Member

        Thank you, Howard! Much more to my liking (though a four-speed would be nicer…)!

        Now, if someone could do something about the price…. Not that it’s necessarily out of line, but it doesn’t work for my finances!

      • Woodie Man

        Howard A: I thought I was in an alternative universe for a minute there! Glad you piped up :0

    • Jim

      1968 was the first appearance of the 302 both engines could be had that year. My father purchased a Toronto GT new in 68 with the new 302.

      • TBall

        Jim – You are absolutely correct, Ford used (basically) whatever was on the shelf that day back then. I had a ’67 Cougar XR7 with a stock 289 (the block was anyway), the heads however were stamped 302. I have a ’68 Mustang Fastback, delivered with a 302. Owner states 289 in this vehicle, could have been any combination of either. Liking this Bronco however, would be all over it if I was able to.

  2. Rock On Member

    Hi Jamie, since you are taking corrections for the post …..
    Unless the two pipes are fighting each other, I believe that the correct term is “dual” exhaust!

  3. JamestownMike

    Someone did a poor “rattle can” paint job on the valve covers and air cleaner (you can still see some course sand paper marks in the black paint). Besides the high price ($16,600 at the moment), the biggest thing that bothers me is the 1 inch of bondo in the driver front corner (between the fender and head light panel)!


    I really don’t know about this one. I believe I would have to look at it in person. The vehicle would have to come apart to paint it correctly considering the rust inside of the panels. I saw one go off at the Mecum auction last night for $62000.00, that’s not a misprint. For $62000.00 I would look at something different.

  5. JW

    Too original for my taste in early Broncos but that is just me, Mr. Modifier. The price is a lot less than some I’ve looked at and they were heavily modified for off road use, one was 30K so maybe I’ll wait for the new one in 2020.

  6. JCW Jr.

    It does have 3 pedals so no automatic. The next to last pic looks like was taken with fender off truck.

  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ok, I need some help here gang. This is a pretty nice rig, but what makes it worth over 16K? Nostalgia? A Shelby 289 in it? I really like it. But at about 3, maybe 4K. Help me out here, please!

    • RayT Member

      Not a Bronco expert, leinie, but I would say the poor survival rate for un-butchered early Broncos has a lot to do with it. When resale values were low, plenty of them got non-stock “off-road” suspensions, giant wheels/tires (which necessitated enlarging the fender openings, interior trim took a beating, engines were swapped (particularly on the six-cylinder Broncs) and they were generally mistreated. They rusted, too….

      So a Bronco that seems relatively original, and is in decent shape, commands the Big Bucks because you’re just not going to find a bunch of them.

    • JW

      Because of guys like me who actually use them as they were intended for on and off highway use. Here is mine in 1990 when I bought it in Florida from a friend for $3500 and then like a idiot sold it for $5500 in 1995. K Bar S rust free body, rebuilt 351W, trans and transfer case, axles, dual gas tanks, Ford electronic ignition, edelbrock performer intake and carb, headers with dual flowmasters, full canvas top plus mini top. It ran / handled / looked great. Some people just prefer original and will pay dearly for it, just not me.

      • JamestownMike

        FORD should of opened up the rear wheelhouses when they were NEW, they look SO much better that way! Especially with the flared out wheel opening trims like JW’s pictured above…….NICE! Original or not, I think the rear quarters look really odd stock/uncut.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi leiniedude, perhaps I can field this one. These seem to be in the same class as the Toyota Landcruiser. Seems there are growing numbers of folks that, for whatever reason, weren’t around when, like Ray sez, these were $500 trucks, TOPS, and want these now, quite possibly, for their simplicity. Years ago, you’d hang a plow on it, and park it ’round back as it deteriorated. ( some are still used as such) Nobody really thought of driving one every day. Trouble is, people buy these things for big bucks, because they are scarce, thinking, how bad could it be? and find out, and I don’t want to ruffle anybody’s feathers, but are not the best to drive. I think the nostalgia wears off pretty quick as they bounce down the road and miserable gas mileage. If I remember, these had like a 10 gallon gas tank (?) I don’t get it either, and sadly, the Pack did not GO, man they were awful :(

      • JW

        Hi Howard yes in stock form they were miserable on and off road but the one I pictured was heavily modified for street and off road use by my friend. He started by replacing the springs with heavier duty half ton truck springs I believe then dropped in the 351W which was modified for more power then he upgraded the axles for more grunt, the trans while a auto had been beefed up with a shift kit and higher stall convertor, it road like a 1 ton pickup on the highway but you could take a curved on ramp to the interstate without the fear of rolling over and it would beat a lot of cars stoplight to stoplight and in low range on the transfer case it could climb about anything. It had a 12 gallon main tank and a 10 gallon auxiliary tank. My wife who is 5’2″ tall loved ours even with the stiff ride but growing up with brothers with musclecars and 4×4’s she was used to that. Have a good one.

      • tasker

        I drive mine about 10k a year….with just a Bikini top in the North East….would not trade it for anything either. If you drove one for a while…’d get it, Bronco people are the nicest owner group anywhere

      • Howard A Member

        Hi tasker, you’re truck looks great. As we age, we tend to graduate to cushier riding vehicles. And you’re last sentence, isn’t that a “Jeep thing” quote? :)

  8. chad

    Yes, the 289 was replaced in ’69 w/the car’s detuned (not shelby) 302. The transfer handle and ‘boot’ R shared frm the same parts bin as ‘stang & other’s auto. And it has 5 places not 3… (A bronk is just a 4 WD falcon after all).

    Yes – over priced but when the net came in (early 90s) the prices started climbing.

    • JW

      (A bronk is just a 4 WD falcon after all).

      Chad where do you get your comparison from …… enlighten me.

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    1967 last year for a 289 – 1968 first year of the 302 in the fomoco line up….like Chevy going to the 307 in place of the 283….. and keeping up with mopar’s 318LA for 1968…..

    • Todd Zuercher

      Except for Broncos. They didn’t get them until ’69.

      • Broncosilly

        Thank you, I was wondering when you would chime in and educate the people.


      The 1968 model year Cougars/Mustangs still had some cars equipped with the C code 289 2V engines. The employees at the plant manufacturing the then new 302 engines went on strike which caused a shortage of the 302 engines. So cars ordered with a small block 2V engine were given the C code 289s that Ford still had access to. Once the strike was settled then you will see more F code 302 2V engines.

  10. half cab

    This time next year that will easily be a 20 thou rig.

  11. Clay Byant

    There’s an uncut, running one here in my home town (V8) they want $8,000 for and if I was younger then my 70 plus years, I’d pounce on it. Had one 40 years ago. I know this much, unless you pay in the 20-30s for one, you’ll get every penny plus back out of them in any state and it’s money well spent. I’m basically a GM man but these were nice handling up in the mountains with the short wheel base. Easy to work on……………..

  12. Mike

    I bought a 69 from a auction in Oklahoma about 20 years ago, and I loved the little thing, did not have to do much other then pull out some dents in it from the old couples driving it around the farm checking cattle, the late mans Wife told me her Husband would drive up and the cattle would talk right up to it and he would roll down the window and pet them. So take a 1500 pound cow or bull leaning up against the drivers door and could see why I had to pull dents from fenders and back quarter panels and replace the doors. I decided to sell it at a car show in St Louis a few years ago, and I made good money on it, but sometimes miss the thing. Other then the replacement doors and I did replace the floor pans in it and the front right fender (my fault) about 10 years after I bought it (good old Missouri Road salt). Mine was painted a dark blue. Wish I still had it some times, but the money I got for it helped to buy the replacement a project!!

  13. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Thanks to all for your comments on my earlier post. I am glad she will live on, sold for $16,800.00 with 27 bids. I had an old Scout when I lived in Utah back in the day, and that thing was fun. So I can see some connection. Doing a little research I see the support for them is similar to that of Corvettes. That being said, I still do not get. Best wishes to the new owner, kind of curios what direction the new owner will do to her. Stock, I hope. Agree about the Pack Howard, pretty banged up.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi leiniedude, I was going to say, the Scout never seemed to get the attention the other trucks like this got, even though, I feel, were more than capable. Fact is, I’d like a Scout right now. Try and find one that isn’t rusted in half.
      Yeah, oh well, win or lose, we still love our Packers. Congrats to Atlanta.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        I really put that Scout to the test, never let me down or I might have died out in the dessert. I do drive my old Willys Overland wagon every chance I can. To bad not much snow again this year. I know your not a Willys wagon fan, a Willys truck guy. but we all have are favorites, and she was cheap!!!!! I have not checked prices on the Scouts, maybe tomorrow. If I had to guess, I hope they are in the same ballpark. And, you can beat are Pack but you can’t lick are Dickey! I am sure you get it Brother, Take care, Mike.

  14. half cab

    Mine is like kin folk

  15. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Sold for $16,800!

  16. Clay Alderson

    Our Bronco is a 1969 with the 302 V-8 and a column three speed. I am the third owner but I have had it since 1973. Body is original with mag rims. Interior has been modified some. Exterior paint is 1959 Ford Skylark Blue with black pinstripes. It is well maintained and I can drive it anywhere but it’s primary job is for hauling wood and water for our household use. This one is not for sale at any price.

  17. Clay Alderson

    Here is a picture of our Bronco. It lives in the Yukon Territory in Canada.

    Like 1

      Clay, Nice looking vehicle.

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