Beyond Patina: 1940 Buick Super Coupe

1940 Buick Super Coupe

This 1940 Buick Super looks like a good project. The exterior paint appears to be original, but unfortunately it looks like someone started to strip it on the trunk. Rust has now set in, so hopefully someone can salvage what’s there before it gets worse. The engine is also disassembled and mostly in the trunk, so something will need to be done under the hood. I don’t normally encourage modification, but I suppose this could be a good opportunity to upgrade things. What would you stick in place of the original straight-eight? It’s going to be a big project either way, but with bidding currently at $3,550 and only a few days left here on eBay, it might end up being a good buy after all.


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  1. St. Ramone de V8

    I’m probably going to get some nasty responses, but I see a rod here. This big car could be a unique Rod. Big block Buick, air ride, stock body, and tasteful interior. Getting it back to stock would be difficult, and expensive.

    • Paul

      Yes, I see a rod here too. Definitely keep it Buick.

    • Doc

      I had a 1939 model with a tri-power 421 Pontiac engine. It went like stink.

  2. Charles

    This will make a cool hot rod, however it will also make a sweet restoration project. Either way, the body lines are graceful and timeless.

  3. Ed P

    Noooooo!!! Rebuild the straight 8. This car is to good to butcher.

    • Tom Cotrel

      Agreed. This is a good chance to modify the old the engine to run on unleaded. Upgrade the electrics to 12 volt with an alternator, too.

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    The only thing I’d replace the original engine with is a rebuilt straight eight, and that would only happen if what’s already there isn’t worth rebuilding.

  5. Ric Parrish

    My first car was a 40 Buick Sports Coupe my great aunt gave me, it had 20K miles on it. I notice this one looks like it has the pot metal grill, some had that because of the shortage of chrome, what with the war preparation. This was a bigger engine than mine, though the straight eights are incredibly smooth running. The Roadmaster was even bigger and had dual carbs.

    • RollerD

      That’s interesting about the grill, thanks. Saw one of these last weekend at Pomona, restored, maroon. Very handsome car.

  6. Brad

    Seems like a great opportunity to leave the exterior stock (either a matte clear coat or a good waxing) and re-power with some sort of grumbly Nailhead engine. Keep it the stock ride height, factory wheels.

    I’d show up at cruise nights with wood crates and glass canning jars in the trunk… tell ’em I’m runnin’ moonshine.

  7. John C Cargill

    At most, all I would modify in the engine compartment is put in a later straight 8. The last ones had up to 170 hp. otherwise I would concentrate on cosmetics. and function.

  8. gunningbar

    Too many times “rodding” these cars tuns out badly IMO…

  9. DENIS

    Freshen up the str 8, get twin-carb intake off ’41(only year), and make it a slightly-rodded cruiser….luvet…

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