BF Classified: 1927 Ford Model T Roadster

This super-cool, very driveable 1927 Ford Model T Roadster makes me want to learn how to drive one just to try it out! It’s listed for sale here in our own Barn Finds Classifieds where you can list your cars as well. The seller is located in Zepherhills, Florida and is asking $12,500 for the little roadster. As the seller tells us, they are 82 years old and feel it’s time for someone else to enjoy the car as much as they have!

The car was purchased in the mid-1990s after having been previously restored. The seller has also improved the car in many ways that are detailed in the listing, including having the engine and transmission completely rebuilt, conversion to 12-volt operation to make it easier to maintain, and rebuilding the front suspension.

The seller is very open and honest about some minor cosmetic flaws the car has, and there are close up pictures of the paint issues.

Just imagine this point of view; that’s certainly very different from a modern car! By the way, the unusual side curtains are aftermarket accessories.

What you need to know and nothing more. There’s a pleasing patina to an older restoration like this that would make it more appealing to drive as far as I’m concerned.

As the seller explains, some modern touches have been added for serviceability; this is a go car, not a show car (although I’d be perfectly happy to show it).

I love the holder for the oil can! At 20 – 22 horsepower you’ll top out at around 45 miles per hour, but I don’t think you’d want to drive a T faster than that anyway. Trivia note: the standard compression ratio for a Model T engine was 3.98:1! I love this car and hope someone purchases it that continues to drive it as the 82-year old owner has been. Have you ever driven a Model T?

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  1. Jim in FL

    If I had a neighborhood, I would totally enjoy having a T. This one is great. Low entry fee, looks like you could just use it as-is. My in-laws live in a town in cape cod. If you are staying in town, the speed limit is never over 35. It’s very possible to be there a week and never exceed that. Point is, there’s a neighbor who has a Model T. They use it as a daily driver in the summer. It’s around town with kayaks hanging out, at the grocery store, at the beach. So cool. The kid I see driving it most often must be a grandson, can’t be older than 20.

    So it’s a very narrow use case, but I think it would be a great car to have. It’s on my bucket list.

  2. ken tillyUK

    When you look at a picture of this 1927 Model T and then a picture of a 1928 Model A it makes you realise that Henry didn’t get very far in the styling department. It seems that he was happy with the body design so just upgraded the drive train. I know a friend of mine had a ’28 Model A with the left fender being Model A and the right fender being Model T and nobody even noticed it.

  3. Ken Cwrney

    Say! That’s pretty snazzy for a T-bucket.
    I like it a lot and it’s reasonably priced too. One thing I’d do would be drill the crankshaft to permit full pressure oiling
    of the engine. I also like the fact that
    seller actually drives this car and enjoys it. Most folks today would be afraid to take it off the trailer. Sadly though, the
    folks who loved these cars are going fast
    and it won’t be long before Model T prices drop yet again. It’s the same with
    Model A Fords a few years back. At one
    time, you couldn’t touch a Model A for under $30K. now you can’t even give ’em
    away. So sad, so sad indeed.

    • Dusty Stalz

      I’ll take all the model As you want to give me.

  4. Fireman DK

    I hardly drive my 1926 Speedster as drivers these days are rude and dangerous …. that my friends is a sad commentary on the state of owning a car that goes less than 55 MPH…..

  5. Bob McK Member

    I sure would like to drive up and bring her home. I could drive around town in it.

  6. SDJames

    I believe the compression ratio was so low 1. because gas wasn’t as good back then and 2. you could run it on other types of fuel. T’s are a blast to drive once you figure it out and yes, 45 feels like 145 in these things! :)

  7. Del

    I remember Archie Andrews and Jughead driving around in one.

  8. Kenn

    Brakes weren’t so hot, so in a panic stop slamming the reverse pedal did the job!

  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’ve had one occasion to drive a Model T. I passed although I definitely need some practice. I would actually like to have one and drive it around. I’ve seen a number of kids out tooling around and doing a good job of keeping them on the road; they’re very simple. Just remember when you stop, do NOT step on the “CLUTCH.”

  10. David

    “…makes me want to learn how to drive one just to try it out!”

    My son and I did this several years ago and it was a blast. He is like me, very stoic and doesn’t show emotion very strongly. We were over 1/2 hour into our drive home before he stopped smiling. It was days later that he wasn’t talking about it nearly every hour. I wanted to drive the Dept Hack so bad, but apparently so did everyone else.

    • jamie jamie Staff

      David, what a great experience! Thanks for sharing and I’ll look into this if I’m ever close!

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