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BF Exclusive: 1962 And 1974 Corvette Package

Reader Andy has decided it’s time to part ways with not one, but two of his Corvettes and has decided to list them as a package deal! His ’62 Convertible looks to be in fantastic condition and is a very well optioned Corvette, with the 340 horse engine and a 4 speed! The other one is a ’74 Coupe and looks to be in just as nice condition and also has a 4 speed! Andy is asking $65,000 for the pair. If you’re interested in taking a closer look you can find this pair in Connecticut and you can contact Andy here via here via email!

The 1962 Corvette was found and purchased in Boca Raton, Florida (engineer owned) in 1995 and was already in excellent condition and was shown in local shows. It has been in “Barn” storage since 2008 in Connecticut.

Goes with everything that belongs to it: covers, documentation etc… Specialty equipment includes the following “rare” options: “Original GM Keys-Wonderbar Radio-Hurst Shifter-Hard Top-Spoke Chrome Wheels”.

No modifications made since purchase. Paint is believed to be original.

This 1974 Corvette was found and purchased in Putnam, Connecticut (outside behind Shell station, out of sight, out of mind?) in 2001-2002 and was also shown locally and in excellent condition.

It has also “Barn” stored since 2008. The specialty equipment included everything that came with it originally: Original GM Keys- covers-Luggage Rack-Knock Off Centers-Raised White Rally Tires/Wheels-Spare Container- Spare Raised White/Tire on Rally Wheel-Documentation, etc..No modifications made since purchase. Features the L-48 engine with leather interior, a 4 speed and the T-Tops.

This information is to the best of my knowledge and recollection. As the dates indicate the passion of owning these vehicles in past for me but still can be enjoyed by the “new” owner! The package “As Is” price is $65,000. Pictures were taken getting ready for the Show!

While $65k is a lot of money, this seems like a decent deal for two Corvettes. I’ve seen similar condition ’62 Convertibles go for this kind of money and those didn’t come with a ’74 to sweeten the deal! This could be a great way to jump start your Corvette collection or you could keep the ’62 and sell the ’74. The choice will be up to you!


  1. Rick

    If he wants serious buyers, he needs to step up to far better photos that are current.

  2. Ron

    These photos are beyond useless. Is he trying to hide something, or is he shooting with a Brownie camera? Come on…

    • terry

      We had a Brownie growing up. It took beautiful pictures.

    • Jason

      Hiding something. Oversaturation is a favorite ploy.

  3. Woodie Man

    If I had the money laying around I’d negotiate a deal and then sell (if I could) the ’74. Never likes that Mako Shark iteration. GLWTS….

  4. CaymanDave

    My thoughts exactly but what is the 74 worth not much. So that makes the other one maybe over priced. No details on either one which doesn’t help sell them.

  5. Bob Baird

    Photos look like scans of pictures in a magazine. As for “rare” options: “Original GM Keys-Wonderbar Radio-Hurst Shifter-Hard Top-Spoke Chrome Wheels”, the Hurst shifter and spoke wheel “options” are so rare that the number manufactured was zero. I think he is using the ’62 to move the ’74. But he will need full documentation of correct engine pads and a lot more details of both cars if he intends to get that price.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Don’t forget about the knock off centers. Spooky description.

  6. Ron Bajorek

    340HP motor should have Corvette Script Aluminum Valve Covers, gotta take a look at the motor pad. I Like the c3 corvettes, even the rubber bumper ones

  7. dirtyharry

    The photos look like “prints” that someone scanned and turned into an electronic image. I doubt there was deception intended. This could be a screaming deal! Maybe a BF reader can go check it out.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      You are right about the photos dirtyharry. I think it is most likely a great deal too. Those who are complaining about the price need to check current Corvette values.

  8. Dolphin Member

    The SCM Guide says that the median recent auction price paid for ’62 340 HP cars was $69K, and that the high auction price paid was $110K.

    The median numbers for the ’74 cars range from $14K to $27K depending on model. The high prices paid for the ’74 cats range from $20K to $52K, depending.

    Looks like the asking for the pair of cars here is in line if mileage & condition is good.

    The pictures look like the kind that some of the current car magazines use now. There is an edit that can be used on some imaging software that will give regular photos the same effect as Andy’s photos have. Either that or they are probably scans.

  9. DAN

    “His ’62 Convertible looks to be in fantastic condition”

    sure can’t say that looking these crap pics,lol

  10. grant

    These pictures look like watercolor paintings…

  11. George

    Not even side and underneath pictures of the high dollar one? Wow. Good luck with that.

  12. jimjim

    What does “Barn storage since 2008” mean? Is that like stored at a storage facility? Also, different plates front and back. Is the 74 brown or black?

  13. gbvette62

    The listing reads like a Craigslist scam!

    It’s supposedly a 62 340, but they aren’t 340 valve covers, and it’s not a 340 intake either.

    It looks like the 62’s VIN tag may be attached to the driver’s side door jam, but it’s supposed to be spot welded to the steering column. 60 and earlier Vettes had the VIN on the door jam. The spot welded VIN tags were know to come loose, so it may have been reattached to the jam, or it may have been a theft recovery with a state issued VIN?

    The 74 actually looks like a pretty nice car, though I can’t stand luggage racks. It may not be worth as much, but from what little can be seen in the pictures, the 74 may be the nicer, or at least the more honest of the 2 Corvettes.

  14. Tom Driscoll

    If Andy is a reader, maybe he can chime in on these questions/concerns???

  15. Ck

    Pics aside why do ya have to buy both ?Sell them seperate ,most likely if you want the 62 your probly not going to want the 74.Is he trying to say I dont want to deal with the 74 ? Hey guess what? Me neither !
    They both look like nice cars ,just bad pics.I’d take some better pics and repost them seperately.

  16. Car Guy

    The saving grace on the 74 is it’s a 4 speed, last year before catalytic convertors became mandatory, and still has a true dual exhaust system.

    Looks to be in decent shape. Build a strong running small block, lose the luggage rack, and have fun!

  17. smittydog

    There’s my ’62, hope my numbers come in tonight.

  18. Danger Dan

    Corvette guys are angry. They’d step on an orphan to grab a date coded speedo housing.

  19. Mark

    A friend sold his ’62 Vette two years ago in very good, but non-matching numbers or color condition for $45K, and considered himself lucky. Exactly one buyer had contacted him. He had put something crazy like $95K into the car. Classic Corvette buyers tend to be sticklers for originality, as my friend discovered to his costly surprise.

  20. erikj

    I have intrest in the 74. You my contact my by

  21. Dolphin Member

    Did anyone else notice that the Renault Dauphine got almost 3 times the comments as these TWO Corvettes ?

    Those Corvette pictures must be real bad. Or maybe a lot of people on here are starting to like small underpowered vintage French family cars with swing axles, or maybe have good memories of them….

  22. Utes

    @ seller…

    That contact “here via email” link is inoperative.

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