Big Bad Orange Project! 1969 AMC AMX

The ’60s, what an incredible time in automotive history when virtually every automobile maker was diving into the muscle car market! The American Motors Corporation was no exception and they certainly came up with their fair share of good ol’ American muscle. One of those AMC muscle cars is this 1969 AMC AMX Big Bad Orange project car located in Lawton, Oklahoma. This AMX is listed here on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $13.5k or you can make an offer.

There’s a replacement 360 motor currently installed and said to be in running condition. Some of the good news with this car is that the original 343 cubic inch V8 engine with the factory Edelbrock R4B intake manifold is available and goes with the car. There’s no mention of the status of this engine, so I’d assume it will need to be rebuilt for a factory correct restoration. This is a 4-speed car with the 140 mph speedo and factory tach.

Overall, it looks like this AMX can be a decent candidate for a complete restoration. It appears that most all of the various parts and components for this car are present or accounted for, but there’s certainly a lot of work to consider. The interior looks very rough and will need to be completely refurbished. The body is said to be completely intact with no major issues. My experience is that many of these project cars reallyneeds to be fully inspected when you’re considering about taking on a project like this. In this case, it’s just really hard to tell all of the issues with this car from the poor photos provided.

This Big Bad Orange AMX doesn’t really look orange anymore, but I did notice remnants of the cool orange color in various places on the car. Big Bad Orange was part of the muscle car marketing strategy and it was one of those bold colors that were so popular at the time. So are you ready for some Big Bad Orange in your life? Does this price make any sense for a restoration on this AMX or what do you think you can get by with to get the deal done? Let us all know what you think of this Big Bad Orange AMC AMX.

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  1. Rob S.

    These are just cool! Different in many ways, hard to find at cruise ins. If done right will turn everybodys heads away from the common comaro, mustang and cuda. Pricey but interesting! The keystones only help itšŸ˜

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  2. Bobby

    One of my favorite cars but this one is a 7-8k max AMX can find them restored online running as low as 17000. Very nice restored one with red white and blue paint job and a 390 4 speed for 24k. I emailed them about it wish Me luck.

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    Needs further information and inspection. The interior alone is going to cost you. 360 can be good but since you are there I would opt for a 390 or 401. Might be a good buy.

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    • John Oliveri

      7500 max, good luck finding parts, who knows what the floors are, rockers, real easy to go upside down here, unless it’s a bucket list car, like my GP, and your keeping it forever

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Amcsteve good points. For one this clean, provided the underbelly is clean. Love the looks of this AMX, looks fast while sitting still. At 5 inches shorter than the javelin , AMC had it together on this one. Good luck to the new owner!!


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  5. TJohnson

    I am a huge Chevy guy, but how can anyone look at these 68-70 AMX’s, and not want one? Way before I was born a factory race car called, “Pete’s Patriot”, was campaigned out of the local AMC dealership, Peterson Motors, in Kearney, NE, where I have lived my entire life. The car is currently in our local car museum.

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  6. Ross

    The buy it now price way to high for a 343 car, condition, as well as one with very few options. You would also want to check the door tag for correct BBO paint code as there is no picture of it.

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  7. Tricky

    Sold for over $13k. So much for being a $7-8k car!!!

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