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Big Block Convertible On The Cheap: 1965 Ford Galaxie


At a buy it now of only $2,850 here on eBay, this big block Ford convertible has a lot of initial appeal. Even upon close examination, if you are willing to do some work, you could have a truly beautiful automobile–or just minimal work to get it on the road and enjoy the heck out of it as is! If you want to see it in person, head over to Bismark, Arkansas. By the way, the seller is considering lower offers as well, so don’t wait too long if you are interested in the car!


There’s a lot of trunk back there! Body panels as a whole are pretty straight, and it looks like most of the trim is complete. This is one of those convertibles that just lends itself to putting dignitaries on the back shelf for a parade, you know what I mean? Bands playing, floats (heck, this is as big as some floats!) and folks waving through the confetti. Evocative, isn’t it?


This side even has the original wheel covers (which I happen to really like). The seller says there isn’t much exterior body rust, and I can’t see anything that really worries me, at least from this view.


Don’t think it’s pristine sheet metal, though. There’s some prior work here and definitely some more to be done if you want it to look great. Of course, that won’t stop you from driving it, though!


Underneath, this is a different story. The floorboards have been fiberglassed over rust, which both the seller and myself would recommend cutting out and welding in replacements. Here’s a set on eBay for less than $150!


Whoa! This is one rough interior. To be honest, this surprised me a bit considering the outside of the car. I’m guessing it’s been without a roof (there’s no top included, just the mechanism) for a while! This will undoubtedly lead to behind the dash issues and obviously the seats and carpet will need replacement. Here’s a molded carpet set for $169.95, and here’s an entire interior kit for right at $1,500. Note that the ad does say that seat covers come with the car, but I think I’d rather do the whole interior.


I’d be happy if this were under my hood (except for the fuel can that the seller is using as a gas tank!) Despite the master cylinder looking pretty new, the car has no brakes, but it does start and go at low speeds. That Edelbrock four barrel looks brand new as well; not a bad thing in my book. I think this would make a great weekend cruiser with a moderate amount of work; what do you think? Let us know in the comments!


  1. ClassicCarFan

    This would certainly be a fun car when sorted out. I’m not sure if the price is really a bargain based on the amount of detail to be fixed up though? The parts are certainly available, but there seems to be a lot of nasty rust issues hiding away in there and the bodywork and re-paint could get costly. Add to that unknown condition of engine/trans, total interior re-trim needed plus new top to buy and fit….

    I’m not being too pessimistic, but it would probably make more sense economically to spend more on one that is fundamentally sound to start with. Still, sometimes the fun is in resurrecting a rough old car – or it is more manageable to buy cheap at the start and just put in the rest of the money as you go along like an instalment plan if you don’t want to or can’t commit all the money up front?

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  2. Gearhead

    ’65 and ’66 Galaxies sell for less than the earlier years. You can get a really nice one for under $10k.

    As much as I love them (I have a ’65 ragtop myself), this one is probably a parts car. With that much floor rust and patched up body rot, I’d be amazed if the frame isn’t rusted through in places.

    At least this one has an XL interior, with the bucket seats and console.

    – John

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  3. Jerrold berg

    Just wondering, what are the differences between this car and an XL? Still love to have it.

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  4. piper62j

    XL had an upgraded interior showing ornaments in the upholstery, dash and door side panel trim accents along with exterior badges.. More decoration than anything else..

    This car is definitely a parts car more so than a candidate for restoration. The price is right for what you’re getting with it.. Fenders, hood, doors and drive train would bring at least the asking price if parted out..

    Gearhead is right.. There are much better 65 convertibles out there for low bucks, ready to drive..

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  5. Tony Waters

    RE Your second paragraph: I expected the last sentence to be “And then a shot rang out and echoed around the plaza…”

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  6. Rob

    I’m so disappointed in the shape! I helped my dad rebuild on 35 years ago! 390 console shift. Red with black interior! I don’t have a big budget, so when I saw the price, I was hopeful it was driveable. Any way, someone with a lot of work could bring her back to life! I hope they do!

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