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Big Block Driver: 1968 Corvette Convertible


It’s unusual to see a relatively original big block Corvette offered at no reserve! This 1968 convertible is located in Brooklyn, New York and the seller says it spends entirely too much time in their garage. The auction is listed here on eBay, and bidding is currently up to just over $16,000.


The 1968 Corvette is the first C3 and has some features that are unique to the first year. Some folks prefer the rear end treatment and chrome bumpers of the early cars versus the reverse sloped, body color front and rear end of the later C3’s. The seller tells us that the side pipes are “factory style,” so I’m sure they aren’t original. Although nothing is stated about the paint apart from the fact that it’s shiny, I think it’s safe to assume this is a repaint.


No matter what you may think of a C3’s driving attributes, it’s hard to argue that the stylists captured exactly the extroverted look they were targeting. It’s easy to imagine astronauts, fighter pilots, racing drivers and the like driving topless Corvettes. Even James T. Kirk drove one, although it was a C2. And the “427” on the hood, while subtle, informs those “in the know” what’s under that long, sinuous hood.


The interior is where this car lets down my expectations a bit, although it’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed relatively quickly and inexpensively. The seller tells us that the gauges in the center stack aren’t all connected, and there’s a mess where the radio should be located. Of course, are you really going to be listening to the radio with that 427 burbling through the side pipes right at your ears? Unfortunately, the automatic pretty much leaves me cold, but that’s just me.


Speaking of the 427 V8, here it is, in all of it’s 390 horsepower glory. It’s obvious this has been a driver rather than a show Corvette, and I kind of like that–it certainly will keep the price lower than it would be otherwise, and I suspect the automatic will do the same. Do you have visions of cruising in a red Corvette? What do you think this car will end up selling for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. Car Guy

    Refinish the replica side pipe covers, spruce up the interior, install a stock AM/FM, reconnect/repair the gauges, install a mild shift kit in the automatic, and have fun going sideways!

  2. David Montanbeau

    My LT1 in 1979. These cars were great!!

    • JW454


      I could tell this picture was taken around the late seventies before you said it. The CB antennae gave it away. A few of my cars sported them too during that time.

      • David Montanbeau

        Good eye JW454.I just got married and bought the house in 78. I bought this car from a friend of mine that died of a heart attack after a bar fight. He was a scrapper. He was in his 20s. I bought the car for my wife in return that she would stop working and stop smoking. She was on the way to AAA to get full insurance and a guy ran a red light and took the front end off. The driver took off and my wife was not hurt until she called me to inform what happened. LOL. She kept smoking and went back to work. It was a great car. LT1 with 4-speed T-Tops and all the goodies. Our Pekinese dog would set at the back window when it was removed. Almost lost her when I took off a little too fast one time.

  3. Dan

    Factory side pipes but they didn’t come out til 1969..

  4. Mark

    I believe the taillights are wrong as well, 68’s had double red taillights and small square reverse lights under the bumpers.. Am I wrong ?

    • David Montanbeau


      • David Montanbeau


    • moosie Craig

      you are correct

  5. Rabbit

    I’d take the auto, since I have clutch-leg issues. Big block C3’s have one issue, tho: Looks like a fish, goes like a fish, steers like a cow.

  6. Rock On Member

    Hey Mark. You are right about the back up lights being under the bumper on ’68’s. Previous owner may have filled in the holes to make it look like a ’69. Guys used to also fill in the holes for the factory exhaust tips when running side pipes.

  7. JCW Jr. Member

    I really like this site. that being said I really am getting tired of almost every car is put down because it is an automatic and not a stick. we get it the writers don’t like automatics. so can the constant slamming stop. Thank You for otherwise a really great site.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      “Unfortunately, the automatic pretty much leaves me cold, but that’s just me.”

      JCW, I appreciate what you are saying, but I’m not slamming automatics, just stating that *I’d* prefer a manual. There are plenty of cars out there (like the DeSoto the other day) that I’d prefer an automatic for! Horses for courses and all that stuff. I certainly didn’t mean to offend.

  8. JCW Jr. Member

    Jamie it is not just you seems like a couple of the writers are always commenting negatively on automatics by now we know and do not need to be told almost every time. I agree a lot of cars would be more fun with a stick. Just do not need to hear about it time and time again. Really do enjoy the site and you all do quite a good job of writing. If it does not change I will still stay just would be more enjoyable without.

    • Rocco Member

      JCW Jr.,
      I think the writers are just expressing their thoughts and preferences as you or I would. Usually they ask “what would you do” or “what’s your thought’s” right after voicing their’s. Would you have them be tight lipped, and just say “hey look”? I kind of like the thought’s and conversation that goes on by the writer and the readers, as long as it’s not negative against someone.
      By the way, I like this chebby like it is, with the BB & auto, and I’m a Ford guy.
      Oh well, just another $.02 from this old gear head.

      • JCW Jr. Member

        No not tight lipped. when most write ups bemoan the same thing it gets old. if they did not like blue and complained every time there was a blue car would it not get old.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Understood both JCW & Rocco, and thanks for the clarifications. I’ll keep them in mind when I write :-)

  9. moosie Craig

    rear 1/4’s also not stock for a ’68, nor is the rectangular exhaust openings in the lower valence, mighta been back halved? But the car is nearly 48 years old, it could have a not so good history.

  10. RoneBee

    if it has p/s and ac I’d bid on it, it’d be a nice car for my wife and a good stable mate for my 68 437/435

  11. RandyS

    The author of this post is too critical of this car. Running/driving/braking 390 hp BB C3 vettes with 10′ paint typically go for between $25-35k right now. Yes, it has ’69 side pipes and ’69 gill inserts but it wasn’t presented as a perfect example either “Not a perfect show or museum car, but a great car to get in, drop the top and tear up the pavement”. While it does have welcomed PB as an option there are no pics of the frame so, along with the before mentioned automatic, it should go on the low side of the range. A nice driver!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      RandyS, in all seriousness, where was I too critical? Heck, I like it! I mentioned the interior, as did the seller, and my personal preference for a manual rather than an automatic. Other than that, I’m missing something, and I’ve re-read it several times now.

      Note this sentence: “It’s obvious this has been a driver rather than a show Corvette, and I kind of like that…”

  12. David Montanbeau
  13. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I am so in love with this car…huge block in a tiny vessel. ZoomZoom! (apologies to mazda)

  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    A BB 68 Vette convertible for $20K, someone got a bargain!

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