The BIG Pink! 1958 Lincoln Premiere Two Door

There’s no real description provided for this Lincoln listed on eBay, but perhaps there’s not much to say except it’s huge and pink or “Autumn Rose” as Lincoln named it. It’s 4,800 pounds of pink stretching over 19 feet, the largest unibody car ever made. Madisonville, Tennessee could promote itself as “The home of the big pink Lincoln”. The opening bid is set as $11,500. This thing would definitely get lots of attention at car shows. The owner reports it sat in a garage in San Diego from 1963 until he purchased it with only 33,000 miles on it. It runs and drives very well. All it needs is now is new tires and a buyer with a tolerance for pink.

The interior looks really nice. It appears in this view the mileage might be accurate. The pink is everywhere, even the piping on the seats.

The trunk looks big enough to sleep in and as nicely upholstered as the interior. And there’s the Lincoln “L” embroidered (in pink, of course) on the spare tire cover.

Here’s the enormous 375 horsepower 430 CID V-8 engine. What appears to be surface rust on the hood might just be the remains of the adhesive used to glue the soundproofing to the hood. A better view under the hood would be nice, but what we can see looks good from here. The air cleaner and rocker covers really were painted yellow from the factory.

That really is some shiny chrome. Somehow, this Lincoln has survived in amazing original condition and looks like it just drove out of a time machine from the 1960s. The decades in storage were kind and the owner has done well bringing it back to life. This will be a wonderful car for some collector, or at least someone with a tolerance for pink. Pink was in for golf shirts for a while, but pink just isn’t a guy thing and for ladies, pink went out with the mid-century big hair thing I’m told. When Scotty wrote about a Premiere last year here on Barn Finds, readers comments were very entertaining. Adding the pink flavor should be even more fun. It is huge, but it is smaller than most fire trucks you read about here. The styling is wonky by today’s’ standards but that’s “midcentury modern”. Beyond all that, it is a look back in time at what your fathers or grandfathers thought was cool, but perhaps not in “Autumn Rose”.


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  1. Uncleape

    was mary kay around back then?could be a mary kay car, maybe worth more to some people.

    • al8apex


      Pink / coral / etc were fashionable colors back then for cars

      Absolutely NOTHING to do with that cosmetics company

  2. Mike B

    Not “Stink’n Linkn”, but “Pink’n Linkn”.

  3. Phil

    I am a 54 yr old hetero male and I would NEVER change a thing and would drive this PROUDLY !!!

    Like 1
  4. redwagon

    ah the suede from the earlier barnfinds write up looks much much better than the autumn rose.

    somewhere there is an industrial design class that should be looking at the impact of different colors on our perception of beauty. i’d be curious to know what generalizations they come up with that go beyond generational color fads.

  5. Steve

    No matter what color, this thing is uglier than a bag of b*&$holes

  6. flmikey

    This would be one car to spend the high dollars to do a color change….keep the white roof, though…

  7. glen

    This is a colour I associate with an old couple in Florida, I’m in Haliburton, Ontario, so this doesn’t work here! Still, the car looks amazing, despite the colour choice.

    Like 1
  8. Dan

    Melt that down, it would make 5 Honda Civics…. lol….I like it, but not that color…..ugh…

  9. lawyer George

    Like Phil plus a decade, I’m straight as an arrow and would definitely not change the color, and would definitely show up at the next Oregon State Bar Convention with this under my seat. I would drive it to my next class reunion except we are getting so old that it might upset my fellow students fearing it to be an Ambulance or the chariot to the hereafter.I tried to buy the pink Corvette, but was too late. This would be easier to get in and out of.

    • Ed P

      Please be gentle with us old farts.


    This thing is so beautiful and you will be hard pressed to find another. I would love to drive this to the cruise in and be the star of the show!

  11. Sparkster

    Both of the bumpers weight as much as a new Honda Civic. I always thought it was strange that back then most car were redesigned EVERY year. If you get wrong one year the next year it would be different. Perhaps it made people run out and buy a new car knowing it wasn’t to look the same the following year.

  12. Richard H Johnson

    I am a guy now 74 but I have always loved pink cars, owned a 58 Edsel Citation in pink and white and have always wanted a pink 58 Lincoln. Now I can’t afford it but it is beautiful.

  13. Andre

    Wow. It’s so over the top and ugly that it’s beautiful. Fill it full of babes and wave to all the dudes who are *ahem* too straight to drive it………..

  14. Sam

    Great car…I would be happy to own and drive as is.

    Everything old is new again. Take a look at the front end of most any model of a newer Toyota, Lexus or Honda. I see strong influences from the late 50’s…redux in plastic.

  15. Jeffro

    It’s a classic. Should stay exactly as it is.

  16. Matt G

    It’s funny how everyone who likes this car feels the need to mention their sexual preference- google it and you will see there is evidence that 100 years ago, there was little to no genderification of colors- and that the whole notion that “pink is for girls and blue is for boys” was created by clothing manufacturers during the 20th century so they could sell more clothes, and it is now deeply ingrained in us that pink is somehow unmanly. Pink, a hapless victim of capitalism!

    • Chuck

      Is “gentrification” a word some would understand if they were not of the PINK persuasion?😬


      We’re all pink on the inside.

      • Chuck

        Yup, that’s what George tells me.

  17. Mark S

    Never mind the colour if were to look up the word ugly in the dictionary you would find a picture of this car, because this is about as ugly as it can get. I wouldnt buy this car because it’s pink I wouldn’t buy it cause it’s hidiusly ugly in fact some might say it’s fugly. JMHO.

    • Kevin W

      A 59 Buick takes top honors for UGLY

      • Tim Rusling

        I’m just surprised anyone would think a ’59 Buick is ugly.

  18. Mlaw

    The Love Boat no wonder we had to start buying steel from China.

  19. Bob

    Two points, my buddy bought the four door hardtop in another city, which meant either getting the car running or trailering it. He decided not to gamble, so we went to pick the car up on a trailer. We had a bear of a time getting it loaded on to the heavy duty car trailer, and it was so large that it looked about ready to crush the trailer. On the trip home, we were tapped to go over the scales, and the car weighed 5300 pounds! He restored the car at great expense, and then decided that he didn’t want the car anymore. It was offered for sale 10 years ago, and the response was so insulting that he still has the car.
    The second point. I got to have a very close look at the car, and the construction and the original workmanship was phenomenal. I don’t know how they could have made money on the car. It is built so well, that we could jack one corner of the car off the ground, and all the doors would still be perfectly aligned.
    A very impressive car.
    It is important to remember, that in the 50s, it was common to see a wide variety of bright colours, so the car would not have been unusual for the time. However, I do remember a very flamboyant bachelor school teacher from the time that made his 53 pink Cadillac seem “special”.

    • Ed P

      Lincoln was a money looser in this era. The trim 61 Lincoln was a last gasp attempt. Ford president had decided Lincoln would make money or be dropped. 61 was a good year!

  20. Tim Rusling

    This car is fantastic and so is the color. Do not screw with it!

  21. David Miraglia

    I’d paint a bus pink and show both off. Like long extinct Allstate Charter Lines used to do.

  22. Coventrycat

    Battlecar Galactica

  23. On and On On and On Member

    All-right guys, It’s an Edsel on steroids. Which gender ‘roids is up to your imagination. Hey Howard!

  24. Adam T45 Staff

    If you owned this and took it to a car show there’s little chance that you’ll finish up parked next to an identical example. It’s a seriously ugly car, but I think that’s part of the reason why I actually really, really like it. Perhaps it was built as a promotional vehicle for Pepto-Bismol!

  25. Larry K

    Larry K. No relation. First time seeing this beauty.

  26. Racer417

    I hate pink, and think these old Lincolns are downright hideous. That being said, this particular car is amazing! What a great find.

  27. Tony L

    This car is so ugly, and huge, and pink! I would definitely drive it and show it! It is the epitome of 1950’s excess and would make my 1955 Studebaker President State sedan look so ordinary! Plus! I would most likely be the only person in north-west Arizona with one of these monsters! But, alas, I have other irons in the fire….

  28. MikeH

    I was a teenager in ’58 and it was a contest for the ugliest car ever between the Lincoln and the Buick. IMHO, the Buick won, but the Lincoln was a closed second. It’s amazing how, after nearly 60 years, neither are beautiful, but I love seeing them. The epitome of 50s excess.

  29. Miguel

    Does anybody know if yellow is supposed to be on the valve covers and the air cleaner?

    I hate yellow under the hood.

    • Kevin W

      Yes it is. And it’s better than orange.

  30. Wrong Way

    I don’t care what color it is! I love the style and the great look this car has! I swear that if I could really afford it, I would jump over any bid placed! Unfortunately I am broke! I don’t care tho because I am a very happy broke man!

  31. Scott p

    If I had the money I would buy this sexy piece of work. I would drive this beauty every sunny day and show off my wife in the passenger seat

  32. GearHead Engineer

    Hard to believe this thing is 13 inches LONGER than my ’64 Lincoln! My car is huge enough and takes up a lot of room in my longer than average garage. This ’58 is one seriously huge car.

    I obviously prefer the slab side Lincolns, but I do like this car. Mainly just because it is so over the top.

    – John

  33. Murray S.

    2 words. LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. Eric H

    Every car show that I brought it to there would be a sign in the windshield stating that it isn’t pink, it’s Autumn Rose. On second thought, I would leave it in the car all of the time. It might be good for a laugh watching people’s expressions when they read it.

  35. Sparkster

    How the heck did this fit into a garage ?


    i love this pink lincoln. i have a pink and white 54 caddy and it’s a big hit with all the girls. really draws them. i drive mostly 58 edsels and hope to find a 58 edsel that is pink and white someday. i would drive any pink car and be proud of it

  37. Ed P

    Where is Howard?

  38. John LaShell

    My folks owned a ‘pink’ lincoln..Wish i had a big enough shop, Cus i’d own this one..

  39. Russ

    Wow. My folks bought a 1960 Continental Mark V in 1966, a very similar car only with a breezeway rear window. By 1968 or 1969 it had been sold to my brother for a couple hundred dollars if that, and from there it went to a demo derby.

    I think you’ve got the weight wrong – I believe it was well on the high side of 5000 pounds. And amazingly you can buy a Tesla that weighs that much, which is ridiculous.

  40. Tim Rusling

    They used to call it “Road Hugging Weight”.

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