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Black Plate 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk Sport

1962 Studebaker GT Hawk Sport

There is always something unique about a Studebaker. Maybe it is the name or the looks, but in any case, this 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk 2 door sport, with the model number 62V-K6, is a car for someone with the right taste. It has 22,588 miles showing on the odometer and is located in East Hollywood, California. The asking price is $6,000 and the car is said to have a clear title. Thank you, Taylor W., for the tip. You can view more about this Studebaker on here on craigslist.

1962 Studebaker GT Hawk Sport

The listing does not say anything about the engine, but thankfully they do provide a photo. It appears to be complete and the newer battery may suggest that it runs. A link is provided in the listing to a classic car database that says the car has a V8 engine and unknown transmission. It should be a 3 speed automatic. When new, the car would have had 210 horsepower and 300-foot pounds of torque. It would be interesting to know what it makes today.

1962 Studebaker GT Hawk Sport

The interior is in surprisingly good shape. There is no mention of restoration work, but that definitely appears to have already had some work done. Instead of the typical situation where the front seats have rips and tears, the rear seat and headrests are the ones that are worn out. The color combo doesn’t seem right for this car, so perhaps the front seats were covered while the back were left to the elements? Who knows, but at least the door panels look good and the dashboard is simply stunning.

1962 Studebaker GT Hawk Sport

One thing is for sure, the color of this car is certainly captivating. It fits both the time period and the car. There is no mention on if it is original or not and the classic car specification site does not indicate any factory paint color. Based on where the car is located, the body and chrome all seem to be rust free. If you are interested in a cruiser that can rise above some others, you will want to consider this Hawk.


  1. IkeyHeyman

    I don’t think this is a factory color for ’62. Absent some unmentioned major issue, this could be a good car for someone who can do the work themselves. That might be sun damage on those rear seats.

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  2. JBP

    Nice projekt. But 6000$ that i dont know. But i would love to own it.

  3. firefirefire

    I want.

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    A stylish (if underrated) sled for sure.
    Too bad they didn’t make a ragtop.

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    Would liked to have seen some side shots of the whole car. That’s the deal breaker for me. The weathered rear seat got that way from the car being
    parked nose first in the garage where it was stored. The 289 V-8 looks fairly good from what I can see and the new battery is an encouraging sign that the engine can brought back to life and run off a can till the fuel system is
    sorted and made new again. On the whole of it, someone’s gonna get a really nice car for their money–just wish it was me!

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  6. Jason

    I’m not old enough to know how their styling was perceived when new, but to my 45 year old eyes, these Studebakers of this era are simply gorgeous. They must’ve really stood out. So unique.

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  7. 71FXSuperGlide

    Another wonderful design example by Raymond Loewy and his team. If only he had been a different company than Studebaker at the time.

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    • MG Steve

      IF he had been at a different company, no doubt he would not have been allowed the freedom to do such unique designs.

  8. Lance Nord

    Most Studebacker owners purchased cars with pleated vinyl covered seats. Unfortunately, the pleated vinyl was extremely poor quality in 1962. (This hastened the demise of Studebaker because of the poor quality of the interiors of their cars.) It’s not surprising that the front seats had to be reupholstered.

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  9. pwtiger

    If it runs good 6K is a fair price, I don’t think that the seats are original maybe something spilled on the back seat, I can’t imagine that is sun damage. To bad that it does not have the tach or clock. It is a shame that these cars do not bring much money, I have a project car with a 4 speed that I can’t seem to get a 2K offer. These cars are fun drivers, especially when you have to tell someone what it is, but like most old cars they usually cost more to restore than what you can sell it for…

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  10. g Wentzell

    My Older sister had one of these, a GT, 4 speed, 289c.i. PACKARD V8. Wonderful cruiser. She is gone now, the car soldiers on.

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    • scottymac

      Sorry, g, 289 and 259 were Studebaker engines. The smallest Packard V-8 was a 320 used in the ’55 Clippers; 352 in regular Packards; and the 374 (with dual quads?) in the Caribbean. Can’t speak to the originality of this color, but someone else liked it:

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    • Kenny

      There was only one Hawk with Packard power: The 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk. Only a little over 4,000 ever built. They came with the monstrous Packard 352. I own one that has been upgraded to a ’56 Packard Caribbean 374 with Dual Quads.
      GT Hawks (made from ’62-’64) Had Studebaker 289 V8’s, (with the exception of a few export models with a 6 cylinder)

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  11. H_Vaughn

    Looks like it was Blaze Red per the inside of the door jambs and ‘62 Ditzler charts. I’m lukewarm on the purple, but seems like a nice, complete car.

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  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Wow… I know….it was the seat covers that did them in ! Guess they should have kept the 50’s seat covers like my 1956 truck has and is still wearing – although torn just a little on the drivers side. Why can’t I post pictures anymore ?

  13. bobhess bobhess Member

    Jason… My college car was a ’53 Lowery coupe stuffed with a complete Olds running gear. Even though it was an “old car” everyone agreed it was as good looking as it gets, especially after putting the metalic blue paint job on it. Half the fun was opening a beer and just sitting there looking at it.

  14. Del

    Great car.


    A true Antique treasure. Love to have it

  15. Poppy

    They offered a paint color called Rose Mist that looked a lot like this. The matching Rose Mist vinyl interior was a stunning color combination. Weak pleats were only in ’62. In ’63 they went to vertical pleats and true Naugahyde vinyl. My ’63 still has the original interior with only one small crack in the drivers seat insert.

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