Black Plate Survivor: 1968 Plymouth GTX

Based on the B-body platform Chrysler introduced the GTX as the “Gentleman’s Muscle Car” seeking to add a bit of upscale luxury to its muscle car lineup. The luxury was provided by adding side stripes, tail fin brightwork, and chrome lipped wheels outside. Inside the Sport Satellite cabin included bucket seats, woodgrain accents on the dash and door panels along with chrome detailing, including the horn ring. The muscle was provided by a Magnum 440 cubic inch engine that could produce 375 horsepower. For an additional $546 you could check the box for the optional 426 Hemi that boosted horsepower up to a whopping 425 hoserpower. In keeping with the luxury theme, the famed Mopar TorqueFlite automatic transmission was standard although the 4-speed manual was available as a “no cost” option. If you like a bit of luxury with your muscle car then head to Toledo, Ohio to check out this GTX or see it here on craigslist where the seller has set a price of $12,500. Thanks to Ikey H. for the tip.

This California black plate has been hidden away for 46 years having last seen the road in 1974. The seller claims the car is all original and a true survivor with a mere 58,000 miles. Based on the appearance of the car and some of the fading that is present I suspect that at least some of the time the car may have been stored outdoors. There also appears to be some bubbling on the C pillar.  The seller does however state the “shock towers, floors and rails are very nice”. Any potential buyer will want to perform a thorough inspection.

Under the hood we find the aforementioned 440 with the 4-barrel carburetor. Aside from the aftermarket air cleaner everything looks to be in order here. The seller states the motor runs well with no hint of smoke or knocking.

For a car of this age the interior presents very well. The carpet is holding up well with no fading and the front buckets are nearly flawless. There doesn’t appear to be any cracks in the dash pad and even the wood accents appear to have weathered the years well. It appears the factory radio has gone missing in favor a two-post cassette player popular during that era. If you can’t find a period correct replacement some nice aftermarket retro stereos with modern Bluetooth technology are available to at least complete the appearance.

For all intents and purposes this seems like a solid survivor. With pristine examples selling in the low $40,000s, do you think this one is worth the asking price?

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  1. J_Paul Member

    Considering some of the classic Mopars we see posted here, this seems like a screaming deal. Though an aftermarket cassette deck makes me think that this car was driven until at least the 80s, not the 70s.

    (NOTE: The original ad has been deleted, so any discussion from this point has to be based only on the BarnFinds story)

  2. Cadmanls Member

    These were good running cars, back in 71 college days friend of mine drove his mother’s old car to school. 69 I believe. Gold with black top and that 440 would get up and run. Bench seat shifter on the column and those small GTX badges, kind of a sleeper. These cars don’t get the popularity of the roadrunner.

    • 4 bbl

      No they where great in a straight line but handled terrible and bogged down on the line terrible

  3. JOHN


  4. Skorzeny

    I have never heard the term ‘two post cassette player’. Two capstan? Paul…?

    • SMDA

      Cassette decks were the rich guys, most of us had 8 tracks under the dash.

    • Paul Couch Staff

      A two post radio refers to the two posts sticking out from the dash for the volume and tuning knobs. Also referred to as a dual post radio.

  5. Bmac777 Member

    The ultimate underdash;
    The round dial pioneer supertuner 8 track or cassette!!

  6. Thorton Melon

    Theres an old guy in the neighborhood that has a gold gtx, 68 or 69, not sure. He said he bought it in the 70’s. He reminds me if the stereotypical 70’s guy. (I was born in 1971) he has big Lamb chop side burns and always wears a black cowboy hat with a rattlesnake hat band, big belt buckle and pointy toe boots. (Hard to miss or confuse with anyone else) I used to see him drive it some. About ten years ago He came to a yard sale i had and was driving it. I gave him a stack if hot rod and car craft magazines. Last year i saw him as his grandaughter went to the same school as my daughter but shes older and in junior high now. He recognized me (!) and thanked me again. I asked him about the car. He said he still had it but wasn’t driving it. His daughter was with him and added that it was in her garage and was one of the few things he still had as his step kids from a second wife screwed him out of his house and land. Sad. I told him to hang in there and never let go of the gtx!

  7. George Louis

    1968 Model year vehicles had ROUND Circle side marker lights.The Chrysler vehicle line had small square side marker lights. For the 1969 Model year most vehicles had rectangular side marker reflectors that did not light up, FYI

  8. Troy s

    Nice ride, that 440 super commando should get up right quick, great street engine. Not a real common car, funny how Plymouth comes out with a souped up taxi cab calls it a Road Runner and sales galore!
    Righteous ride!


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