Blank Canvas: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

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If you have always harbored the desire to build the C2 Corvette of your dreams, that dream could now become a reality. This 1963 Corvette Convertible is a blank canvas for the buyer to tackle, and they can build what they want without the trauma of destroying a numbers-matching classic. Located in Solana Beach, California, you will find the Corvette listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is sitting at $11,800, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

As a starting point for a project build, this Corvette has a lot going for it. The body has been stripped of its original Riverside Red paint, and this reveals fiberglass that appears to be in excellent condition. The front clip is an aftermarket item, but the rest of it is original. The buyer might choose to apply a fresh coat of Red or another shade that they find to be more attractive. The frame is spotlessly clean, but with the car dismantled to its current level, I would finish the process so that I could strive for perfection. The only rust of any note is in the window pillars, but the buyer could address this when they strip the car. There is no soft-top, but the factory hardtop looks to be in good order. The owner includes photos of parts that he includes in the sale, and these include bumpers, trim pieces, badges, and sundry other items. The buyer will need to catalog these to establish what can be reused, what will need restoration, and what pieces will need to be replaced.

The engine bay is full of a whole lot of fresh air, and that is one of the things that makes this Corvette so attractive. The buyer could determine the original drivetrain configuration and attempt to replicate that in a faithful refurbishment. Alternately, who could blame them if they chose to slot a fire-breathing big-block into the engine bay? Another group of you would consider following the path of a restomod, and I can see the attraction in that. There are no right or wrong answers here. There is only the knowledge that the buyer won’t be destroying a numbers-matching classic to create the Corvette of their dreams.

While the interior looks like Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, some included components will still give the buyer a starting point inside the Corvette. The original seats are there, but someone has fitted them with leather ’66 covers. This isn’t an issue because they look pretty shabby and would need to be replaced again. There are also the dash humps, gauge fascia, steering wheel, and numerous small trim pieces. Once again, it will be up to the buyer to sort through to determine what can be used in their project.

Okay, have we got your creative juices flowing? This 1963 Corvette Convertible truly is a blank canvas, and its ultimate specifications and appearance will only be limited by the buyer’s imagination. It will never be a numbers-matching classic, but it will allow someone to create the Corvette that Chevrolet never built. Do you feel up to that challenge?

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  1. Rik

    Is it my lack of knowledge on Corvette internals, or are there a lot of support pieces missing from that front clip?

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  2. benjy58

    One rule of thumb is to buy a running driving car. This is the proverbial pit of quicksand.

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  3. Rbig18

    Not sure if it just me or the pictures but something seems off with the lines of this Vette. Bent frame? Mentioned a new front clip maybe that is it.

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  4. gbvette62

    Is the writer must be looking at a different car than I am?

    How can anyone say the “fiberglass is in excellent condition”, when it’s covered in primer? I see a few things that concern me about the condition of the body, not the least of which is the one piece hand laid fiberglass nose (it’s alignment makes me wonder if it’s hung properly). I have to wonder about the quality of the work done by someone who would hang a new nose, and not repair the a-pillar rust first. Also, how is the frame “spotlessly clean”, when much of it looks like it has a coat of rattle can black, right over the old dirt and rust? The fiberglass floor and trans tunnel, seem to have some issues too.

    For a “starting point for a project build” I think I’d spend a little more and buy something that has more going for it. Unless you have a lot of money, and/or car building skills, I’d pass on this one.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    You could do like I guy I met somewhere back in the late 80’s early 90’s. He had picked up a Vette with a blown engine, body was in so-so shape. He had a 392 Hemi along with a Torque Flight tranny and was planning on combining them into a drag car. That was back in the days when old Vettes were just old cars and you could pick them up for a decent price. I only got to see it a couple of times and it was still a project car at that time. Always wondered if he finished it and how it ran.

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  6. Bob R

    If your goal is to end up with a 63 Corvette proceed with caution. The doors, seats, hardtop and frame are not from a 63. Someone just put a bunch of mid year parts together.

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  7. Nikrnic

    Looks like a nightmare of a money trap for repop Chinese parts to finish. No thanks. Be better off spending 75k for a real deal with real value.

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  8. dogwater

    It looks like a great project for someone doing a lot of the work themselves if you could buy it for around 15K and know the frame not bent it will look ok with a motor installed

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  9. gaspumpchas

    look down the body line and something doesnt make sense, looks like its humped up in the middle?? You guys may get tired of me mentioning fake bids, but this one sets a new low. There’s like 4 bids with minus one (-1) feedback, wtf is that all about? This does look like a mishmosh of parts; you need a corvette expert to look at it. good luck and know what you are buying.

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  10. Kenn

    $11,800 and reserve not met, for this faux ‘vette with no engine or drivetrain. Why?

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  11. Nikrnic

    Sellers description starts out by saying. ” This is a great opportunity “.. doesn’t that sound like Steve Davies from BJ…🤣

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  12. george mattar

    Walk away. Far too many good cars without the problems this boat anchor has. Very few body men left that actually know how to put an old Corvette together. If the fiberglass dust hasn’t killed them, no one wants to get involved anymore. You can buy a 63 convertible for $50,000 today in driving condition that can be enjoyed instead of spending untold hours fixing this heap and running down missing parts. This is for a guy with too much time on his hands.

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