Blue Plate Find: 1975 Lincoln Mark IV

This 1975 Lincoln Continental is said to be part of a massive 200 car collection of California born-and-bred vehicles. This Mark IV coupe features its original California blue plates and looks quite handsome with no obvious accident damage or modifications from stock condition. Power comes from a healthy 460 V8 mated to a C6 automatic transmission and the Lincoln is said to cruise effortlessly. Find it here on eBay with bidding just over $2K and no reserve.

While brown is certainly an in-period color, it’s not what I’d call the top choice for a model like this. Then again, given how many of these big boats are still on the road, I wouldn’t hesitate to modify this car. Find some period gold mesh wheels, drop it ever-so-slightly, and you’re looking at a car that’s going to make jaws drop all over again. We’ve got enough cruisers; let’s make this one a period-correct sled.

Don’t touch the interior. This is a living room on wheels and that’s one of the Mark IV’s best features. Plus, there’s nothing that needs changing in here – the dash is perfect, and the seats look excellent, and the carpets are sure to keep your feet happy. Sliding that shifter into drive is likely one of the more satisfying sensory experiences of the automotive universe, especially when paired to a healthy 460.

While some might be tempted to swap out the engine for a modern powerplant, that’s not what this Lincoln is about. I purely want to see some wheels that fill out those big arches, and an airbag suspension that keeps comfort levels high but amps up the proverbial attitude factor. Slap on some wheels powdercoated in gold or bronze and cruise, cruise, cruise. Would you modify or preserve a Mark IV like this?


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  1. rpol35

    It’s too original to screw with. I’m not much on these but this is a beautiful example.

    BTW, that “healthy” 460 CI V8 only putters out about 202 net horsepower.

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    • Ralph

      Torque is what counts here, thats what moves this thing along.

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  2. CanuckCarGuy

    Growing up in a small town, these were driven by the older professional crowd…of which my family was not a part. Despite that, or perhaps because of that, they’ve always appealed to me. The brown and tan looks sharp on these…however I’d prefer the reverse, that cool cream colour from this era along with a brown vinyl roof. Wonder what treasures hide among the other 199 cars?

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  3. art

    Aw, Jeff..u missed your chance…”Blue Plate Special”…lol

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  4. Joe Machado

    My dad bought a new 76 Cartier Mark. Brought it to my home for me to see his new car.

    I asked him, why didn’t you have them paint it?
    If you missed it, Cartier is a polished looking primer. or, Dove Grey.
    I had a 69 Mark, root beer and tan top. Very comfortible.
    This one is beautiful.
    Just got back from 2 cross country trips delivering 2 separate Cudas to Florida. I saw a lot of old cars in yards. One place had about 20 1957 Chevies.
    From Dallas to Amarillo on hwy 287, there were many places where cars are rotting away. I have 2 more trips within the next two weeks to same place in Florida.

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    • ccrvtt

      You need to keep reporting updates on this site. Keep us all posted.

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  5. ccrvtt

    Just as the Wagoneer listed previously was my father-in-law’s dream car, this Mark would have been my Dad’s choice. If he could have gotten it for 2 grand back then I’m sure he wouldn’t have bought Moby Chevy, the gigantic white 1974 Caprice he had when he died.

    My dad lived through the Depression and WWII and worked in the auto & truck manufacturing industry. He was by no means a car guy, preferring fly fishing and golf to getting his hands dirty. He was a first-generation American who voted Republican and joined a country club. He liked watching Dean Martin’s tv show.

    Dean Martin would have driven a car like this.

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  6. normadesmond

    Used to drive one of these.
    Made you feel r e a l g o o d.

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  7. Ken

    These Mark IVs and down were only a precursor to what was coming. The Mark Vs were the majestic continentals.

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    • gearjammer63

      Respectfully, Ken, I disagree. The Mark IV is the most beautiful of the Mark series in my opinion. High on my list of must-have 1970s geekmobiles. From ’72 to ’76, I love ’em all! The predecessors and successors, not so much…

  8. sparkster

    The person responsible for this ad needs to teach a class on how to take great pictures of incredible automobiles. Well done.

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  9. Sam61

    Cannon approved…check the seats for 🌮 or 🍟.

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  10. Dovi65

    Beautiful car. Great price. I miss the days of these land yachts being a regular part of the scenery. Automakers weren’t scared of individualized style; NOT looking like every other car on the road.

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    • Fairlane frank

      I have 5 old fords, but this one I dont get. Bloated, poor performing, shocking mileage, and butt-ugly with those pile-driver bumpers. Test drove one once. Sputtered, rolled, could not bring back to dealer fast enough. Had a Gran Torino Elite in those colors; a classy ride with a more reasonable size. As an alternative to this car, I would look at a later 5-liter Town car with a usable interior and good mileage.

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  11. luke arnott Member

    I had one of these 40 years ago – worst thing I’ve ever driven,although in fact you merely pointed it in whatever direction you chose and crossed your fingers.

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  12. George Mattar

    I know a hillbilly who has 3 of these rotting in his yard. His neighbors hate home. He hasn’t had a job in 35 years and says he will get to them. I have a better chance of growing black hair tonight. Big POS with gutless engines.

  13. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I Bought a two tone blue and white with white leather interior. Mine also got the moon roof. It was a beautiful car that just floated along at any speed. It also had a 8 track player with CB radio built in. Very comfortable riding car. I was single at the time and only used the car for socializing. I also owned a 74 Gremlin X and a 69 Chevy pickup. The Gremlin got the most use because of its ease of driving in town plus great fuel economy. The Lincoln was a sweet ride but really liked drinking gas.
    God bless America

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  14. John Oliveri

    First and foremost, wire mesh wheels and lowering is the worst idea I’ve ever heard, this car needs Truespokes and Vogues, with the gold stripe, then u re pinstripe the car bottom line the vogue gold top line match the interior, please don’t try to update a classic, day 2 from the era works best, this isn’t a Toyota

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  15. Del

    3 miles to a gallon.

    Thats fully tuned only.

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  16. Joe Machado

    Gas mileage is not number one, full body protection is. Gas is cheaper than blood.
    Have luxury cars, muscle cars, converts, and Zero so called cars with high mileage. Besides, hot rodding high mileage cars defeats their purpose.
    My 69 Mark beat a few Vettes in the 80’s.
    If mileage is important to you yungins, a bicycle will suit you fine. Leave the fuel for those of us not afraid of big cars.
    Miles per hour, not miles per gallon.
    Econo cars, boring at car shows.

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  17. W9BAG

    Had a ’76. Wonderful driving car. 4 wheel disc brakes (hydraulic booster !) worked very well. All the “bells & whistles”. But, as expected, it handled like a pig on roller skates, and the 460 would only turn the tires on ice. And oh my, did it like to drink ! It was also available with ABS! Yes it was. Loved driving it.

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  18. Fairlane frank

    0-60 in 12.1sec. Quarter mi in 18.9sec
    10.1 MPG average advertised, which no one will ever see. A low point in Detroit engineering. Over 5300 lbs, but not as safe as a small Toyota with airbags. Yeah, its a pig.

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  19. Bob Member

    If this were not Brown, I would buy it.

  20. KKW

    I’ve noticed a few haters here, probably guys who weren’t around back in the day, probably drove one of these after it was 30 years old and worn out. My grandfather bought a new Mark IV in 73, granted the 460, like every engine, was heavily detuned by the early 70s, but it could hit 80mph fairly swiftly, and when it did, you couldn’t even tell you were moving, like riding on a cloud. No car today even comes close. As far as handling, yeah they were a little soft on the the corners, no kidding, they were a big luxury car,but they were driven by real men, so it was all good. As far as gas mileage, if you drove like a civilized human being, unlike people today, they were good for double digit mileage. Nobody back then cared about gas mileage anyway, you could fill the tank for 5 or 6 bucks, 35cents a gallon, do the math. These were great cars,

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  21. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Another car which does not “fit” with most any measure we now consider important. But for its day, it was something special.

    Just about any 40+ year old car does not “fit” with most current measures, including beloved muscle cars.

    I don’t want one of these, but I respect it, and this one is very nice.

  22. Jesse Colson

    What the hell is that green wire running along the rocker panel ?

  23. Gransedan

    I’d like to see more of the ’49 Lincoln Cosmopolitan visible through the windshield.

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  24. Del

    There seems to be one if these Ford Whales on here every week.

    Make sure you pic a mint one cause there are lots to chose from.

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  25. oldcarsarecool

    Do I see an incredibly rare Muntz Jet next to the Lincoln Cosmopolitan and ’62 Cadillac in the third photo ? That would be an amazing find !

  26. KKW

    That’s not a 62 Cadillac, it’s a 61 Galaxie. And what the hell is a Muntz Jet?

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    • luke arnott Member

      Muntz made 394 cars between 1950 & 1954,with Cadillac & Lincoln engines.

      • KKW

        Interesting. I’ll have to read up on that. Thanks for enlightening me.

    • oldcarsarecool

      Ok, I see that now. At first glance, I thought I saw a Cadillac grill. Good eyes !

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