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British Barn Find: 1964 Jaguar Mark X

For buyers seeking a British luxury sedan during the sixties decade, one very opulent choice was the Jaguar Mark X, which saw production beginning with the 1961 model and running through 1970.  The large size and distinctive lines looked sleek on the outside, but the car also featured some modern goodies you couldn’t see from the road such as independent rear suspension and four-wheel disc brakes.  Unfortunately, the 1964 Mark X here on Facebook Marketplace has been immobile for quite some time and is in need of restoration, but if you’ve been looking for a Jag project maybe this one’s worth considering.  The British saloon is currently barned in Petoskey, Michigan, and comes with an asking price of $10,000.

Our thanks go out to Barn Finds reader JimA for his excellent tip here!  We get little information regarding how long the Mark has been stored or if it was running when parked, but I’m guessing whatever collided with the roof is probably the culprit that took this one off the road, or at least was a major contributor.  No details are provided about how this fate was suffered, and while I’ve successfully straightened some panels in my day this indention is way beyond anything I have ever attempted, and PDR won’t be an option here although some PBR might help soothe the endeavor.  It’s kind of hard to tell too many details about the rest of the body with all the barn crud on the surface, but the exterior does seem pretty much complete.

It appears the once elegant interior has fallen into a state of disarray, with extensive seat cracking and a hole in the driver’s side area that hopefully wasn’t made by critters.  Even though the dash panel is sort of a mess, most gauges appear to still be intact and in reasonably good cosmetic condition, but no word on whether or not they were functioning at the time storage began.

There’s also no mention if the inline 6 was operational when parked, but the engine bay seems to be in fairly good order with the seller indicating 9,157 miles of travel but the odometer has more than likely started over.  It’s going to take a considerable amount of effort to get there, but if you’ve got the know-how to make all those repairs I could envision a sharp Mark X once the work is completed.  What are your thoughts on this one?


  1. Nevada1/2rack Nevada1/2rack Member

    This is one nasty feral kitty, and the scratch is going to cause some serious hurt to whomever adopts it; in excellent condition it might bring $30,000.
    Maybe it’d be best to leave it in the barn to take care of the mice.

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  2. JohnfromSC

    Jag sedans in this condition aren’t typically realistic to restore. At this point, it’s a parts car worth $2K. There was recently a Mark IX that was innpieces that the owner tried to get $6.5K for with no takers. Price of that one is now $2K.

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    • TomP

      The car hobby is all about money anymore. I’ve never seen anything like it. Back when I was younger, someone would buy this car, clean it up, get it running, and make memories to last a lifetime. The days of having fun with a car are gone, because now it’s all about money.

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      • Darrell S Leland

        I’ve seen that change too over the years in the hobby. But in the case of a car like this it wouldn’t be so much resale value as the sheer cost and effort of making it nice again. The engine alone would cost ten grand to rebuild. Plus it demands very specialized service knowledge to work on one of these.

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    • tompdx

      Totally agree, John. This is a parts car. I’ve looked at a few in the Pacific NW in much better shape than this for $1500. Badly neglecter Mk Xs are very hard to give away.

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  3. Joe Meccia Member

    At least clean it up a little and blow up the tires for 10K! Yikes!! This really isn’t a demand model but because someone has a Jaguar, it’s going to bring $$$$? If I was given this car and told I must restore it and not sell it for parts, I would definitely pass…..It’s like the old joke…. A guy is selling apples at stand and the sign says ” Apples! $500.00 each!” Someone come along and says, ” Why so expensive?” He replies, ” I only have to sell one!”

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  4. Lee Norman

    Let’s be honest at this stage. This Jaguar is now past its prime and will cause headaches for the new buyer and most likely end a good marriage, especially for those brave enough to invest in such a project. The buyer should receive $10,000 for being brave enough to take on the Jaguar.
    Good luck and God’s blessings!

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  5. LCL

    I think that roof was stomped on for cruel sport.

    I saw a guy walk on the roof of a 50s Jag saloon in his garage to show how strong it was. Just silly.
    And geez, gosh, like Joe wrote, if you want 10k for something you ought to clean it up.

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    • Big C

      The owner probably tap danced on the roof, after his umteenth attempt to get the Prince of Darkness to respond to his pleas.

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  6. JimmeeDGeek

    Years back I thought I wanted to own a Jaguar, until an owner at the time told me when you buy one, you become an automatic member of the “Grand-a-month Club”.
    I asked what that was and he said “that’s what it costs to keep one running”.
    History has not proven him wrong.

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  7. Robin Tomlin

    The memory of pushing my father’s Jaguar down the street on those English freezing foggy mornings of the early 70s to start it put me off ever owning one. Having said that, I love ‘m and this money pit is my favorite style.

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  8. JagManBill

    one too many zeros. This is a $1,000 tops parts car and thats for the engine core and rear end (if you can find a buyer anymore). I was offered one similar about 3 months ago and if I’d had room I would have picked it up for his $500 asking price. I’m still considering it as he still hasn’t found a buyer…

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  9. Lawrence Smith

    This is a $500.00 car if your lucky, then i would want it cleaned up & tires blown up.

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  10. Jimbosidecar

    I was surprised to see it has 3 carbs. I thought only the E type had triple carbs.

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    • Aidan McAlister

      All Mark 10 and 420G had the exact same engine as the E-Type until the E-Type adopted the V12. There are loads of similarities and many parts are shared.

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  11. Johndrake1

    I’ve owned a Mark 10 sedan for almost 40 years. At this point, they are a labor of love because they are probably the least desirable Jaguar to sell. They are magnificent cars and were built to a very high standard. To restore the interior, with all the wood and leather, will cost a fortune. Unless one is doing the mechanical work themselves, it is hard to find expert mechanics and expensive when one can. Short of finding someone willing to take this project on, the best way to go might be for this seller to part the car out, particularly to E-Type owners who could be interested in the engine, triple SU carbs, etc.

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    • JagManBill

      JohnDrake1 et al; There is one large difference in the E type and Mk X/420G engines…the intake. On the E its a straight port horizontal. On the Mk/420G, the engine is actually cantered about 3 or 4 degrees left if I remember. So the intake if you look straight at it with the engine level tips down slightly.
      I’m now the caretaker of my Dad’s 65 MkX DC British Embassy limo. Its now been in the family since October 1981. Have to agree owning one is a labor of love.

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  12. Gerard Frederick

    To offer this for 10 big ones is an i nnsult.

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    • John Blair

      My brother’s 59 Mark IX cost the asking price of this,for his interior… materials. The labor was $90 and hour, if I recall correctly, and they put 100+ hours in. So 2x the asking price, to do interior, before touching the body, drive train or suspension. That’s a lot of time, effort and money for a time machine, as astoundingly beautiful as the Mark IX’s successor was when up to snuff. I’d take a Mark X over a comparable Bentley, Rolls or Mercedes of the era- in a heartbeat.

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  13. Sean M Sinkule

    Parts Car, JUNK

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  14. Gavin Elster

    There were quite a few of these knockin’ around Hollywood, in the 80’s with 350 V8 conversions. Sacrilege, perhaps, but they started,almost every time and got around. My parents friends use to joke, in the 60’s, “Drove the Jag down to Palm Springs, it only broke-down, once!”

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    • Daniel Bayne

      When traveling to west coast in 93 with family ; we had run into a couple from the Midwest with a almost all Chev conversion in the Mark X. It had style and roar. They said the effort was worth it as one of a kind cruiser!

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  15. Chris Cornetto

    Not Oh….Baby but, EEEEW BABY! this is flat out junk. It isn’t worth the time to air the tires,” which likely wouldn’t happen either,” There is one of these in the classic row at the u-pull-it right now. Not sure of the year but it is the 60s for sure. That unit puts this thing to shame and not a single piece is gone.

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