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British Bonanza: Collection of MGs and Triumphs

This is one of those cases where a picture certainly is worth a thousand words, as there’s a lot to say about this stash of British classics in what looks like a gigantic Quonset hut somewhere in Louisville, Kentucky. The seller notes that some of the vehicles have prices, which seem quite reasonable if you scroll through the whole listing here on Facebook Marketplace. This includes $600 for what looks like a complete Triumph TR7 and $800 for a Spitfire convertible. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Chuck F. for the find. 

This find looks strangely similar to the massive stash of vintage Mazdas in a barn down in Louisiana. Where are all these guys finding these huge empty buildings to stash their project cars in? The cars on display here all look deserving of indoor storage, with the exception of one or two vehicles that are truly parts cars. The good news is, no matter how complete they are or aren’t, the body panels all look reasonably tidy with no indications of major rust. This TR7 is one of two the seller has, but given the other car has no price listed, I’m guessing it’s been sold.

If there had been a TR8 in the mix, I might be looking for car transport services from Louisville. The multi-colored Midget has clearly seen better days, but it’s also just $500 and doesn’t appear to be all that rotten. There may be some rust in the bottom edge of the driver’s side fender, but that’s almost to be expected by this point. It’s hard to tell for sure, especially since the rest of the car looks so straight. The problem with this project is it’s not exactly hard to find one in better condition and the lack of a title is going to turn some potential buyers off.

The Spitfire looks reasonably sound as well, and aside from needing a new soft top, I don’t see anything particularly worrisome from this angle. The seller notes that “…some are supposed to run,” but that he hasn’t personally fired any of them up. This seems like the case of a seller who doesn’t have much interest in old British tin but has nevertheless been tasked with getting rid of them. The Spitfire is going for $800 – are any of these forgotten British sports cars cheap enough to warrant a drive to Louisville?


  1. Steve R

    Finally someone selling a stash of one particular brand of car that looks like their goal is to move them on to new owners. Sellers of these “collections” seem to think their cars are worth a premium, they generally aren’t. These are priced so the next owner can part them out, if needed, and still come out ahead. That’s a novel concept nowadays, especially since they seller doesn’t have the titles.

    Steve R

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  2. EPO3

    For $800.00 dollars the green spit is a deal the hood is worth that

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    • Anthony M.

      Easily the same with that HTF removeable hardtop on that multi-color Midget. Seems to me most everything is priced appropriately in that cache.

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  3. HoA Howard A Member

    Great find for someone, but a rapidly declining market. These are cars that are generally overlooked today, although. I’ll admit, the TR7 is a viable option. The Sprigets, love the hardtop, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those on a Midget and Spitfires are just too out of place on today’s roads. This seems to be what happens to these types of cars, one person collects them all because almost nobody else does. The fact they are indoors is a huge plus, and kudos to the seller for thinking enough of them to do that.
    BTW to staff, seems FB Marketplace is the new CL, which is the new Ebay and I don’t know what Ebay is, but I think people that don’t have FB can view these ads.

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    • banjo

      Maybe a Spitfire is not great on an interstate, or in the heavy traffic of cities, but out here in rural America they hold their own just fine. I don’t think the market for “LBCs” is on the decline at all. Spridgets and Spitties have always been low cost but still fun cars. There is a definite size limit to the driver of a Spridget, but a Spit offers surprising room.

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    • Skorzeny

      FB is disgusting and I will have nothing to do with it.

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      • IkeyHeyman

        If you think FB itself is disgusting, you should see some of the cars and trucks people list on it.

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      • Mark Member

        I am with you SKorzeny!

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  4. Daniel Gavin

    Owned 2 AH Sprites in the last 60’s…….fun cars. I’m still the same weight as I was in the 60’s and could still fit in one…..but would be scared to death to get out into traffic…..way too small for my tastes these days. I guess I was a lot braver when I was 17 !!!

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Hey Howard, factory top on my ’62 Midget. Loved it in winter!

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  6. charlie Member

    Riding in a supercharged Bug eye Sprite in the early 60’s with a friend, incredibly good (and daring) driver, 45 mph to 70 mph weaving in and out of heavy traffic on the East Side Highway in Manhattan was exciting (cars only), but on the Cross Bronx Expressway (I 95) with semi’s all around was just plain terrifying. SO, I am comfortable in LA traffic in a WRX, it is not a lot larger but has a lot more metal around you than any of these. And they are British and break down. On a date with a new girlfriend back then who had a new TR 4 or something similar, less than a year old, hydraulic clutch connection broke, drove her home by matching rev’s to shift, stalling at stop lights and using starter motor to get us going. I was a hero to her father, if not her.

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    • CJinSD

      A WRX is about twice the size of a Sprite. Twice the mass, twice the volume, twice the footprint.

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  7. Daniel Gavin

    Charlie……I grew up in Woodside, Queens NY. That’s were I owned my 2 Sprites……so I know exactly what your taking about. Dated a girl in the Bronx and had to deal with the Cross Bronx Expressway many times….even at 21,
    I was scared next to the 18 wheelers!!

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  8. Gerard Frederick

    —— and they are British and break down. Man THAT´S cold, even if true. Truth be told, I´ve owned Italians and Germans, they too break down, however not quite as frequently. I could sing a song about the Italians which would sound like Verdi had written it, nevertheless when they go, they really GO.

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  9. charlie Member

    In the 60’s I owned an MG and a Jag, the MG was happy, and so was I, at 45 – 50 mph on an old road, the Jag was stupendous on all roads, but neither was reliable enough to use if I had to be there on time. I had a Chevy for that. But nothing, German, American, of almost all makes, or Swedish, ever came close to my 2005 Toyota 4Runner for trouble free driving.

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    • grant

      If you need an absolutely rock solid and dependable transportation appliance, nothing whatsoever beats a Toyota.

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  10. Gerard Frederick

    It is true, in terms of reliability, nothing beats a Toyota. Of course, Kia is hot on their heels.

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  11. Daniel Gavin

    Charlie………I agree with you again. One of the best vehicles I have ever owned was a ’90 Toyota 4 Runner. Rock solid!! My daily driver now is a 2016 RX 330 with 52k miles……Lexus is the gold standard for reliability…none better!!

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  12. Wayne

    Having worked at a Toyota store. Toyotas are not the cars they were in the ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s. Their reliability has dropped off and others have surpassed them. (believe it or not Hyundai and Kia!) Having just recently sold a very low mile (32,000) and no rust MGB GT,I can vouch for the “still” desirability of LBCs. Only one MGB left in the heard. But that project will sit on hold for awhile as I build a new house and shop.

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