British Bonanza: Jaguar Collection for Sale

This is a very cool assortment of Jaguars that has come up for sale, with almost all of the models on offer featuring a swap with Chevrolet running gear of some variation. While it’s not for purists, it does look like an excellent way to get into an era some would consider “peak Jaguar” without the penalty of trying to keep a vintage engine in perfect tune. The Jaguar XK120, for instance, has a 302 under the hood paired with a Tremec 5-speed gearbox. The seller reports he has held onto the original running gear, but I wouldn’t change a thing. He’s asking $65,000 and the rest of the collection is visible here on craigslist near Scottsdale.

This gorgeous 1960 Jaguar Mark II 3.8 sedan is another conversion, this time with a 4.3 Chevrolet V6 paired with a 350 automatic transmission. That one leaves me a little bit cold, only because I’m struggling to rationalize the pairing of the workhorse 4.3 with a stately British luxury car. While you could claim the same prejudice holds true with the V8 swaps, at least it sounds like a performance car. The 4.3 may be reliable and far more of a turnkey setup than the motor it came with, but I just can’t imagine being excited to fire it up and go for a spirited drive. Regardless, this Mark II is in beautiful shape with very attractive colors.

That is the one constant with all of these cars: the details seem to be done very right, with the Jaguars not only sporting a comprehensive drivetrain conversion but also gorgeous interiors with perfect paint. This appears to be the Mark II (again) and my grumblings about the 4.3 aside, the cabin is absolutely gorgeous. The wood trim is polished to a blinding sheen and the leather seating surfaces have perfect piping and virtually no signs of wear. The console, the carpets, the steering wheel – it’s all been done to a high level. The seller is asking $29,500 or best offer for the sedan.

Shockingly, the one Jaguar that doesn’t have an engine conversion is the one model that always seems to get one. This 1990 XJS V12 has only 30,000 original miles and is a very attractive black-on-black combination. We rarely see this color scheme, as it seems like most XJS models are red on black or white on tan; black on black is borderline sinister, and the low mileage means the interior is in excellent shape with near-perfect seats, carpet, and center console, although the wood trim under the shifter could use some re-work. This seller has amassed an attractive collection of iconic British cars, and I’m having a hard time deciding which one I’d take home. What about you?


  1. gippy

    That 120 DHC was on FB marketplace for 47,000.00 last week.

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  2. Phil

    Let’s be clear. That V-8 in the XK120 is under the bonnet. The hood is stowed away somewhere in the picture.

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  3. Slomoogee

    The Mk2 V6 is most likely a kit from a company in Texas. I have a Mk1 and looked into doing one on my Jaguar. They look to be well done.

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  4. CCFisher

    The GM 4.3 V6 in the Mark II seems like sacrilege, until you think about how may British vehicles were equipped with a derivative of the Buick 3.5L V8. Aside from aluminum construction, it was a thoroughly ordinary American engine.

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  5. RexFox Member

    The last time that XK120 was shown on Barn Finds, there was a lot of controversy in the comments section regarding the color, the engine, and wether or not it even started life as a convertible. I’ll go back on record saying it’s pretty and should be fun to drive.

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  6. MikeH

    Except for the XJS, they’re Chevrolets with Jaguar bodies.

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    • Tracy

      And Jaguar prices!

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  7. Bert Arthur

    Chevrolets with Jaguar bodies sounds like reliability caught up with class!

  8. Rallye Member

    The Daimler that’s the same car as the MKII has the Daimler Hemi V8.

    My customers MKII is stock red tan and looks good with whitewalls.
    The 4.2 makes pleasant sounds.
    They salted the roads here, so I don’t know when it gets test driven since I had the Lucas distributor in my Sun machine.

  9. charlie Member

    A friend remarked, in the early 1960’s, that Jags were $6000 cars with $12,000 engines. So it is fitting that the car is now worth more than the engine!

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  10. chrlsful

    a fav engine (jag i6) that’s what is sought by this non-aficionado. No i8 in jag (daimler was only Brit I believe) my tops. But ‘C’, ‘D’ thru the last XK installed in ’92 all suit me ! 1/2 a century of development aint bad~

  11. OldCarGuy

    Is that yellow vehicle, behind the XKE, a modern Isetta>

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