Brumos Serviced: 1966 Porsche 911

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UPDATE: The seller has asked us to pull down the photos of his car because of the negative attention he felt came from the comments section. You can view more photos here on his website though.

Looking downright sinister on blacked-out magnesium American Racing wheels, this 1966 Porsche 911 has all the hallmarks of enthusiast ownership history. It has been well preserved since new, and while the paint is a bit tired, the seller says there’s not a spot of rust on it and the doors still close like new. The Brumos Porsche service history doesn’t hurt, either. Find it here on eBay with a $139,500 Buy-It-Now (vin: 304530).

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The wheels were a popular look for autocrossers in the 1970s, and the options list seems just like what any one of us would spec out if buying a new Porsche: tinted glass, “Talbot” wing mirror, Blaupunkt stereo, and a Webasto heater. It really is everything you need and nothing you don’t, which is a common ordering tactic of enthusiasts looking for a car they can drive to work during the week and at the track on the weekends.

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The interior actually looks a touch better than the outside, with untorn vinyl seats, a vintage aftermarket three-spoke steering wheel, and “old, period race belts” still attached. The seller notes that the in-period touches continue around the exterior, including Euro-spec Marchal headlights. The wood-grain dash insert is hard to see from far away but looks sound, a rare find in that sort of condition if the pictures aren’t lying. The seller notes that somewhere around half of this 911 has been repainted.

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The seller notes this 911 was serviced by the legendary Brumos Porsche dealer when new, and it still wears its (priceless) Brumos Porsche license plate frame. The engine bay looks quite tidy for 117,450 miles, and hopefully the rust blisters above the engine are so minor they aren’t worth fretting about. The seller says pretty much just that, noting “There have been no repairs to the body tub. The undercoat is original and flaking off in places revealing only solid metal. There are no rust issues.” With that said, the asking price is steep, but the eyeball appeal is strong.

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  1. Fiete T.

    Nice, but $139 k+ nice? In relation to the headlights, I have a funny story about vintage French vehicle lights. I was given a Travco by my uncle who ordered it new in ’75. Arrived in ’76 and he took it to Alaska (mom’s family has been there 7 generations deep). One of the modifications he made was to put CIBIE driving and fog lights on it. So on the front are 4 large, rectangular lights that are in great shape. My old college roommate is a Corvette guy, saw the lights and was like,”Can I show a picture to this guy?” I didn’t care, ended up getting an offer for them for $600. They were restoring a vintage race car, yadda, yadda. Turned them down. Eventually, I heard $1600- yeah. Problem is, my uncle is still around and they belong on the rig. And if they started by low-balling like that, screw them. Not worth the hassle.
    And man, they work incredibly well (they have glass, concave lenses) in low/no light conditions

  2. KevinR

    I’d really want to see some underside shots. Savannah has a very humid climate with the added risk posed by an ocean side city. According to the plates on the car, this car hasn’t been registered in 26 years. Expect a lot of work to bring it back to running condition.

    As much as I like 911s, I have found the recent pricing of the air cooled cars to be ridiculous. This one is no different in that regard.

  3. Mike

    Can’t think of anything else to do with it other than peel off the Porsche decal off the windshield, find a more vintage steering wheel and oh yeah, drop the price.

  4. Pa Tina

    the seller says there’s not a spot of rust on it

    Has the seller seen the Ebay images?

    • DAN

      he says
      There are no rust issues.

      • Pa Tina

        When does rust qualify as an “issue”?

  5. Chad

    a fan might pay that…
    better list it on their boards 2 gedid, tho

  6. Mountainwoodie

    Wow….maybe the Webasto heater makes it worth more! Until it catches your butt on fire! I know some folks think the earlier swb P cars are worth more and Brumos…..yadda yadda yadda…but……my ‘70 sunroof dealer a/c went for 50 or so last year and I don’t think prices have jumped that much!

  7. Dan in TX

    Looks like the hubcaps fell off.

  8. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    My usual source says these have sold at auction recently for a median price of $114K, so if somebody thinks that half-original dull silver paint and rust—maybe just surface rust, but definitely rust—around the edges of some of the body panels makes it worth more than $114K, then good luck to him.

    And if the seller doesn’t think surface rust is an issue, I wonder what he would say about rust perforation, since that’s what will happen eventually if that surface rust isn’t dealt with.

  9. Superdessucke

    No one needs a Webasto heater, LOL! That’s a separate heater in the trunk powered by gasoline flowing through it for those not familiar. No thanks. Porsche dropped this option probably not long after this car was built, relying instead on air dragged across the exhaust manifolds to provide heat, as the Air Cooled Porsche Gods intended. Amen.

    Neither is good but I will take exhaust fumes over an ancient gasoline contraption right in front of me any day.

  10. Lawyer George

    I’m as speechless as a lawyer can be. When I looked at it I was thinking $8 grand–I know nothing about Porsche’s even though I have a ’99 Boxster (but I don’t think that counts.) But $139,500?–come on! Ya kidding me? The thing looks pretty rough around the edges. Okay. In this crazy Porsche market–$10,000.00.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Well, $10k probably isn’t realistic for any classic 911 these days. Hagerty lists a #4 at $70k and another ’66 (needing the floor replaced) just sold on eBay for $50k.

  11. Cobramon

    Sinister wheels but black wheels look like the spare wheels on Pintos. Polish ‘em.

  12. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    The seller has requested we pull down the photos because he feels that the negative comments are going to make it harder to sell the car. We complied, but have also added a link in the first paragraph to their website. There are more photos of the underside and it doesn’t look too bad.

    • Pa Tina

      Bad precedent sir. Feel free to delete before anyone else reads this.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        We only complied because his trademark was on the photo. I never said we agreed with the seller on pricing or selling techniques. Relax Pa Tina!

      • Pa Tina

        10-4 Good buddy!

  13. Pa Tina

    Here is another comment for the overly-sensitive seller with the “surface-rust doesn’t really count as rust when you are selling a $139,500 car”

    Serviced at Brumos doesn’t really qualify for much unless the service writer was Pope John XXIII. A dealership by any other name is still a dealership.

    BF Guys- If this remark is overly critical then my work here is finished. Feel free to deep-six it as you probably will.

  14. Bryan W Cohn

    SWB 911’s are still one of the gold standard’s of 911’s.

    There are two others on ebay right now, $249k and $325k respectively.

    This story will get you all: In 1989 I bought a 66 911, complete but pretty far apart for $600. The intent was always to flip it as I did not have the fund to restore the car, but I did plan on cleaning, inventory and possibly reinstalling the ancillaries back onto the engine. Before I could pick it up I was offered $2000 or $2200 (its been a long time, I forget) and I had to do nothing except meet the guy at the storage location so he could load it up. So, for what amounted to my doing next to no work I made at least $1400. That was a decent haul for 24 yr old me…….

  15. Drach

    The correct phrase, from LONG BEFORE SEINFELD, is “yadada, yadada, yadada. Sometimes writers make mistakes.

  16. twisted nipple

    I’m a bit confused and disappointed here. I thought the name of this site was Barn Finds , isn’t that what this car is ? I really don’t understand all the negativity. It’s obvious that this owner likes barn finds. This is the same source as that cool 74 Carrera that was here a few days ago. Check me if I’m wrong, but “barn finds” are rarely without issue and each unique in their own way. Pre 1968 911’s are quite valuable these days as most all original ones have holes big enough to throw a cat through. This one obviously doesn’t. Yes, it’s not without issue, but in the big scheme of things it’s quite good. It has all the original big parts, and quite the desirable look. The owner certainly knows something about the market as this appears to be his business. Really, any potential buyer for this car would put eyes on it and see what he or she is getting in to. It’s an asking price people, lighten up. I think real barn find fans want people like this to feel welcome on this site instead of rediculed. If some of you ignorant trolls don’t have something constructive to add you may want to find a different web site to haunt. This one may not be for you. Jesse, thank you for bringing this car to our attention. I really like it. And I like Barn Finds.

    • Pa Tina

      Thanks, but you may have missed the point. From my point of view the seller could ask $1,000,000 for all I care as I will never be in a position to purchase such a vehicle. The point was about making a statement that the car was “rust-free” when it is obviously not, whether it is parsed as “surface-rust”, “sub-surface rust”, ” pre-patina rust” or “toss a cat through it rust”. Then the seller gets concerned about folks pointing that out and takes his ball and goes home. If the seller can’t stand the heat, get out of the garage. And we are not “Ignorant trolls”

      • Bullethead

        Unless you’re active in the early Porsche 911 marketplace, your point of view is moot. You may not think of yourself as a troll in this conversation, but you are ignorant of early 911 values. Which is, of course, an agreed price between buyer and seller like it or not. This ’66 will find a willing buyer because of what it is in totality, and that OG paint with all it’s warts is part of it. The wheels alone on this car carry a hefty price tag. Just for fun, price a set.

        This particular seller is well known for finding and saving exceptional examples of the marque, and his restorations of rare works-modified racers have been participants in multiple Rennsport Reunions. I’m sure he doesn’t feel any heat from the usual tiresome cliché comments regarding old Porsches, but like some of us, just weariness.

      • Pa Tina

        You have also missed the point, but I will admit I am no longer ignorant of how pretentious Porschephiles are.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        Ok guys, let’s chill out. Everyone is entitled to their opinion here, but as the rules state, no personal attacks.

  17. Super Dave

    If it was 2014 it would be $50,000.00 more. Relax.

  18. Bill B

    Chill out…or maybe be given a Time out…say a week or two? I don’t want to read this nonsense.

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