Bumpside Beauty? 1967 Ford F100 Short Bed

1967 kicked off the next generation for the Ford F-Series pickups that would last through 1972. In fact, it heavily influenced the full size line through 1979. This truck is a good example of the current build trend with these trucks: original patina with modified suspension and drivetrain. Offered here on craigslist in Tulsa, OK for $7,500. While this may seem like the high end of the market, this truck appears to have most of the hard work completed. Enjoy driving it now while you continue to modify it to your style.

As mentioned above, a current trend with these trucks is to get them low to the ground. This truck certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department. Lowered 6″ in the front and 7″ in the rear, it uses a combination of new suspension components and modified springs to achieve its new altitude. The frame has also been notched to achieve extra clearance. It also features disc brakes which is a great upgrade compared to the drums it probably left the factory with.

The ad doesn’t say much about the power plant other than it features the stock 360 and rebuilt 3-speed transmission. It does say it has a 9-inch rear end, so it will handle the power if you build the stock engine or drop in something else.  These trucks have monster engine bays and can usually hold a blown big block or high rise manifold without cutting a hole in the hood.

The seller does say the steering is stiff. These trucks benefit greatly from a power steering conversion. If this truck doesn’t have it, that should be a priority for the next owner. Other than that, there’s not much else to be done to this one. You could always do the bodywork and paint, but it probably won’t get as many looks and thumbs-up as it does now.

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  1. KevinW

    Hmm, modified springs. Hope they didn’t just cut the coils, because to get it that low , would be too many coils resulting in the harshest ride imagined. Speaking strictly from experience here,lol!

    • racer99

      Looks like some form of aftermarket or home-built I-Beams were used to lower the front of the truck. Good news is all the suspension components up to 1978 will bolt-in so adding power steering and power brakes is pretty easy. I’m not impressed with the C-notch work in the rear (is the rear of the frame really sagging that much?) which makes me wonder about the rest of the build. For $7500 you will have to find just the right person who wants it the way it’s been built and trusts the build quality — it’s not for me. Those trucks are still available untouched and you can go up to the mid-80’s versions if you want trucks optioned with ps, pb, cruise, a/c, automatic trans, etc., for driver quality vehicles.

  2. Mountainwoodie

    The steering in this or same era Chevies is a bear ( you know how I know) without power steering . But thats ok as these trucks are made for men…..not heat warming power mirror adjusting 60,000 dollars modern truck drivin types. BUT…………….lowered like this it must really be a bear to drive.besides which whats the point if you’re not a cholo?

    • misterlou Member

      Not really the lowrider crowd @mountainwoodie. Gas Monkey started this craze, adding the CrownVic front end, etc. Look for some guy from Brooklyn with a beard and a fixie in the bed driving this. I like the look.

  3. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Not my dad’s…….

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    The stock engine would’ve been a 352. Ford didn’t offer a 360 until ’68. Only difference between the two is .050″ more in the bore. If this truck came my way the first thing I would do is undo the dropped suspension and start getting it back up where it belongs.

  5. KevinR

    How much does it cost to “de-Gas Monkey” it? I find these to be one of the better looking truck designs from the ’60s. Should be an easy sale.

    • jackthemailman

      De-“Gas Monkey” it? I don’t see anything about an air-bag suspension. Those “parts changers” have ruined more vehicles than a demolition derby.

  6. Mikey MO

    First thing in the work would be to demillennialize and put the suspension back to stock and ride it paint as is

  7. Neal wade

    Here’s my barn find, 67 f100 air power steering 1 owner new tires overdrive I’d take 12900 for it

  8. Wrong Way

    LOL, he ruined it when he lowered it! What a shame! I love original!

  9. Morley

    Too low in my opinion. However I do not own it. Here is my version —1980 –F100 Custom. Ordered it new, bill of sale still in the glove box, no rain, no winter, no miles. Haven’t driven it for years, just sits under the car cover in a nice dry garage–not a barn , no chicken poop, no dirt, no bikes or yard junk piled on top. Will only be available at my estate sale.

    • racer99

      For those like actually want to use their trucks the 1980’s versions of the Ford and GM truck are much more user friendly and lots of times have pretty good options list. And, BTW, can be had at much more rational prices. As you mentioned, the stance of the showcased truck makes it a rat-rod show piece only.

  10. gaspumpchas

    i’m with u guys, looks silly dropped down as they were great looking at Stock height.Here in NY the salt got the cab mounts and the rest of the iron;would love to have this one!

  11. jackthemailman

    I’ll bite: WTF is “bumpside”?

    • Warren

      Bumpside refers to the convex trim line running along the body on the 67-72 models. The 73-79 trucks were known as “dentsides” due to the concave line running along the body.

      • jackthemailman

        Thanks. It seems a good (and cheap) way to keep large panels straight, too.

  12. Shane Friederich

    I like it but he is nuts with that price.

  13. GaryC Gary charlton

    Too low. More acceptable would be a 3-4″ drop in the front, with 4-5″ drop on the rear.
    The Crown Vic cross member is a bolt in cartridge once you have set up your frame. Then the Lincoln Mark VIII independent rear suspension, which is also a bolt in cartridge once you have set up your frame. Now you have Hall effect devices at each wheel. Now you can set it up with anti lock braking. Ford super charged Coyote engine, modern climate controlled, modern instruments, a clean sound system. Creature comfort interior and yes a clean single or two tone paint job. Now that would be a nice pick up.

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