Caged Beast: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

It doesn’t seem right to see a thoroughbred caged up, but that appears to have been the fate of this 1967 Mustang Fastback. However, the time has come to set it free, and the person to do that could well be you. If it is, then you will find the Mustang located in Yucaipa, California, and listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN price for the Mustang has been set at $22,000, but you could always chance your arm by making an offer.

I’ve definitely seen some Mustangs that have been in worse shape than this one, but there’s still some work to do here. The floors will need replacing, and the passenger side quarter panel will either need to be repaired or replaced. The rest of the car looks quite good, but I really would like to get a bit of a peek underneath the car for my own peace of mind. The scoops are probably an acquired taste, but I would personally ditch them because they really don’t add much to the appearance of the car. The wheels and tires that are fitted to the Mustang are new, and I think that they suit the car quite well. All of the glass is good with the exception of the windshield, which has a pretty decent sort of crack in it. The owner says that the car also comes with miscellaneous parts, so hopefully, it is close to complete, as the owner suggests.

Now there’s a photo designed to mess with your head! It honestly doesn’t tell us a heap about the inside of the car, but I can tell you that the interior will need some major work. The rear seat and a lot of the plastic trim are in decent, usable condition, but the dash, pad, front seats, door trims, and carpet are all going to require plenty of attention. What you can’t see clearly in the photos is the headliner, but since I can’t see it hanging down anywhere, it might be okay. The front seats aren’t original, but a new set of covers will disguise that.

The Mustang does come with an engine and transmission, but these aren’t currently fitted to the car. The owner does say that he will bolt them in to make it easier to transport, but it sounds like they might be coming back out again when the new owner gets the car home. The motor is a 302ci, with a C4 automatic bolted to it. The owner doesn’t indicate how healthy this combination is, but while the engine is sporting a new timing chain cover, it is missing the valve covers, the intake, and the carburetor.

Is this 1967 Mustang worth the asking price? I’ll leave you to answer that question. It certainly has potential, and if it is as solid as the owner indicates, then it would be a pretty reasonable starting point for a restoration project. As I write this, there are 90 people who are watching the listing, so that indicates that there is a reasonable amount of interest in the car.


  1. MH

    Does it have Lamborghini doors on just the drivers side?

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    • Albert

      Yes it had BOLD door hinges on it

  2. CCFisher

    The upholstery pattern suggests the seats are from a ’68 or ’69. The round opening for the headrest post suggests ’68. Unusual to see ’68 seats with the optional headrests.

  3. GKrone

    $22,000 BIN for a worn out 67 run of the mill fastback? It’s going to sit there with no bids at the end of the sale. Probably only worth a couple thousand.

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    • Tom Member

      Yes I am thinking there is an accidental extra 2 or a 0 in that price! Cool concept but wow, what a money pit especially considering it was not born with any pedigree besides being a cool fastback. Sorry, about $15K overpriced for what it is and I think I am being generous.

      Watch this market everyone. There are going to be A LOT of very nice cars on the market during the next 15 years with much lower prices….just my prediction after buying, selling and restoring muscle cars over the past 35 years. Kids are going to be selling off Dad’s silly car collections as age unfortunately creeps in.

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      • On and On On and On Member

        I agree Tom, after selling my father and his brother’s cars a 1928 and a 1939 for nothing the last couple years I now see the cycle of 60s muscle cars peaking. My question to you sir is what is the next class of collectibles based on your expertise?

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    I’m with GKrone- without any pics of the underbelly and rust areas (everywhere on a rustang) This pony doesn’t have a lot going for it. If it is really a solid car still nowhere near 22 large. Pictures, pictures pictures. Good inspection a must. Good luck to the new owner, unless you can get it for a good offer that price is way out of line.

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  5. Little_Cars

    Great comment about the Lambo door, MH! Seriously, though, they couldn’t open it any other way as it is not attached to the car. Only being held in place by the nearby chain link fence perhaps? Wow.

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    • AMXBrian

      Considering all of the issues with this car, it’s funny and ridiculous to put Lambo door hinges on it at all AND above fixing anything else.

      • Jack

        The owner can do whatever they want to the car, it’s ridiculous to say otherwise

  6. dyno dan

    i’ll bid a Klingon batliff and an hour with jadzia dax!

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  7. grant

    22k for a rusty, beat up, misidentified ’68 fastback with questionable bodywork (yes, that driver’s door has scissor hinges on it, and that’s going to be a bear to put right.) Even in Cali, that’s just nuts.

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    • Jack

      It’s a 67

  8. karl

    That is one wavy dash pad !

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  9. Tim S. Member

    There are thousands upon thousands of classics ready to drive and enjoy right now that can be bought for that asking price. I couldn’t see buying that unless it had a personal connections.

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  10. Al

    April first again already?

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  11. TimM

    If I had this it would have to be stripped down to bare metal and totally rebuilt!! This is never a cheap way to go!! At $22,000 it’s out of the question for me!!! I’m not sure what the seller is seeing but unless there’s a couple of gold bars that goes with it a beat to death 302 automatic fastback is not worth that much in this condition!!

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  12. Troy s

    It was the rims and tires, mostly the rims, that caught my eye on this one along with the Shelby looking scoops. Thought there was more to this one, picture of the door opening upwards kinda blew it for me, 302 doesn’t seem too exciting either. And then there’s all the other problems…for how much money?

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  13. Bruce Rolfe

    I can tell you that when I sold this car the drivers side door opened just fine and like it is supposed to. Not sure what he did to it to cause it to open like that. The drivers side floor pan is gone, passenger side was okay. That passenger rear quarter should be replaced. Glad I didn’t sell him the 427 Top Oiler I was planning on putting in it.

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    • Jack

      They are BOLD hinges, easily reversable

  14. David Ulrey

    Flat out love 67 Fastback Mustangs but sadly this one needs to stay in it’s cage. :(

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  15. Craig

    At $22,000 that car will stay caged up and rust away

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    • Jack

      Sold locally for 20k

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