California Comet for $2,200: 1962 Mercury Comet

Here’s a good looking blank slate for you Mercury lovers, this one would be great restored back to original spec or modded a bit. It’s a 1962 Mercury Comet and it can be found here on Craigslist in beautiful San Miguel, California. The seller is asking $2,200 or offer for this Comet project. Thanks to Ikey H. for submitting this tip!

This car looks great, doesn’t it? At least as far as being rust and dent-free? Surface rust can be dealt with fairly easily compared to having to lug out the welder and spend night after night and weekend after weekend welding up rust holes. Or, maybe that’s what a person enjoys doing, I’d sure rather spend my time doing other things on a restoration than that. This appears to be more of a lean-to or backyard find than a barn find, it sure is dusty. Thankfully, it’s dry in San Miguel, maybe a little too dry, but it must have helped to preserve this Comet. They do say, however, that the body “is solid with just a few small areas of rust in the floorboards.”

1962 is when the Comet name was officially tied to Mercury, as in a Mercury Comet. Previously, it was just known as a Comet. It took me a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the seats being placed in the car perpendicular to how they’re normally in a car. What is shown, other than the top of the dash, looks fairly good, no? The first and second-generation Comets were sister cars to the Ford Falcon. There seemed to be some disagreement about that on a previous post, that they were in fact related to the Ford Fairlane. They were, but not until the third-generation cars came out in 1966.

The owner says that they have “a rebuilt 78 200 six cylinder long block to replace the 140, a C4 auto transmission.” So, the engine shown here is actually a 144 cubic-inch inline-six with 85 hp. A 1978 200 cubic-inch inline-six would have at least 120 hp so that would be a nice upgrade for sure. How would you bring back this ’62 Comet?


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  1. JACKinNWPA Jack in NWPA Member

    Use the 200, keep the auto, give it a nice restoration but not chalk mark crazy then take it out for ice cream.

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  2. Dave Mika Member

    Ah, but with a six-banger, that ice cream just might melt before it got back to the house.

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    • 63Comet

      Hardly. You can hit rod the 200 and get some decent pep out of them. I did and if I can do it, anyone can do it. Makes for a fun ride and is definitely different than the standard 492 swap.

  3. Mountainwoodie

    Once again someone wants to sell a car by showing it in situ, covered with dirt and wreaking of disuse having been ignored for years. Not a sales strategy that says “Buy this!..Lets go back to the days of common sense and have folks put a little effort into their attempts to sell their cars..

    Gingerly stepping off my soapbox I note that this is a six cylinder slushbox. A stripper. Its worth what the ask is…. Why?

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    • dweezilaz

      Not a stripper. Deluxe interior, radio, heater, automatic, exterior trim package, back up lights and probably whitewalls when new.

      This is a Mercury Comet Custom.

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  4. Del

    Another seller failure.

    Clean it up.

    No one be paying asking price for this


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  5. Gaspumpchas

    actually, the later six and c4 would be a nice upgrade compared to the 2 speed slush o matic, but sure bet is a small block. would leave the outside as is, Like this comet! Good luck to the new owner!!


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  6. CapNemo

    I want to Gasser this thing really badly.

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  7. Had Two

    Hard to believe Chubby Checker and The Beach Boys were on the AM airwaves
    at the same time this Merc Vomit was making its Main Street debut.

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  8. Del

    And apparently has the rare Swivel seat option 😁😂🤣

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  9. Wayne

    Yes! Introducing the new Mercury Vomit!
    It is available with Puke Green paint, a through up hood and optional bucket seats!
    Sorry, I had to regurgitate one of my mother’s bad jokes from the ’60s.
    I actually really like this car. A few minor upgrades underneath, (brakes and suspension) new paint and wheels and an upgraded (read larger) 6 cylinder engine and C4 transmission would make a very nice cruiser.

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  10. Werner

    I’d restore it to original condition and paint it light blue like the one my parents had in the 1960’s. Ours didn’t have back up lights though. Must have not been a “Deluxe” model.

  11. Steve

    Cool cars, but something of a “red headed step child”…I had a 62 S22 a few years ago that I picked up for $400. I had to repair some crash damage to the right front fender and grill. (Found a mint grill at Desert Valley Auto Parts for $100!). Couldn’t sell it outright , so I swapped a guy straight across for a 1967 Massey Ferguson 2200 Industrial tractor with a Perkins diesel, front loader and box blade.

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  12. Marvin

    The valve cover appears to be red, that would make it a 170 cubic inch (unless repainted….etc). 144’s were all blue.

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