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Faux Race Patina: 2012 McLaren MP4-12C

This McLaren MP4-12C looks like it just finished running the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Of course, looks can be deceiving too, so a deeper dive is in order. Southhampton, New York is where you will find this 2012 McLaren supercar and it is available here on eBay for a BIN price of  $110,000; there is a “make an offer” option too.

Produced in Surry, England, between 2011  and 2014, the MP4-12C, or simply the 12C as they are generally referred to, were offered in both coupe and retractable roof versions. Fast? You bet! Performance tests of the time claim a 207 MPH top speed with 0-60 MPH taking 2.8 seconds and 0-100 MPH requiring 6.0 seconds.

Back to this example, however, it’s a wrap! This McLaren was finished off initially in a hue known as Carbon Black but it has been wrapped to look like an entry from the Can-Am series racing. Why? I guess because it could be though the seller states that it was done as a tribute to Bruce McLaren and the Can-Am series. In what kind of shape is the body underneath all of the applied advertising? No telling. Same goes for the Carbon Black finish, you’d have to unwrap it to find out. We’ll have to go with the assumption that the splattered-on dirt is part of the wrap and not something that the seller had to actually fling all over the car.

Under the bonnet is a non Can-Am prepared, standard McLaren 3.8 liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine which develops 592 HP. The seller advises that the engine has had the “2013 Upgrade” applied so the power output should now be 616 HP. This 13K mile 12C had its $7,200, five-year, 140 multipoint inspection service completed in October of 2018 so it’s good to go. The seller states, “This car has been fastidiously maintained and looked after by its current and second owner.”  The transaxle employed is a seven-speed dual-clutch unit.

The interior looks pretty much as you would expect the interior of a supercar to look. It is trimmed in full black leather with contrasting orange stitching along the leading edge of the dashboard. The seller adds that this McLaren is optioned with: “Electric and heated memory seats, carbon fiber sill panels, premium Meridian Surround Sound Package, parking sensors, branded floor mat set, car cover, warning triangle and first aid kit.” Fortunately, no race track antics have been applied to the interior, it appears to be original, as intended, and in fine condition.

This image is the kicker, here’s how this McLaren looked before Halloween set in. It is a beautiful car and as I write this article, I actually had a white one pass me this morning on a residential street in South Florida. There is no mistaking the look, sound, or abrupt shift caused by the dual-clutch transaxle. So, what to do here, I’d want to disrobe it and go back to originality, it’s too beautiful a car to leave in this “posed” state, but that’s just my preference. How about you, race version, or original?


  1. Alexander

    Am I the only one who has this crazy idea of robbing a bank tearing out of town in the wrapped version, pulling into a garage, ripping off the wrap, and then escaping undetected?

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    The patina nonsense appears to have reached its nadir with this car…

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  3. ILoveCarz

    Well, I can’t complain about this post, as I am myself a supercar lover, but just wondering, why is this post even here? This is Barn Finds, correct? Or did I get the wrong address? Or is this a car from the 60s that was restored in 2012 so it now has a 2012 title? What’s up here? Was it stored in a barn, and just recently found? Or did you just write it up because it was patina? Most likely the latter. Just please don’t turn this website into a normal ‘used cars for sale’ website. ANYWAAY, sorry for the little rant. You may proceed.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff


      Point duly noted. Yes, this is not a typical Barn Find but we try to mix it up from time to time with cars that are, well, ah, I don’t know, let’s say, out there and a bit hard to explain. And this one is that!

      Thx for reading!


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      • Gaspumpchas

        Hey Jim– keep on doing what you are doing! those who dont like the fact that all of the cars you show fit the moniker “barn finds” can kindly pick the cars they want to look at and move on. I love the variety! Cheers and Happy 4th,

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      • Dave Mazz

        I agree with Gaspumpchas!!! The verity is what makes this site so interesting. Also, “Barn Finds” doesn’t seem to specify what type or condition of car is being featured. I would think one “barn” might contain a newly restored Bugatti, while the next “barn” might have noting more than old horse manure. .

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    • MBorst

      Well, it’s obvious you read the deal on the car ! And now your complaining ? This car was found and may end up in someone’s barn someday instead of the scrapyard because of a high speed crash. Besides, I enjoy seeing a few Vette eaters. Since my son is a Vette owner.

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      • Harry

        I was reading this because, i wonder why is this story here, in barn finds..? I still dont see any reason.
        It’s like my favorit radio channel which is for 80’s music, but it plays sometimes 90’s and even 2000’s music.
        And now i dont like it anymore.

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  4. Tempo Matador Ray

    Hey Jim Odonnell,
    Nice job👍, I like when you stir it up with all things automobilia. Normally I’m not a fan of the wrap concept, however this one is well done and lures you in with its roadworthy and weathered look. In addition, it adds that extra comfort of not worrying about road debris…

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    Jim great job. It is great not to tune in to the same old Corvette and Camaro. I am considering wrapping a vintage car myself. The science has changed. Like gas engines the paint and body man will one day fall by the wayside. A wrap can add elements that a paint cannot.

    A buddy is a professional painter recently did a vintage Nova. His paint work is second to none. He wrapped it. I had to really look close to even tell. He said he can peel it and change it. Cant do that with paint.

    As far as the above Supercar I LOVE IT. It is the only way to drive it like you stole it while keeping the original paint sealed safe inside. Very will done. It’s the only way to have it. Looks awesome!

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  6. Christopher Gentry

    Yeah. I personally like the wrap. But I like race car tributes. And you can rip her off when ever you get tired of it.

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  7. 4504 Member

    Personally, I think it is stupid, unless you live near a track where it stands a chance of being taken as a real race car. I am not saying I wouldn’t take it if offered, but there enough fake people, fake cars, fake coins, fake politics, fake watches and generally enough fakeness around. Maybe the driver can fake a pursuit with a friend in a fake police car chasing you to a fake high-end auction event at a hotel, where you rip off your fake driving suit and helmet and dress in a fake tuxedo like a fake secret agent and blend in with the fake crowd where you can wow fake hot skinny blonds with stories of your fake career.

    That being said, the USA is a great country and one can do just about anything with their money that they want. But come on, who is fooling who? But as I said, I would gladly involve myself in all the fake points above if I had the car, until I could afford a great real paint job.

    I have had experience with driving a fake car. It was just your average 1971 Porsche 914 1.7 (actually it is a VW made and was marketed in Europe as a VW, but once it got over to the USA, it magically got faked into being a Porsche. I wanted, but could not afford, a 914-6, so I put on faked 6’s wheels, faked 914-6 badging, etc. You know what? I felt like a fake!

    With all of that, this car is no fake, it just has the faked wrap or whatever. I would put on a quality paint job which does not paint me as a faking fool. This is just my own opinion. I think that faking stuff in pretty much the norm now. Yes, I would take a fake Lambo Countach but with a fiero motor you would not see me looking for street races. And you know that the jig is really up when the hot skinny blonde you faked to get into the car, looks around, and says “the inside of this car looks like the inside of a Fiero!”

    Actually my whole post was a fake in itself. I actually like the car the way it is.

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  8. dyno dan

    sounds fake to me!

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  9. Karl

    I don’t understand the wrap but the owner can do whatever he wants. McLaren builds some of the finest and fastest cars ever built and this is an outstanding example! I very much appreciate showing this vehicle on this site it’s not the ordinary product of the big 3. Love the car it looks like it would be a pleasure to drive!

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  10. robj Member

    On the other hand, you can drive it without worrying about every speck of dirt that lands and you can leave your “California Duster” in it’s package. And
    I assume it will also protect the original paint for the next guy.
    I kinda like it… Not that it matters. Not exactly my price range…

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