Can You Identify This Swedish Barn Find?

We all enjoy a good car spotting challenge! This one comes from a reader named Oscar and it’s sitting in a barn somewhere in Sweden. You can view the ad here on Blocket. Please enter your guesses in the comments section below. Thanks for sharing this with us Oscar!

The rear window is as big as the trunk lid! Maybe those tail lights are a hint?

Those wheels appear to have come off a Volvo. Remember, we are in Sweden.

It looks like someone crossed a Ferrari with a Cobra with a TVR with a… Any guesses what it is?


  1. slickb

    uhhhhhhhh not a clue… :)

    • Rick Carlson

      Jensen 541 I believe.

    • Kevin Zollars


    • William

      It’s a genossa I don’t know if I spelled that correctly but only 4 to 500 were made. A video was made about one being found in a dudes garage but it was missing all the engine components.

    • Geri

      I don’t know what it is- or care ,I just know I want it…

  2. Dolphin Member

    It’s probably in here:

    unless it’s a one-off custom.

  3. CarBuzzard Member


  4. Jim S.

    Is it a Fobrav?

  5. Stewart Elliot

    License plate “BOL 826” is a British plate! Not sure if that suggests manufactured there or just registered there first. Inclined to think kit car!

    “A three letter/three number series was introduced in 1932
    By the mid-1950s all marks had been allocated, so marks issued by some authorities were reversed with letters following numbers. Others continued to issue ‘forward’ marks (numbers following letters) until the mid-1960s”

    Not sure if it helps or not

    • Mark

      It’s more likely to be Swedish – 3 letters, 3 numbers used from 1973 to 1984.

    • Thorsten Krueger

      It’s not a “British” numberplate. It is a “Swedish”. They have these version 3letters/3digits since very long and still in use.

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    • PAW

      No, this is not a British plate. A standard Swedish plate with a tax sticker in the middle at the back plate

      If I would need to guess, this is a special built on a Volvo Duett chassis. They used to be pretty popular at one time

    • Martin Horrocks

      Good theoory but this is a Swedish plate. UK was always white (later silver) on black.

      It is not a Ginetta, Berkeley, Marcos or GSM. The look is more 70s than 60s with scalloped/Frenched lights (just standard Lucas, so no clues there), flares and paint.

      You would get a Rover engine in UK but probably not an Olds or use Volvo running gear, so I think this originates in Sweden. Maybe it uses a UK special body (such as Falcon/Rochdale) as a base, but it could just as easily be a one-off or small run Swedish company which failed.

      So no, I can´t I identify it, but interesting!

  6. Jim

    Those are Volvo wheels, but not a volvo!

  7. Jim

    Just don’t get people that have a shop/barn building like that and are complete slobs with stuff just thrown around. Although I’m not an advocate for laws or gov intervention but people who keep their stuff like this should be prevented from owning anything of value. I guess it’s just the neat freak in me that wants to clean that place up and put everything in it’s place.

    • Martin Horrocks

      Fortunately such folk are also talented photographers….having said that, a lot of interesting things have survived because of irrational hoarders.

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  8. Mikes hot rod shop

    1959 or 1960 GSM

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Hood is missing the peak, fender missing the crease, no fins, tail lights are different.

      Unless you mean a GSM I am unfamiliar with…

  9. Sara


  10. alan

    Looks like a Swedish TVR.

    • Jesper

      Yess TVR

  11. Jake Loring

    What engine in it? Cool short wheel base lookin ride!

    • Eric M.

      The ad says it has Ann aluminium Oldsmobile V8. Did Olds have a version of Buick’s 215?

      • xjerk

        Yes, Olds had their version and they offered a turbo option in 1963 called Jetfire.

      • scottymac

        Jetfire introduced April ’62 (about a month before Corvair turbo Spyder). About 3500 ’62 models, about 6500 ’63s.

  12. Brandon Robinson

    Ford Fairlane

  13. Sciguy58

    Volvo rims have a unique bolt pattern, so that at least narrows it down. Those wheels are from a turbo 240 series.

    • skloon

      They share it with Ferrari and some Fords- hope for the former

  14. Sciguy58

    At least on the right side, the wheels on the left are different

  15. Bengt

    The ad states that the car was (re)built in the late sixties with a fiberglass body on a steel frame and that it´s powered by an Oldsmobile aluminum 161 hp V8 engine. The steel frame is probably a shortened 1955 Ford Fairlane, because the car has an idenity as such a car in the offical Swedish car register. The register also states that is hasn´t been inspected and legal to use since 1983. It also seems that the current owner is the one that rebuilt it to a two seater. The car has total weight of only 1050 kg and a length of only 4 meters so it must be quite a perfomer. The asking price is 100.000 Swedish kronor (about 12.000 US $).

  16. rustylink

    Looks like a glass kit for AH Sprite…

  17. Murray Member

    Its definitely a Whatchamacallit located where ever its at. Lol. Really does look like a kit car

    • James t Pugh

      Not shour but I have to agree looks to be a lot of cars put into one. Could been a one off car or a kit car. American v8. Volvo wheels . British styling in back in Italian up front.

  18. llesrok

    Hi! I checked the swedish car registry and it is registered as a 1955 Ford Fairlane with changed bodywork. I think the body is swedish made (Carina). Without that ugly hardtop and with some nice wheels and a new paint job it will look great.

    • owe persson

      its a copy of a ferrari mondial. ockelbo or carina glasfiberbody and then modified in the back…

  19. Rx7turboII

    Isn’t that the stunt double car from the movie Speed Racer? LOL

  20. Bill Young

    I’m for kit car. Cross between a buncha things. I’m no pro and that’s fine. Don’t really care. Things like this bore me. Kids stuff but. Hey.
    Sweden ? Really ?
    I’m 87, Buick 10 sec Turbo T.
    That car ? Boy junk. Crush it.

  21. Patrick D.

    Melling Wildcat. Similar to a TVR Griffith.

    • Martin Horrocks

      Similar look, but this is much older and less sophisticated. Melling was engine builder for later TVR V8s, I think, so almost a proper car!

  22. Jordan c

    I think it’s chevolvotvrcobra mg addition

  23. Jordan c

    Go speed racer GO!!!!!

  24. Kevin

    Its a jag

  25. Thumper

    1950s jag is what it looks like

  26. Robert G.

    Definitely a whatyamacallit kit car…. not a bad one either, could be base AC British car ??

  27. DanH

    It’s a ’72 Ford F-250 with rear mounted 390 (with the Duntov cam) mated to Porsche trans axle…duh.

  28. Matt

    looks like the kits they have for the MG/Sprite … considering its an english plate its very likely

  29. Wrong Way

    I have no idea! I can’t even think of a good guess! I would like to know tho!

  30. pat gill

    not a British number plate, similar but no cigar,

  31. Robert G

    It does not need a British number plate to be British.

  32. David V Morris

    A Volvo Marcos sport car…..

    • Sheldon Braffman

      Neat looking car. Surprised Volvo would build this. It looks more like an enlarged quasi- SAAB Sonnet with some Italian styling thrown in. Too bad it didn’t make it across the pond.

  33. Simon

    Saab Sonnett?

  34. ROTAG999

    Ikea Door Prize

  35. Ken

    It’s definitely a Miata. Because Miata is always the answer.

  36. Kevin Zollars

    Late 60’s Cheetah

  37. Neil G

    “Absolut” Citroen in lovnaset

  38. Russell

    I first thought Marcos or Ginetta, but then started thinking Lenham bodied something or other. It has a British look which is a good thing, but whatever lurks below could be just about anything.

  39. Stewart Elliot

    Patrick D suggested melling wildcat, and it looks very similar. What I cannot get round is the door hinges on the outside of this car that I do not see on any of the cars suggested so far, correct me if I am wrong!

  40. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    British built Berkeley, the 4 wheel version. The big giveaway is the outside door hinges. The removable hardtop is VERY rare, but probably a good idea considering Swedish winters.

    • Stewart Elliot

      Rear lights are sunken on this car but not on Beckley’s, gas filler on left hand side, but in middle on berkleys, front hood on this car goes almost to the windshield on this car but stops about a foot short on Beckley’s! Am I being pedantic?

  41. James L. Ellis
  42. Ulf Danielsson

    It is a Swedish number plate. The car is an modified Ford Fairlane 1955 with probably an fibreglas body. The car has not been in traffic since 1984.

  43. Pete

    It is kit based on a Ford Fairlane. Yes, really! Most likely a cut and shut job on the chassis or a bespoke space frame of the back yard variety 😂

    • Martin Horrocks

      I doubt it. Can see no reason why Ford Fairlane comes up in the advert, but in any case how could a Fairlane be reduced to this length, width and low height? And why start there if you were coming here?

      On the Swedish theme, car is LHD which again makes me think late 60s/70s origins. Sweden used to drive on left until well into the 1960s (though many 60s home market cars were LHD as they knew what was going to happen)

      • Pete

        It is registered as such. In order to be allowed to do such a conversion at the time you had to use a minimum amount of parts from the donor. If not a horrendous new car tax would hit you. So yes it really is what it says.

  44. Clay Bryant

    If I had 100,000 spare Svenska Krone laying around I might be interested. Good lines………………….

  45. Pete

    Btw built at the end of the 60ies. The BOP aluminium V8 may have been a slight cheat. Not at all uncommon at the time car tax being so high then.

  46. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster 55chevy

    Ultra rare Miata prototype

  47. hans

    its a ockelbo body copy of Ferrari .the a Swedish race car driver namn Ulf Norinder have just both some time mid to late 50 .and the man that was make the copy whent on to make snow mobile and boat .

  48. DannyG

    It looks like a Saab Sonnet.

    • JackT

      Agree, the external door hinges are the giveaway.

  49. Rashad

    1970 Porsche 914/6

  50. Ole Hageberg

    According to the Swedish register it is originally a rebuilt Ford Fairlane -55
    Not been on the road since 1984. Can not find anything about the engine, exept from the effect 160HP. Could be anything??

    • Wrong Way

      I just don’t see a Ford Fairlane! How do you see a Fairlane in this tiny car?

      • Ole Hageberg

        Totally agree, but that`s what the registration tells

  51. Tricky

    Its an early Fiskah. Although they werent called Fiskah back then but Fiskah was the designer – as in the mofern Fiskah. Its built on a Volvo Duett chassis with Olds V8…

  52. Chrestian Willhans

    I just got word from a Swedish Facebook group stating that it is based on a 1955 Ford Fairlane chassie with a home made body. Built in the 70’s. The Volvo wheels give it away as being slightly larger that the Midget/Sprite/Speedwell that the styling hints at. Still, that Ford frame must have been shortened quite a bit, and the later Volvo wheels have a different bolt pattern than the Ford (Volvo had the 5/4,5″ up until the early 70’s when the Amazon/121 went out of production), so it probably uses Volvo axles.

  53. Duff

    The door hinges are early Austin Mini. Check Google Images.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.4.242….0.–F86xjpaEA#imgrc=jOAV69PQNq59dM:

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