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Can It Be Saved? 1968 Dodge Charger

If ever a vehicle could talk and speak for itself, this 1968 Dodge Charger would be a good candidate to have its own voice, ’cause I’m kind of at a loss for words of what stands before us here.  With demand for second-generation Chargers being through the roof, there’s usually some redeeming quality that can be found in just about any contribution if you look hard enough, but this one’s a mess.  Or maybe it’s me and I’m just not looking hard enough, as a group of people obviously are seeing some potential here, and the B-Body has already been bid up to $3,650.  If you’ve got a real glass-half-full mindset, there’s still time to get in on the action, so if you’d like to check it out this 1968 Dodge Charger can be found here on eBay.  It’s located in Coventry, Rhode Island, and the good news is there’s no reserve, so the high bidder will be taking it home.

The Charger is said to be an original, but an original what exactly I’m not quite sure.  I seem to have lost count of how many different colored panels appear to have been assembled to hold this car together, and how the body stance got this way to start with is a mystery in itself.  My initial thought was perhaps the car may have been the victim of some sort of crude small oval-track racing, but I don’t think that would explain this much flexing.  The seller throws out the idea of thinking outside the box and using the Nova subframe that is provided with the car, which he says is ready to go, or just putting it on another chassis.  That all sounds easy enough, right?

The ad mentions that the car is driveable, but it is not regularly driven.  Given the fact that the motor is gone and there’s no transmission, maybe what he means is it can move around Fred Flintstone style, which would be possible given that most of the floorboards look like they’ve either rusted away or been cut out.  The car does still have a rear-end and leaf springs with shackle extenders intact, so maybe that’s of some use, but possibly more useful if they were removed and put in another car.

Moving to the inside, I guess the Fred Flintstone method won’t work after all, as there are no seats and no steering wheel.  In fact, there’s not much interior to be found at all, as the steering column is also missing and just about all the dash components are gone as well.  The inner door jambs, A-pillars, and rear wheel wells are all stated to be solid.  The only glass I could find present was a windshield, but even that looks like it’s been through some sort of tragic event.

You won’t be hauling around any suitcases in this trunk, as mother nature has claimed it, and you can’t even use the top of the gas tank as a luggage rest like in some rusty B-Bodies because that’s missing too.  Looking past the whole, maybe there really are enough useable parts to justify a purchase, but I’m just not feeling even a highly skilled marksman putting Humpty Dumpty back together here.  What do you think?


  1. Cadmanls Member

    What are these people bidding on? Seems like something thrown together to resemble a Charger, but seriously rust is everywhere and the front body mounts for a K member seems pretty much gone and bonus item is Camaro subframe, wow. Don’t want to insult the Mopar crowd, but is this all that’s left? 31 bids so far and 5 days left.

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    • Robert

      The person posting this pile of CRAP should be arrested for pushing junk. Any person buying thid pile of rusted crap should have their head examined.

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  2. Melton Mooney

    I have an old horse trailer out back…and some pitted Charger emblems. I wonder….

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  3. Ike Onick

    Magic 8 Ball says “Highly Unlikely”

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  4. CCFisher

    Is this a joke? No engine, no transmission, no glass, no interior, no floors, no solid body panels, and no title. What is here that is worth $4049 (the current bid)? My guess is that the seller is bidding on it with shill accounts, hoping that one poor soul will see all the activity, assume there is value here, and place a real bid.

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  5. Joe Machado

    The subframe ruined it fo me. Think how much I’ll save due to less weight inside trailer.
    No open trailer, parts of rust would land on someone’s windshield and they would need the anti-rust shots, 1, 2, and a 3rd dose.

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  6. mike

    Anything can be saved…All you need here is a good donor car.

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    • Ike Onick

      @mike- But the donor car will be in better shape, so how does that work?

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  7. Gary

    I love 68 Chargers and have owned three 68-70 R/T’s, but damn. Time to give the ol girl a proper burial.

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  8. Steve

    Drag it to the crusher before someone hurts themselves and needs a tetanus shot.

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  9. arkie Member

    Cut it down the middle, and , with some well-placed bracing, you can have two wall hangers!

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    • xrotaryguy

      Or cut it down the middle and sell two chargers for $4200 each! 🤣

  10. Karen Bryan

    What we have here is a corpse that not even the buzzards would touch anymore. Parts car? What parts? They’re gone. Not worth the gas it would take to tow it to the crusher.

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  11. kaf

    The 4×4 holding it all together is a nice touch.

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  12. Tommy T-Tops

    Bubba go back thar to them woods back there and see if you can rustle together a charger from all them parts laying around..we get some live ones I betcha

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  13. Steve

    Tommy T-tops,
    I hear banjo music in the background.

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  14. gregv

    I’ve heard of “back-halved”, this thing’s been everything-halved.

  15. Big C

    Before Barrett-Jackson and Mecum Auctions? Even Cletus here, wouldn’t think of listing this pig for actual money.

  16. 8banger 8banger Member

    I’d rather take my chances with the van in front of it.

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  17. Dizzle

    All I can say is WOW

  18. Bud Lee

    Look Ma , I fixed it .

  19. Mark

    Looks like a Buster Keaton special…..

  20. John J

    Another Barn Find
    Numbers matching original survivor

  21. Tom

    Another pile of rusted metal send to the trash heap nothing worth saving..

  22. Joe Machado

    There is more metal here than a new car

  23. Mikey P

    ran when parked

  24. Poncho

    Don’t know what everyone is hating on this car so much for…I remember buddies of mine in the 80’s taking their solid 1970 Challenger and stripping everything out to go drag racing. I helped another friend out when he rolled his 1970 Nova and I located a big block Nova SS roller, factory A/C, and console gauges car (for $2k) he could pull his motor and trans out of and drop in to the roller. He ended yanking out the A/C ducts and stuff and I said what are you doing? He said for every so many pounds he takes out of the car he can knock a tenth off his ET. He also said he kept all the duct work and he could always put it back together. (What would a big block Nova SS A/C console gauge, red with white hockey stripe car be worth today) Just needed 1/4 patch panels then. That’s why he parked it then ended up selling it. If I woulda had a barn back then…and bought all the cars my friends didn’t keep after the bodywork and parked or sold them. Anyway, back to this car…Good candidate for a drag racer as it is already “swiss cheesed”!

  25. DON

    This car is in Rhode Island ; I’ll bet it was sitting in Juniors junkyard – there are (or were ,if he has closed up) a lot of cars in his yard , most of which was in the pine trees , so everything was covered in needles and algae and very rusted ! I’ll be this car sat around for 40 years before this guy pulled it out from wherever it came from

  26. Will Irby

    This is the kind of car about which we used to say It’s fine; just jack up the radiator cap and install another car under it.” Oh, radiator? Never mind.

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