Can You Identify This Pile Of Parts?

Mystery pile of parts

One of our readers just sent in this photo of a car, well, what used to be a car, that they spotted at an auction. They know what it is, but I wanted to see how savvy you guys are. So, can you identify this one from this pile of parts? This should be a fun challenge and hopefully after everyone has guessed Wayne will get on and tell us more about his find. Good luck!


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  1. fred

    Tucker hood with scoop added, artillery wheels from early 30’s, same era hood side panels with Buick portholes added, and a thing for winding a garden hose up. And a garage creeper, louvered Model A side panel, bucket seat and gas tank. Did you want more specific?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Good guess Fred, but these are all parts from a single production car.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        That’s what I love about this site! The humor. Thanks Jesse!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      You nailed it Fred! But I think you mistook the gas tank for a urinal satchel from an early Cord.

    • Pete

      Think it’s an old buick cause of the panel with 3 ports

      • jug

        Pretty narrow hood when you can see 5 out of 6 ventiports within five ft. Need to re-think a couple things, ——like perspective and reality.

  2. Steve


  3. Chris in San Diego

    Looks like it is a long way from being complete, whatever it is!

  4. Jonathan Ward


  5. MH

    Pontiac hood?

  6. John Adams


  7. Bill Graham

    I believe it is an Frasier-Nash

    • Rick M

      I agree with Bill, the port holes are signature but that hood certainly looks Allard.

  8. Matt


  9. NickF

    Did it come from Jr. Johnson’s place?

  10. Hotrodelectric

    Prototype BMW Isetta :P

  11. Annie

    Cadillac / Allard A1

  12. Joe Regular

    A/C just needs a recharge

  13. Doug

    early 30’s Cord or Graham

  14. Gary

    1951 nash healey

  15. michaedo


    • Gary

      Think your right!

  16. krash

    definitely from a 1931 Boogileeziffle…

    the only automobile in history manufactured using milk chocolate..

    .. ran on cheap bootlegged whiskey…

    (it’s MY guess, and I’m just as close as every other contestant who got it wrong)

  17. That Guy

    Allard seems the best guess to me so far. But the shape of those portholes doesn’t seem to match. So I’m stumped. That is all.

  18. Alex

    It’s a 2018 Toyota, or at least it’s going to be one after they melt down the scrap metal.

  19. mike

    “…ran when parked…”

  20. z1rider

    I surely don’t know what this is or was, but I can deduce what it is not.

    The hood is not from a Tucker. Kind of similar but looking closely not really. It does look like the scoop is original, based on the uniform appearance of the paint/rust surface so I am mystified by what 40’s era car had a scoop. I can’t think of a one, so maybe added as part of a well done custom decades ago.

    The ventiport looking holes actually appear to be in a single swept wing looking piece of sheet metal, rather than two separate side panels. It looks like some other piece of tin is leaned against the middle of it though so that makes it misleading. In any case, if I’m right then it’s not Allard of Buick. After that I can’t spot anything I can identify. I think you would have to be an owner or former owner of one like it to be able to spot the telltale items.

    That fuel tank looks to be well shaped to fit at the very back of a frame, behind the rear axle, between the rails.

  21. Wayne

    There were several Crosleys at the auction and three of these. Here is a pix of one of the more complete cars. Just needs a little polishing and some fresh gas…… and then roar around an airfield with Curtis. Or Buddy Palumbo.

  22. DRV

    So it’s time for clues.
    The inner fender vents are Italian looking, and the hood scoop trim looks like a ’57 Tbird piece. No one would value a car in pieces like this unless it was rare and in this case, probably Italian.
    Also the exhaust looks to be from a small 12 cylinder.
    Is it an early Ferrari barchetta?

  23. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Actually, that would be Tommy Edwards, not Buddy! And yes, it’s an Allard K1. Dash gives it away. ’48?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      BTW, folks, that’s just a guess; Jesse didn’t share what the car actually was :-)

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Wayne gave a big hit right above your comment, but I will let him give the official answer!

  24. wayne

    It was advertised as an Allard. This was an auction “lot”, sold after the rusty hulks were sold.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Do you know how much the pile of parts went for?

  25. crazychevy

    $50 in scrap?

  26. George

    Paisly Pelican?

  27. Wayne

    Just so it is clear, the blue Allard K1 shown above was not in the auction. That is just the type of car the pile-o-bits came from. While I do not recall the amount, the bits did not go cheap. There was a buzz around the auction that someone on behalf of Leno turned out to be the high bidder for the complete cars and the pile..

  28. Jeff

    It’s a Singer.

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