Canadian/California Dream! 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS

By 1969 “Z/28” became synonymous with excellent handling, and cars like this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro could be ordered as with the Z/28 performance package and the RS (Rally Sport) package which added the slick hidden headlights, rear fender louvers, and even headlight washers! The listing suffers from multiple personality disorder, stating the vehicle is located in both Point Roberts, Washington and Canadian Vancouver, British Columbia. The seller says this running, driving classic leaves “Nothing to do but enjoy,” and can be yours with a high bid here on eBay, assuming you meet the seller’s reserve.

Chevrolet’s answer to the incredibly popular Ford Mustang hit the streets as the 1967 Camaro, including a Regular Production Order (RPO) option code “Z28,” sequentially following the “Z27” code for the SS (Super Sport). Thanks to for some details. The Z28 had one mission in life:  out-perform the Mustang in SCCA’s new Trans-American racing series aka “Trans Am.” To this end the Z/28 package gave you faster steering, improved suspension, and a high-performance small-block V8 engine.

As one would expect in a road-racing-inspired performance coupe, the Z/28 mandated a four-speed manual transmission with Hurst shifter (thanks to for some details). The Custom Interior features fancier seats, wood grain, and other upgrades. The seller describes this car as a documented Z/28 that began life in Van Nuys, California.

The high-strung Turbo-Fire 302 cid V8 earned a horsepower rating of 290 HP, but dynamometer testing of stock-spec engines demonstrates significantly more output, about 350 HP. You could order your Camaro with heavier engines making more power, but none as nimble as the Z/28. What’s your top bid for this turn-key Camaro?

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  1. Rx7turboII

    Just to let you know, after looking at the pictures of this car, I’m going to need a cigarette! Lol

    Simply perfect!


  2. Steve R

    It’s a nice car and should sell for a lot of money.

    The seller doesn’t mention documentation, only a certificate of authenticity from Camaro Hi-Performance Inc, is that considered documentation in today’s marketplace? I wish the seller would have addressed its restoration, when it was and who did it.

    Steve R

    • gbvette62

      Camaro Hi-Performance is Jerry MacNeish, and Jerry is to first generation Camaro’s, and Z/28’S in particular, what the NCRS is to Corvettes.

      Jerry has literally written the book on Z/28’s, actually 2 books, one on 67-68 Z/28’s, and the second on 69 Z’s. If Jerry’s signed off on a Z/28, you can count on it being real.

      It looks like a pretty nice car to me, and a very correct and complete restoration. Not a lot of people go to the expense and bother of replacing the A.I.R. system, when restoring early Z’s.

      I like it!

      • Jbones

        Jerry signed off on a couple of “real” ones a couple of years ago. The car found their way to Mecum and BJ only to have people from to prove they were rebodys. A paper trail from new with every current owner is the only way to be proven authentic IMO.

  3. jw454

    How is this a “Barn Find”? Jus’ Sayn’

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Who cares? This is a sweet car to look and read about.

  4. Guy Chester

    Because Point Roberts is an isolated little piece of the USA that you can only get to through Vancouver then Tswassen BC woild be why the split location listing – nice car!!

  5. Danglin

    Fact: More 1969 Camaro Z/28’s exist today than were built in 1969.

    Just sayin!

    • moosie Craig M Bryda Member

      Hey Danglin, Just like ,67 Corvette 435s. huh 😉

  6. Jimmy

    Very nice Camaro.

  7. Angrymike

    What a beautiful car, as a youth I helped a neighbor tear apart and reassemble a real 69 Z he bought new. I’m sick to think I helped him make a race car out of a mint 9Z, he back haved it and put a 427 auto with a dana. Wow, what a waist, but it certainly helped teach me about what can and can’t be done with cars, as a kid I had a ball……..

  8. Troy s

    ’69 Z/28 is arguably the best looking Camaro ever made, copied even today for the newer Camaro at least in design. But this here Z has more class and character than anything made nowadays. Don’t have the rare chambered exhaust here but so what really, as fun as it would be to drive it’s too nice to beat on, the clunky ’68 the other day would be the one to beat the heck out of. That’s what these were for, hard driving, high winding fun mobiles with a lot of style.

  9. Classic Steel

    If it had the neophrame rubber bumper on the front and blue I would have my high school car back 👍

    My old HS car screamed with headers and glass packs and did well on rural road drags too 👀

  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    It’s a beautiful car. One thing that caught my eye: it’s a 1969 and the mileage is listed as 1969. Bid is listed as $45,600 and reserve not yet met, wonder what the reserve is?

    • Ike Onick

      $75,000 would be a good guess.

  11. Howard A

    Well, not my dream, that’s reserved for an XKE ( dream on, 1973 was the time to buy a Jag, doofus), but this a close 2nd. If there ever was a car that epitomized the muscle car in 1969, this was it. While the ’69 Chevelle was all blood and guts, this had some civility to it. I agree, nicest Camaro ever.

  12. mainlymuscle

    Ike’s 75 is a good guess,IF it was already in the US,and had a paper trail,and all the right numbers.My own estimate ,for this one is more modest,say $55k USD.

    • Ike Onick

      Good points Sir. I yield the floor to you.

  13. CrownVic

    Fake GTO?

    • Steve

      Not sure of the relevance to the original z/28 post…

      Does it even have GTO badges? It might be a Le Mans Sport with the endura nose option. (I forget the option code.) I have a 71 Le Mans Sport convertible that was originally the same blue as this. My brother was building it into a judge clone when he passed away.

  14. ToddA

    This car has been discussed on another board. Car has a fake trim tag and a restamped block. Buyer beware on this one.

  15. moosie Craig M Bryda Member

    Hey Danglin, Just like ,67 Corvette 435s. huh 😉


    Like half the population, I had a 69 Z-28 I bought in 1971 for $1800. Plain jane, w/spoiler and endura front bumper. When I first got it, it understeered badlly. I’d heard about the handling prowess, but in this case, not. After replacing the front springs with ones for a 427 Camaro, adding a monster Addco industries front sway bar and 81/2 in wide American Racing mags wi/ F60-15 fronts and G-60-15 rears. Now I had a rough riding but great handling car. That engine with high performance points in it would rev in gear to 8000 RPM and it did with regularity. Got a ticket for 110 in a 45 and I was still in second gear! True story. Wish I had it still.

  17. Fiete T.

    To get to Point Roberts you will have to enter into British Columbia and then drop down into Washington State.
    Look on a map

  18. Donald J Imhof

    Point Roberts is a small portion of Washington state at the top of Puget Sound that is only accessible by boat or driving through BC Canada.

  19. victor sanchez

    Wow nice car, I have a 1969 frame off restored 1969 Z/28 as follows Garnet Red White stripes, White interior, DZ 302, M-21, 12 bolt 3:55 posi, center fuel gauge no center console. While I sent the car out for engine and transmission rebuild and paint I did most of the work in my home garage. I can say if someone can pick this car for a decent price do it. My wife and I spent around $65,000.00 rebuilding our car and it about killed me, took us 6 years but, hearing that solid lifter 302 sing is a good thing. keep up the good work

  20. moosie Craig M Bryda Member

    Some of the best memories that I have go back to my drag racing days and hearing those awesome Z/28s going thru the traps wound up to it sounded like at least 10,000 RPM, & then coming back the return road with those lumpity lump cams saying dig me, yeah “I’M BAD” .

  21. ACZ

    Sweet ride. All the right options. Now, if I only had the money…………
    Make me miss my 69 SS/RS 396/375 all the more.

  22. Lawrence Shaw

    Be careful with this one. Google the vin

  23. Ike Onick

    Current bid $55,000.

    • Ike Onick

      $60,000. The market is speaking.

  24. Oliver Felix Rojas

    My initial guess is it will sell for $60,000

    • Ike Onick

      What’s your guess on the Belmont Stakes?

  25. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Jun 15, 2018 , 2:32PM
    Current bid:US $60,000.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 54 bids ]

  26. Matt steele

    Man ..nice or my favorites..vette, Camaro,impala,chevelle… 67-70 I’d take any muscle car mopar, fomoco,chevy

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