Cat Nap In The Barn: 1967 Jaguar E-Type

Wire wheels. Covered headlights. A real barn location. One of the longest bonnets (hoods) in history. The sleeping car you see in the picture above has all the makings of a great barn find! It’s listed for sale here on eBay. Thanks to Scott H. for such an interesting find! The car has been relocated out of the barn into a garage in Bayonne, New Jersey. The opening bid is a steep $50,000, but you can end the suspense and buy it now for $56,000.

E-Type Jaguars, in particular Series 1 E-Types with the covered headlights, have a certain mystique when located in a pastoral setting, especially in a barn. The two photos above are almost iconic, and vary substantially only in color from many that we’ve seen before. The curves are still there under the dust.

The 1967 cars are considered the best  by some; they benefit from the additional 43 ft-lbs of torque of the 4.2 engine versus the earlier 3.8, but still have the Series 1 nose and toggle switch dash. You can see in this somewhat clearer view that the car has visited a garage, presumably for evaluation, or perhaps the proprietor was the purchaser? Regardless, it appears little effort has been made to clean the car up, and given the way folks pay for chances like this, I can’t say I blame the seller, although I’d like to know things like will the engine turn over myself.

Obviously, not much of the interior will be kept; I’m sure this cat is destined for a complete restoration. I started to worry a little when I saw this picture as the floors looked challenged by the rust bug, and I wasn’t sure if there even was a floor on the driver’s side. It was nice to see that pretty much everything was complete, though, down to the ignition key in the switch!

More than likely, the lack of air cleaners represent some past attempt at starting the car. I can’t tell you how many times I have come across finds where the air cleaners are just left off after someone quits in disgust after trying to start a car. Oftentimes, the only thing preventing a car like this from starting (after the proper steps have been taken to avoid engine damage) is a decent fuel supply, usually caused by a gummed up tank, pump or lines. I hope that’s all that is keeping this wonderful six cylinder XK engine from roaring back into life.

Unfortunately, I was correct, and not only is a portion of the floor missing, there’s some rust repair needed in the belly pan area as well. I applaud the seller for showing it to us, though! Is this find for you, or would you wait for a better condition or less expensive later model E-Type? Based on the ad, the seller is expecting to sell the car to an overseas buyer–we know Barn Finds has a lot of international readers–could that buyer be you?

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  1. Van

    Good for a card carrying member of the more money than brains club. 56Gs is geese.

  2. L.M.K. Member

    It was for sale within the last year or so too…I remember seeing a listing for it .

    • moosie Craig

      Looks very familiar to me also,,,,,,,,,, from where,,,,,,,,, Here I’m thinking ?

  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Am I seeing things? It looks like leaves under the headlight cover.

    • Larry K

      Perhaps some mouse had a room with a view.

  4. Dave Member

    Back in the early 70s, our aunt De-de used to take me for rides in her green ’67 jag vert. If only De-de knew…

  5. Wilhelm Brauer

    If you can’t afford a really good clean restored Jag then you sure can’t afford a really worn out Jag. These things are aggravating endless money pits.

  6. 86 Vette Convertible

    I’ve always like the XK-E convertibles, but unfortunately I’d say stick a fork in that one, I think it’s done (especially at that price).

  7. neil t

    non original engine kills the value for collectors by 25%, its a $35k car

  8. Bruce Best

    I agree with Neil T, but having driven one from time to time even the higher price it very tempting. That body tub is not as difficult as most to repair especially since it looks like it is accident free. The parts are available however expensive they are and when you are finished you have something amazing that is of a very limited quantity and is amazing in quality.

    This of this as a 3D puzzle that will consume all your free time if you restore it yourself or much of your bank balance if you have it done but something that even with all that is worth doing.

    I have worked on a number of these over the years and when properly set up are remarkably free of problems especially when maintained and used on a frequent basis. The owners I have helped keep their XKE’s on the road have one common trait. An Ear To Ear Smile when the leave the shops I was working at. And this is the best of the bunch a 4.2 convertible. I Like the V-12’s but this is a much better car to drive and better looking as well.

    I am in the middle of two restoration but I would purchase it if I could.

  9. Andy

    Nice car (when finished!), but definitely not in my league at the moment…

    That being said, am I missing something with the title?
    “The car comes with good title for export, any US buyer will pay extra $700 for a new title ( US buyers only) !!!” So, is the title from a foriegn government, and requires U.S. Certification? Or, is the title really not that good???

  10. Mike S.

    The price will keep this one in the barn.

  11. angliagt

    There’s a guy here who has a Light Blue ’67 like this.
    Been sitting in his garage for years.He won’t fix it,but he won’t
    sell it either.
    He’s in his mid-80’s,divorced,& no kids.I’d love to have
    it,but couldn’t afford to fix it,& I’d be dead before it ever got done.

  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I like the blue rattle can lipstick.

  13. Daniel

    Does anyone know this seller stpallas ?
    He regularly sells classic cars on ebay, but I don’t know if he is reliable.

  14. Pete

    My dad buddy bought one (1967) when he got back from Vietnam. My dad bought a 1966 Sting Ray with sidepipes when he got back from Vietnam. This was the early 70’s I was just a kid. But I can remember him cussing at the Jag when trying to adjust the twin carbs on that V12 Jag. Pretty car British racing Green Black interior. Pain the ass to keep in tune. Ahh Yes everything British don’t get me started on Lucas wiring that another story lol

  15. JimmyJ

    Hey pete i think your dad made the better choice!

  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    It does look familiar, from 1-27-2017. Once again no bids at the starting price of 50 K. BIN of 56K.

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